we have to have vaccination shots
we have untold millions who are "passing it" to others there are the gun-nutz, hoax-nutz, church-nutz spreading COVID19 with the variant that has people dead FAST.!
we're here because FoxLIES+donaldLIES+(R)sLIES="HOAX"
Democrats told truth but donald+MAGAtMoscowMitch did nothing to help 50 States of people

complicit MainstreamMedia wasn't "truthful'
they used lying donald's idiot act 24/7/365 to have high ratings

Japanese are "community" oriented
LYINGdonald told people "do whatever you want"
he didn't have to shoot anybody on 5th Ave
he LIED knowing people would die

add notCHRISTian LIES that "GOD" is punishing
bc 'sex' and 'abortion' - lying instead of using medical science
(R)-States not sending MONEY to fund public school education - pushing "charter" [religious] and using taxpayers money for 'charter schools' and pushing 'online K-12 [another of skeltorRickScottFLORIDA pushes: he owns the conttracted company the State of Florida approved
parents will have to pay for 'online' K-12
no teachers
a child doesn' tunderstand
it's a 'chat box' wherever if-ever
an employee gets to that child with 1000s x 1000s other children needing help: 'flunk'.? parents required to pay again
(R)s goal
privatization for profit for the wealthy's privately owned corporations to have 100,000s of people willing to work
at poverty level wages

donaldKNEW POTUS CIC level Brief
he told Bob Woodward who played the tape
donald told (R)s
donald refused to talk with Democrats
(R)s are EVIL

500,000 deaths USA population: 328.2M
generations of people

7102 deaths Japan pop. 126.3M

even multiplying 3x w/ USA higher pop
we'd had 21,306 deaths

WearAMask that covers your nose and mouth
social distance
essential only
it might be 'your life' you save
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23 Feb
@Tochinoshin33 my 9y at a box retail
customers asked if i would really allow "returns that don't work"
Prevagen "never" sells
i read the instructions
it's a 'two month experiment'
req two boxes to be bought
that had the repeat good customer ask me 'return policy'
@Tochinoshin33 he bought one
it was for his wife
they were back together the 4th week and said that she felt no difference between day one and 4th week
i refunded their money
(put it back on their card)
the Walmart near me shows $39.92 for one bottle
i worked at a 'competitor'
@Tochinoshin33 i 'talked' w/ customers abt products to learn
i asked the pharmacists
a customer told me she used essential oils
'on sale' w/ emp disc i bought 'Rosemary' certified organic
at the start of the shift
to 'return' if nothing 'happened' by end of shift
my only rx:meds: bp pills
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16 Feb
A nasty flu outbreak hit London in the freezing 1930’s winters. This stylish couple walks down the streets of London sporting a pair of matching antiseptic masks in the thick of the flu season. They’re making the masks work.
One child’s parents decided to take precautions beyond just those provided by the daily tablets or tonics. When taking their baby out in his carriage, the two enterprising parents placed a note on the child’s chest reading, “Flu Precaution. Please don’t kiss me.”
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3 Feb
#brainwashed #MAGAtCult45+
40 years RUpertMurdochs #FoxLIES
100,000,000s "minds" hearing 24/7/365 LIES

COVID19 LIES killed olds who "listened"
to those LIARS

#donaldRealityLive #scripted
(R)atSenators+(R)atRepresentatives KNEW
"BRIEFING" told the (R)ats that more
would die

449,406 total deaths [including (R)States who LIE with not testing, before death, nor after death] 2/3/2021
(D) @GovMLG Lujan Grisham has worked diligently for all people, used what she knew, found to help people: sent the true numbers telling +/deaths

NewMexico NativeTribes had to go to Court to force #donald "TO SEND WHAT HE'D AGREED".!
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3 Feb
"our voices are needed"
binge shows
[tears are good, Mom says]
old ones 100 years ago survived
be an old one.!

Harvard professor: 5 activities can increase your happiness fast, and they're free cnb.cx/3ctdmSm
1. Meditate
2. Listen to music
3. Read poetry
4. Write in a journal
links to sources in article
[Mom skill] i talked well-regarded to sleep
Public Library: read synopsis:
is the author an idiotic or sensible
"preacher" told me to divorce [accurate advice; i didn't have the money to do that]
womens therapy counselor let us do office work in exchange
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31 Jan
@carolburris Dr. Burris
i have learned how to 'screenshoot' and "crop"
the "pay wall" stops people from being able to read
i screenshot your letter and posted it.
43y my brother taught schools
he was given the truant classes bc he refused to "teach to test"
he got his elementary school books from the barn loft w/ his first teaching job
he was told "teach to test" 1973
he said "they can learn"
and showed 'em
"truant" teacher 'taught'
school admins disliked him
but he volunteered for every extra duty that many didn't want to do: "to help students, parents get to/from class"

he finally quit when 'admin' told him he'd have a monitor in his classroom and if he deviated from 'teach to test' he'd be fired
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