#sugarbakubowl Day 2: First Time

Tags: tetsubaku, nsfw-ish


Bakugou stares at the stage installed in the middle of the room and then back to Tetsutetsu.
The silver man grins at him back, sharp teeth on full display as he eyes the nervous energy emitting from Bakugou.
“What?” He sneers. “Scared?”

It works like a charm. Bakugou stamps his feet and fumes, looking absolutely adorable in his spandex shorts and nothing else.
“I’m not!”

Tetsutetsu shrugs before he sweeps Bakugou over his shoulder and starts carrying him to the stage.

It’s futile to do anything to stop him. Eijirou might beg for his affection, but Tetsutetsu was a different breed of sugar daddy: he demanded it.
And if he wanted it, well, Bakugou was his sugar baby and what Daddy wanted, he got.


Tetsutetsu smacks an open palm against Bakugou’s ass and grins at the squeal he gets.
“What was that?” He asks lowly.

Bakugou grumbles but didn’t say anything else. He stumbles back when Tetsutetsu places him down on the stage, hands gripping tight at Tetsutetsu’s shoulders.
“Daddy,” he pouts and can you blame Tetsutetsu when he makes Bakugou lean down to give him a kiss?

“Give me a good show, baby,” he murmurs in reply and Bakugou crosses his arm, miffed at his foiled plan.
The stage is simple. A round platform that sits a good foot off the ground, Bakugou's lucky that he wasn't wearing heels lest he tripped and fell. The metal shiny pole in the middle is the centrepiece and Bakugou grips it nervously.
He's been his Daddy's baby for a few weeks and it's only now he's been "asked" to give Tetsutetsu a show.

He's nervous. Partly because he's never done this before but also mainly because he naturally sweats a lot from his hand and thighs.
Fuck, he doesn't want to make a fool of himself. He's going to make Tetsutetsu buy him 10 subscriptions to whatever the fuck he wants after this.
He starts off with a spin, a slow glide around the pole as he figures out how to place his footing so he doesn't accidentally break his neck.
He stutters when he meets Tetsutetsu's eyes, silver fire and attention undivided on him as he flushes from his Daddy's hungry stare.
He leans into the pole close, shivering as cold meets his skin and goosebumps erupt across his chest.

"Fuck," he whimpers, feeling needlessly turned on as his hips cant forward and he grinds shamelessly against the pole.
"Turn around, baby," Tetsutetsu growls and he juts his ass out instead, teasing his Daddy with little wiggles and flushed smirks as he squirms in place.

"Daddy," he draws out the word, feeling finally in control from Tetsutetsu's demand.
"I said 'now'," Tetsutetsu growls.

Bakugou gives him a coy look before turning around, back arched as his upper body leans backwards and grasps the pole with his hands.
His body is a taut line, stretched open to show off his best assets and he groans a little obnoxiously just to tease his Daddy a bit more.

He's clearly hard through his shorts, so turned on from his little display and he bats his pretty eyelashes twice.
He hooks a leg around the pole at his Daddy's approval, thigh hot and pressed against the warm metal and tests the structure's strength as he spins on it a bit.
Fuck. The surge of power he feels through his veins from the sight of his Daddy's lust zeroed in on his body makes him want to sing and he does, moans a pretty "ah" that makes him flush.
In an instant, he feels a hand grab around his ankle and if he wasn't holding onto the pole, he might've fell.

Instead, he squeaks and meets eyes with Tetsutetsu, dark lust staining the other man's eyes.
"You," Tetsutetsu growls, deep timbre shaking through Bakugou's bones. "Get off that stage right now."

No matter which Daddy it is that spoils him, Bakugou is a brat through and through.
"No!" Then he sticks his tongue out. "You gave me this to use! I'm good!"

Tetsutetsu snorts. "Could use a little more practice, baby. First time?"
And Bakugou would be a bit more offended except oh. Tetsutetsu's into that, isn't he? He's the type of Daddy who loves seeing their baby stumble in heels or make an "oopsies!" He wants his brats to beg for his help.
Bakugou pouts for good measure. "Fine!" Then he squeals as Tetsutetsu scoops him up, thrown over his shoulder like a potato sack again. "Where, are we going?"
Tetsutetsu spanks him not for the last time of the night.

"Where I can properly put you in your place."


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See you later for the rest of the week!
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