1/7 Good morning friends and welcome to all my new recruits, it’s a pleasure to have you onboard.

Yesterday was a very sad day in so many ways. It was the realisation that words alone can kill. Trump’s Covid denial strategy in pursuit of four more years, literally led to over
2/7..150k, maybe more unnecessary deaths. People were always going to die, but not at the catastrophic rate the US has experienced. It has been horrific and heartbreaking. I thought Joe’s address to the nation was extraordinarily powerful and deeply heartfelt. Not a sentiment
3/7..expressed in the era of Trump. If nations are a reflection of their leaders heart, then American is in a good place today.

Every great president needs a great Attorney General and Merrick Garland proved yesterday what a giant of the legal establishment he is, not ..
4/7..only that, he is a man of decency and great integrity. A true patriot that is forever grateful to a country that gave his family refuge in time of need.

The values he shares with Joe Biden, is clear for all to see and as I’ve said before, he is the right man for the moment.
5/7 He dealt with questioning effortlessly, despite some ludicrous assertions by Republicans searching for sound bites for the Fox propaganda machine. Nobody laid a finger on him. His clarity of thought, total grasp of the mission and stellar credentials make the remainder of the
6/7..hearing almost a waste of time. One thing that did stand out for me, Is the Republican obsession with Hunter Biden and their need to seek revenge on Joe Biden for having beaten their great leader. It’s really is embarrassing, the lengths they will go to in order to stay in
7/7.. favour with Trump. With CPAC approaching, you can feel the tension rising as Trump prepares his pitch to retain control of the Republican Party.

CPAC is is an exercise in political irrelevance. A fanboy gathering of the cult of Trump. Trump’s time has passed. Let’s move on

• • •

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25 Feb
1/7 Good morning friends. It seems Neera Tanden will almost certainly not be confirmed, which is a real shame as she would have done a great job At OMB.

It raises an interesting point about the past coming back to haunt. There is little doubt that Republicans at the moment,
2/7 ..are looking for any opportunity to block any nominee they can, but to be aided and abetted by Democrats is for me unacceptable. This brings me nicely to the subject of Joe Manchin. He is a politician of the worst kind. One that will use the fragile majority of his leader ..
3/7 ..to boost his own political profile. He knows how crucial his vote is, so at every twist and turn he’s playing kingmaker. My suggestion to Biden on this is ‘never forget’. On a wider note, it brings into focus how disruptive Trumps refusal to co-operate during transition has
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24 Feb
1/8..Good morning my friends, how are you all doing today? Before we talk issues of the day, I just wanted to say THANk YOU.

When I started this journey in September last year, I had survived a horrible year and was looking to try and find a way to start again after losing just
2/8..about everything I had ever worked for. Covid 19, aside from killing people, has devastated small businesses and left previously OK lives in tatters.

My aim in September was to try and find a way to combine my creative talent to find a way for it to support me, whilst
3/8..helping do some good. I’m still coming up short on the first part of my objective, but I genuinely feel like I’m doing some good, judging from the feedback and kind comments I get from my ever expanding circle of friends.

Us creatives are emotional souls and feed and grow
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22 Feb
1/8 Good morning. So begins another week. Where to start? Just when I think, ahh yes I understand now, someone hits me in the face with another political bat. My Texas weekend left me scratching my head and thinking to myself, WTF again! Maybe I’m stupid? Or is it that I’m going
2/8..insane? Michael McCaul (R Texas) openly and without a flicker of remorse for abject failure said openly on TV, the plan was to use federal assistance money to pay exorbitant energy bills for Texans being extorted by Texan power companies. Yes you heard that right. YOUR
3/8..hard earned dollars being used to pay what can only be described as a criminal enterprise for thousands of dollars charged by energy companies to customers, in the middle of a pandemic and a power crisis. If that had happened in the U.K, the government would have frozen
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21 Feb
1/8 So ends another week. Despite the media still obsessing about Trump and the leadership of the GOP, I can safely say I’ve moved on. Mar-a-Lago, has become a refuge for irrelevant nut jobs and underpaid serving staff. Watching Trump, is like watching a fading pop star who..
2/8..thinks he’s still got it. The harsh reality is Donny that the Village People have had their day and are exiled to the record bin of Dave Doubledecks and his mobile disco. As life marches on, his relevance diminishes along with the sanity of his fringe right wannabes. Whilst
3/8..grave diggers across the nation mourn his political passing, the rest of us look forward to a better America 🇺🇸

Sadly, even in a new era of American politics, the stain of Republican greed and incompetence, stands tall in Texas. It seems to me that the people of Texas have
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20 Feb
1/6 Good morning. As we close out another week it’s a time of mixed emotions. I was heartened by Joe’s statement to allies across the the world that ‘America is back’. I’m very much an observer of body language and you get the sense now that Biden is finding his feet and piecing
2/6 ..together his big vision on the road ahead. His visit to a vaccine manufacturing plant to thank workers and reaffirm the message that everything that can be done, is being done, was important. It builds on trust that good news or bad, he will level with those who..
3/6 ..elected him as president. His speech to Allies has certainly left Europeans feeling much more comfortable that the US will play an important part in key global issues. His agreement to $2 billion to COVAX to assist with manufacturing and equitable distribution of Covid..
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19 Feb
1/9 Good morning my band of truth seekers and warriors in the fight fir a better tomorrow. Despite a few stutters, the Biden administration is making good steady progress on all fronts. I was tied up video editing all yesterday, so I need to play catch up, but he’s going early ..
2/9 ..on immigration and that is a bold step indeed. It’s the graveyard of many policy attempts, but worth an early punt. I want to study it a little more before diving in. In my research for my Texas video, I saw what it is that drives me to be here. Naked unbridled worship of
3/9 ..money at any cost. Even in the face of abject misery for millions of Texans, Rick Perry was making belligerent statements on behalf of people he hadn’t asked, about keeping federal power regulators out of Texas business. He and his kind had been caught with their pants ..
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