1) BJP or even Hindutva-badis have No way of countering this.

Xtian missionaries control Education institutions & health services in Jharkhand.

Hindus control what ? Mostly very big corporates who displace Tribals in the name of "development".

Whom will Tribals side with ?
2) Hindutvabadis can't stop separatism.

Reason ?

Hindus themselves are the biggest patrons of Xtian missionary institutions ;
Hindu elites themselves dont consider Tribals as their "own" ;

tribalism + Casteism among different Hindu groups (many Trads take pride in that")
3) Having lived in Jharkhand, have seen things from close quarters.

Tribals are 1 group who see no benefit in "staying Hindus" ;

"non Hindu" status will get them centrally sponsored pro-minority schemes/minority scholarships + easy access to missionary controlled institutions.
4)"Free market capitalism" of Hondu RW ;

which means Tribals being displaced or exploited for the need of Big Corporates/ MNCs & police brutality on those who oppose is another issue.

Remember how farmers were shot dead by Police 3 yrs back during Adani's land acquisition ?
5) Children from Jharkhand being taken to Delhi to work in homes of the rich & later "rescued" & "rehabilitated" by NGOs.

What had the RW done about it ?

Nothing. Except whine about NGOs, foreign funding FCRA & Vatican conspiracy

Anything to stop the menace ? Nope.

• • •

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21 Feb
1) Cooch Behar is a separate district.

Rajbangshis live in Siliguri/Jalpaiguri/Malda/Dinajpur/Murshidabad & even in South Bengal.

Half of Cooch Behar's population is Non-Rajbangshi.

Rajbangshis (including Royals) historically married with other Bengalis (a well known fact)
2) "Cooch Behar was never part of Bangla"

Oh really ? Cooch Behar has been using Bengali as official language since 1500s

Rajbangshi dialect since last 500 yrs is nothing but a Dialect of Bangla.

Original language of Koch people was a Tibetan language.
3) You claim Non-Rajbangshis living in so called Rajbangshi territory to be "migrants" & "outsiders"

The reality is present Rajbangshi community is mixture of Koch tribes who came from Eastern Nepal around 1000 yrs back & local Bengali Hindus.
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17 Feb
In Bengal, it had already spread deep into the hinterlands after 1905

As for MKG, he did spread the movement but with himself as the leader with only Him having the power to control the INC organization & its finances. We are still suffering bcoz of that
MKG started what @dikgaj rightly says Trusteeship politics.

Those funding INC would only finance those loyal to MKG via MKG's coterie.

Leaders were appointed from the top by Gandhi & his close circle, instead of letting leaders organically "coming up".
Not really. In UP, Punjab peasant movements were happening even before MKG arrived.

Ghadar party etc came up much before MKG arrived on the scene.

If anything MKG damaged the INC by appointing him as the "supreme leader". Think of Modi & 2014.
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15 Feb
1) Those RTing/liking this 👇 snapshot will surely Never recommend the entire book as it exposes many of the demi-gods of Indian RW & shows the "villains" in a positive way

Contains stuff that many RW "civilizational warriors" & "intellectual giants" tried to cover up
2) Those who as puzzled as to why Bengal has suddenly become "Dharmik" once again ; (many think Voting for Chaddis = dharmik) or

why challenge to the secular consensus & mullahdom is coming from Bengali "Bhadraloks" or why Saffron replaced Red

They should read the above book.
3) Indian RW (& its different variants) had little understanding of India's political history !

Which is why folks get puzzled & bewildered at Chaddis going full fledged anti-Hindu even with full majority and think that "Commie Bongs" have suddenly become "Virat Hindoos".
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