Yuuji Harem

Yuuji working in the services of "cuddle buddies" you know like, you hire someone not to have sex but just to cuddle with them and give them comfort.

Yuuji entered the work not because he's tight on money but he feels lonely himself.—
After his grandpa died he started spiralling down and by some luck he found this line of work.

And he enjoys it genuinely because he likes the feeling of being needed and giving comfort to others.

His clients most of the time were decent men and women that just really needs—
someone to be there at the mean time and give comfort and stability.

Yuuji quickly became popular with majority of his company's clients because Yuuji gives the best cuddles and just know what to say to bring someone up in a great mood.
Surprisingly (or not) Yuuji was in demand mostly by middle aged men or young adult men that are either internally dying from work or college.

His schedule rotates between

Mr. Gojo Satoru
a very eccentric man that has a lot of money to burn but no one to give it to—
Has a very childlike personality within his 190 cm tall frame and who would immediately attached himself to Yuuji when he arrives at the man's humble abode which looks too big for a lone man like Satoru.

Mr. Satoru will sit both of them on his couch asking Yuuji—
about his day, his life, anything under the sun and showers the younger man with praises with Yuuji giving back his own.

Then when they both calmed down, Mr. Satoru will often bury his face on Yuuji's neck, take a deep breath and sigh it out with his stiff shoulder's
finally sagging from their taut form and his long arms around Yuuji tightening a little bit making Yuuji release a sigh of his own.

They stay like that for a long time. Just Mr. Satoru, eyes closed face pressed to Yuuji's as the younger man pet his hair or plays with his hands.—
Mr. Satoru still looks beautiful even with the very dark and obvious bags under his eyes.

Yuuji saw the many bottle of sleeping pills on Mr. Satoru's night stand and concluded that the man really has a hard time sleeping for some reasons still unknown to Yuuji—
But you wouldn't think that Mr. Satoru has a sleeping problem with how easily he falls asleep on Yuuji's much smaller form, face peaceful, breath even, and body relaxed over Yuuji's back.

Yuuji let's himself be big spooned by Mr. Satoru and often than not will not leave until—
the man wakes up even though his time with Yuuji has already ended because Mr. Satoru looks the happiest (in Yuuji's opinion) when he wakes up and sees Yuuji is still in his arms.—
Next up next the schedule was Mr. Ryoumen Sukuna, a big shot CEO of some company Yuuji keeps forgetting about.

Mr. Sukuna will always give a hefty sum of money to Yuuji as tip to which Yuuji will almost always politely decline and just say to pay it up to his work place.—
Their routine will consist of Yuuji arriving at Mr. Ryoumen's penthouse and private room with the older man, who was surprisingly a workaholic, will gesture to Yuuji to sit beside him as he finishes some paperwork he decided to take home and do.—
Yuuji will oblige and muse to himself or hum while waiting for Mr. Ryoumen to finish. Or if he's feeling brave enough he'll examine Mr. Ryoumen's rough yet handsome face that's touched by intricate and symmetrical black inks. Tattoos that littered his hulking form making his—
presence very intimidating. Mr. Ryoumen will often catch him in the act and will smirk at Yuuji making Yuuji blush and giggle shyly. Mr. Ryoumen will then place a delicate kiss on Yuuji's hand and intertwine it with his while still finishing his work load—
now making Yuuji's blush become deeper in color. With his work done, Mr. Ryoumen will pull Yuuji to his bedroom, get them both in his massive bed with him placing his head on Yuuji's lap and taking one of the boy's hand to cup his cheeks.


He'll command and just like—
with Gojo, Yuuji will enthusiastically talk about everything to Mr. Ryoumen while said man will close his eyes and listen attentively giving grunts and playful jabs here and there and will let Yuuji talk his heart out while a content and tender smile paints his inked face.—
After Mr. Ryoumen (Yuuji really has no break within the week making the weekends his rest days.) It's a double schedule between Mr. Choso and Mr. Todo. Two seniors college students that makes Yuuji call them "Onii-san". Yuuji deadpans and finds them weird at first but he—
eventually he succumbed to their silly whims and now he calls both of them just that.

Choso was an artist that prefers using some of his blood on his paintings.

Paintings that pulls something in Yuuji and making him remember a memory that didn't happen.—
Choso will often make Yuuji the muse of his artworks. Putting a lot of effort and time in 'capturing Yuuji's beauty', first time Choso absentmindedly said this to Yuuji made both of them stare wide eyed at each other and making flustered Yuuji hastily gather his things—
and leaving a bright red Choso behind both of their heart working a mile a minute.

