History writing has always been a political process, regardless of the ideology. संघी वामी भाई भाई।
& More often, it is idpol
Let's explore
Class 7th NCERT CBSE book👇

1. 15 pages dedicated to Delhi Sultanate & the only mention of Rajput history of the region.
A. While they declared that Rajputs arrived only in the 16th century.😀

B. They declare Pratihar/Parihar rajputs Brahmins😀

C. They really couldn't differentiate between
Mandore Pratihar, Imperial Pratihar & Gurjar Pratihar.
These are their standards😀

Yet once they skipped the Tomars of Delhi & Chauhans completely, made Pratihar rajputs Brahmins, and shifted our origins first to 7th, then to 10th & now to 16th century.
& the only info they thought worth sharing about Rajputs was "Mughal-Rajput marriages".

Not Politics??!
अब तो हिन्दुओं की सरकार है, ये क्या हो रहा है😀😀।
doesn't this align with your own politics ma'am

• • •

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21 Feb
Woke brahmin-bania promotes Mughal history 24x7. Raita brahmin-bania promotes Maratha achiev. 24x7.Both punch you 24x7.
Taj is promoted as Mughal, Ahilyadevi Holkar celebrated as Maratha builder. But Khajuraho,Jantar Mantars,forts etc aren't called Rajput monuments.

Why? 1/4
From Rajauri of Jarral tomars & Jammu of Jamwal minhas to Jabalpur of Kalachuris, from Jaisalmer by Bhatis to Sambhalpur of Chauhans, many cities have rajput origins.

The only thing that has been pasted on your head are "defeat specialists" "mughal-beti-givers".

Why?Why? 2/4
And now this drama of changing identities of Rajput chiefs & even entire tribes.
The "LW" doesn't change identities of the Mughal or Turk achievers, won't make Akbar a Syed or Ansari.

The "RW" won't call Shivaji gujjar or Ahilyabai Paasi.

Why are just you on their radar 3/4
Read 6 tweets
20 Feb
यह फर्क है,स्वाभिमानी और मानसिक गुलाम समाजों में। दोनों समाजों का अपना खुद का गौरवशाली इतिहास है, मगर स्वाभिमानी ने उस इतिहास को अच्छे से लिखा और प्रजेंट किया जबकि गुलाम समाज ने अपने स्वर्णिम इतिहास को neglect किया।— ImageImage
— स्वाभिमानी समाज के नेता अपने समाज के हितों की बात खुलकर रखते हैं जबकि गुलाम समाज अपने समाज की व्यथा तक व्यक्त करने से घबराते है। दोनों nationalism और सेकुलरिज्म को मानते है, मगर उन्हें स्वसमाज के उत्पीड़न का कारण नहीं बनने देते। एक की स्वतंत्र विचारधारा होती है, दूसरे की नहीं।—
—क्यूंकि हम ना हिस्ट्री पर books लिख छपवाते है और ना ही हमें मीडिया में कोई रुचि है, हमारा इतिहास और हमारे वर्तमान पर दूसरे लिखते है।

4-5 साल पहले हम भी गुलाम ही थे,जो दूसरे लिखते उसे मानलेते भले ही उससे self-hate की फीलिंग डेवलप हो।मानसिंह जी और सम्राट जयचंद को तक अपशब्द मारते—
Read 8 tweets
18 Feb
Gujars have claimed every living species in this galaxy to be their own, be it Attila Hun or Mihirkula, Parmars, Pratihars, Chauhans, Pulkeshin Chalukya, Shivaji Bhonsle, Bhatis and what not.

It's high time that the verity of their claims needs to be checked.
When Thomas Twining traveled in 1794 in Doab he found 3 tribes of robbers- Pindaris, Mewatis, and Gujjars. "Goujer on contrary implies nothing but craftiness and unsparing barbarity and communicates nothing but terror and dismay
Hari Ram Gupta an eminent historian describes Gujars as 'a tribe of thieves'.
When Babur first came to India he saw Gujjars coming from the mountains and stealing away the cattle and buffaloes. They looted Indians and foreigners alike.
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2 Jan
So the barometer to judge rajput history is "jauhars & Sakas".
RSS writer @Satyanveshan ie Omendra Ratnu even says these things about Kachwahas & don't be surprised, if he would soon spew nonsense against all Rajput community.
This is how RSS spreads antiRajput hate.
Let's try answering his rhetoric question that what "Kachwahas did", from beginning...bcz that's what @RSSorg hides.

Kachwahas or Kacchapghatas were founders of Gwalior and able vassals of another Rajput clan Imperial Pratihars/Parihars.
— as Parihars declined, they displaced Kachwahas to Rohilkhand (Rampur branch),Awadh (Bandhalgotis) & predominantly to Dhundhar.

Dhundhar Kachwahas served as able & loyal vassals to both Imperial Chauhans & later Mewar State. bore most brunt of Delhi Sultanates.—
Read 13 tweets

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