But they still continued to meet but now with Choso teaching Yuuji to paint, enveloping Yuuji's hand in his much bigger and rougher ones as he guides both of them to a stroke of their brush.—
Their sessions will often be at a secluded and peaceful part of a community park near Choso's school because Choso likes the ambiance of his spot. Their session will continue until noon with Todo getting Yuuji from Choso and both men nodding respectfully to each other.—
Yuuji will part with Choso with a soft smile, the artist doing the same then will go back to painting another piece of Yuuji's smiling face.

Todo was actually the one that introduce Choso to Yuuji. Concluding that the tired artist needs a little 'pick me upper' so he willingly—
suggested Choso to try his brother's service. And not to toot his own horn but Todo was right to introduce Yuuji to Choso as his fellow senior looks a lot brighter and less tired than seemed before.

And ah yes, Mr. Todo who called for the service of Yuuji's company—
expecting a tall girl and big future to cuddle with him but he inputted the wrong things in his first application making Yuuji go to him instead.

And Todo has never been so thankful for a mistake happening before until now that he got to meet his brother.
Their sessions weren't typically the laid back and cuddle time kind as this session particularly is the most fun and chaotic Yuuji has on his schedule. Todo brings him to all sort of shenanigans. Acting like hyperactive kids on a sugar rush.

And Yuuji wouldn't have it any—
other way. Todo was fun, loud, chaotic but he was also kind, wise and oh so caring to Yuuji.

Making Yuuji's comfort and happiness his top priority when he's with him. And Yuuji gives back the same to Todo, Yuuji gives him attention and affection that Todo—
hadn't thought he needed much until Yuuji.

As Yuuji laughs merrily at something Todo said. Todo adorns a small smile, heart swelling with pride as he watch Yuuji laugh without a care in the world.

Their parting are often also full of life but sometimes,like this one.—
Todo pulls Yuuji by the waist and swiftly placing a kiss on Yuuji's forehead then ruffling his hair after.

Todo turns around waves his hand without looking back and leaving a star struck Yuuji gapping, heart thudding a little bit faster than it should.—
Yuuji after the day with Choso and Todo has the whole day next with one Nanami Kento.

A tired office worker that when Yuuji first met was nervous as hell and started questioning his actions the moment Yuuji appeared before him.

Poor man thought Yuuji was under age—
and was ready to file a lawsuit on Yuuji's company but thankfully he convinced Mr. Kento that Yuuji was a properly consenting adult.

After the very unique first encounter, Mr. Kento was still very hesitant to touch Yuuji opting to awkwardly skirt around him like he was—
a wild animal. While Mr. Kento opted to still avoid Yuuji, Yuuji observed this uptight client of his in wonder.

Mr. Kento was also a large man with sharp cheek bones and eyes. Blonde hair stylishly groomed and lips that was constantly in a frown.

This made Yuuji do the same—
Mr. Kento...

Mr. Kento looks tired and defeated...

very much so.

Bags under his eyes more prominent than Mr. Satoru's, broad shoulders straighter and stiffer than a worked up Mr. Ryoumen. And aura much sadder than a despondent Choso.—
Yuuji wanted to cry for Mr. Kento's, honestly, pathetic state. But he didn't and what he did was gently approach the still spooked Mr. Kento and took one of the older gentleman's hand in his and put it on his cheek.

It was big and warm


Rough and calloused.
But oh so inviting.

"It's okay Mr. Nanami, I got you"

Yuuji said softly and those softly uttered words finally made Mr. Kento cave it.

The older man let his hand free from Yuuji's touch, opting to wrap his strong arms around Yuuji's frame instead.—
Mr. Kento's stiff frame just drops all together with their hug and him exhaling a shuddering breath while Yuuji cooed at him at he's got him.

Mr. Kento grew to love Yuuji's touches and presence.

And now here they are at the present with Yuuji cooking (after finding out that—
Mr. Kento loves food so much) for Mr. Kento as said man makes their table.

They make easy small talk.

No work related things

Just easy to digest matters and Yuuji's shenanigans that even makes Mr. Kento chuckles a little at how silly Yuuji was.—
They eat and laugh and when it ended Yuuji thought it'll be cuddle time but Mr. Kento pulls him at the middle of his living room all the while putting on some slow music.

As Yuuji got to know Mr. Kento, said man was a romantic at heart despite saying otherwise—
And here he is now proving Yuuji correct as Mr. Kento started swaying their bodies.

Yuuji splutters for a bit looking at other things that isn't Mr. Kento but after a while he relents and peaked at Mr. Kento who was looking at him like he was the only thing that mattered in—
the world for him. (At this point he was actually)

Yuuji's eyes started to shine. He doesn't know why but he wanted to cry from the overwhelming feeling of adoration Mr. Kento is giving him. They swayed and swayed and as the music stops Mr. Kento ducked his head low.—
Yuuji in a moment of flustered panic and anticipation closed his eyes for something he doesn't know of.

He assumed it was a kiss...
on the lips

Mr. Kento's lips landed of his forehead instead, then on his lids, then on his nose, then hands.

Never on his lips
Yuuji was crying now.

Crying from the overwhelming love and care that Mr. Kento was pouring onto his kisses.

Mr. Kento enveloped Yuuji in his arms as he lets the boy cry. Lips mouthing words on top of Yuuji's head that made the boy cry harder.

"Thank you"
Yuuji bid farewell to his coworker as he existed the establishment of his job.

He stretched then started his destination towards his last clients of the week.

The Fushiguros

Father and son, Mr. Toji and Mr. Megumi—
An odd jobs father that has a gambling, alcohol, and nicotine addiction and a broke college student with both struggling pay for Yuuji's service(before) but with a lot of determination and perseverance (And taking up a lot of jobs—both of them) was able to—
maintain the weekly schedule they have with Yuuji.

Toji was the one that discovered Yuji while in a moment of intoxication put the last of their money in scheduling for a service thinking that Yuuji's company was for sex then promptly forgot about the scheduling—
until Yuuji knocked on their dirty door.

It was Megumi that answered Yuuji, shocked to find Yuuji there standing at their shitty doorstep talking about his dad making an appointment with Yuuji.

Megumi assumed the worse and finally snapped.—
Blinded by rage he left Yuuji there and stormed inside his own home ready to kill his good for nothing father who has not sober at the time making things much worse and the two screamed, kicked, punched and cursed at each other like rapid dogs.—
This wasn't Yuuji's business to tangled with.


Both of the Father and son's hysterical cries pulled at his heart.

They were screaming about family stuff, personal things that no stranger should poke their nose into. But here he was witnessing the undoing of two broken—
men trying desperately in maintaining a "normal" life despite spiralling down more in a hole of emptiness and anger.

He got between them, both lucid enough to think that they don't want to harm a stranger that got caught in their crossfire.

Yuuji went to Megumi first—
The other boy was bloody beaten, shaking all over from adrenaline with his beautiful green eyes frantic and streaming a continuous flow of angry tears.

Yuuji approached him slowly and does what he does best.

Offer comfort and stability.

He slowly hugged Megumi—
and gently lowering them to the ground and let Megumi cry and soak his shoulders.

Megumi, angry, sad, desperate, and oh so tired let himself be cradled in Yuuji's loving arms.

Yuuji looked at the older Fushiguro who was pretty much sober now.—
Shaking like his son from the adrenaline of their fight and was looking at anything but them. Yuuji called out to him but Toji ignored him at first but at the second.






Toji crumbled and hastily went to the younger men—
And wrapping both of them in his arms and repeating

"I'm sorry"

Like a plea

a prayer

Yuuji comforted the two stranger in his arms, petting, caressing, and humming to make both men calm down enough to be civil.

This wasn't part of Yuuji's job.

But he could care less—
then and there vowed to help these broken men get back to their feet again.

Job or not
Yuuji knocked on the Fushiguros' door and just like the first time, it was Megumi that answered Yuuji but this time, Yuuji's presence was much anticipated and welcomed.

Megumi's normally poker face broke into a gentle smile and he took Yuuji's hand in his as he lead them—
inside their now decently cleaned and managed house.

"Old man, Yuuji's here!"

Scrambling, a thud, and a mighty curse was heard somewhere inside the house as Toji's massive form emerged from the bathroom, wet with nothing but a towel on, racing to greet Yuuji.—
Yuuji giggled while Megumi made a disgusted face giving his now much decent father (he's trying his best to change for all of them) the stink eye.

"Welcome Home, baby boy!" Toji declared all the while embracing Yuuji making Yuuji wet as well.

This earned a whine from Yuuji—
And Megumi punching his dad to get fucking dressed. The punch barely registered with Toji but he rolled his eyes and complied nonetheless.

Yuuji let out an amused huff at the duo and lead Megumi to their couch with all the while talking about shit while Megumi happily listened—
In record time Toji was clothed, dried and even put on some cologne and was now squeezing his way on Yuuji's other side.

"Dad stop fucking squeezing us!"

"Shut up kid, you and I both know that this couch ain't big for the three of us"

"Then get off!"

"Ha! not gonna happen!"
The father and son bantered with Yuuji in the middle of them giggling and trying to get off of both of them but the two didn't let him and pulled him against them again.

The atmosphere was easy, light and


It look a long time to make but Yuuji was proud—
to be the 'cause of this.

They all settled down, a tangle of limbs and sharp bones but they didn't care.

They made it work.

This was Yuuji's last clients for the week.

But it seems that his stay will continue into the weekends too.—
He doesn't really mind because he's happy to be here.

All the while he's excited for the weekdays again because he'll get to see his cherish people again.

To give them love
to be loved back.

Yuuji loves his 'job'

and he wouldn't trade it for anything else.


• • •

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