Let me tell you story about why I’m so very angry about this 👇🏽 /THREAD

| PPE suppliers with political ties given 'high-priority' status, report reveals | theguardian.com/politics/2020/…
In early March 2020 it was very quickly apparent the NHS was not “ready” for COVID, and in fact we ran out of the correct PPE nearly instantly in many areas.

Many of us were saying so publicly. 👇🏽

channel4.com/news/its-gone-… /2
That same week (March 18th) I was contacted by an anaesthetist colleague in procurement that had sourced 30m FFP3 masks a month from a biotech contact in China. Only problem was the NHS wasn’t buying. /3
Due to complex procurement law there was some perceived impediment to buying outside normal chains.

We immediately sought legal advice and found the EU law being referred to had already been suspended for the pandemic. /4
My colleague trying to sort out PPE procurement on her day off from ICU was the inspiration to start our charity, @theHWF with the intention of making or finding as much PPE as possible, as well as supporting healthcare workers across all needs.

Healthcareworkersfoundation.org /5
We raised >£1m in the first wave, sourced PPE from industry, made 100,000s of 3D printed visors and hand-sewn scrubs, even had help from Rolls Royce. But we could never hope to produce the numbers that were needed. /6
We estimated 1 patient in 1 ICU needed 30-40 sets of PPE, EVERY DAY.

We needed millions of sets of PPE a month. A charity, however large, could never hope to achieve that. /7
So that’s why we focussed on making reusable PPE, and kept pushing with trying to get govt to follow up our leads on large PPE sources.

We got in touch with the Cabinet office and agreed to send them our large scale (million+) sources that came to us. /8
Emails flowed back and forth, it all seemed very hopeful, but then nothing.

By the time the government started looking abroad again, supply chains had been bought up at the factory level as other countries, like the US, joined the global bun fight. /9
All that wasted time now seems to have been spent on “VIPs” with little or no experience or stock, instead of the actual suppliers.

We had to field desperate calls for PPE daily, and it was harrowing. E.g As @doctor_oxford wrote about, hospices on the verge of closure. /10
@thehwf ploughed on, and supported @Oxford_Inspired to get these approved in the U.K.: a #mask4life with a 75p filter that can be used for a month at a time. Permanent protection for my colleagues: going out THIS week.

You can donate to the project here: crowdfunder.co.uk/new-developmen…
COVID is airborne. Nearly 1000 U.K. healthcare workers have died as a consequence of inadequate PPE, one of the worst rates in the entire world.

@thehwf is supporting their families, with legal, financial, respite, counselling & educational support.

So I cannot stomach this, when govt was unprepared, downgraded PPE req. and was corrupt & too slow in getting more.

THEN denied there was ever an issue, when so many died.

That’s why I’m so angry & thankful for @GoodLawProject and @EveryDoctorUK for bringing this case. /end
You can support all of @thehwf projects, from PPE to counselling to safer surgery to welfare rooms and the Families Programme here:

Found this old video from March trying to “cook” old PPE to decontaminate.

Still a good idea IMO. #PPE

• • •

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23 Feb
So I’ve just watched this morning’s interview with @GMB and Matt Hancock.

I have some thoughts. /thread Image
Firstly, why is the room so red? Where is the door? Why is he smiling? Image
He starts off by not apologising for unlawful behaviour. And then tries to pivot to claim that we should be thanking him and his team.

Piers gently (!) reminds him that 130,000 have died and we have amongst the worlds worst COVID death toll. Image
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20 Feb
1 in 8 patients admitted with COVID die 140 days after discharge. #longCOVID
55% of patients were under 70 in the study, where post-discharge chance of death was FOURTEEN times higher in those WITH Covid than those WITHOUT at 140 days. Image
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16 Feb
👇🏽suggests #schools reopening increases the R to 1-1.5.

What does that mean?

If R is 0.8 now, 10,000 cases a day becomes 4000 a day by March 8th. ~40 deaths/day.

If R is 1 by April 8th 4000 cases/d continues.

If R is 1.5 by April 8th 46,645 cases/d (2/3 peak of 2nd wave)
This seems wildly early.

With the summer & increased vaccination coverage, the R will fall further, may be enough room to open schools and keep R way below 1.

If we delayed schools opening to April 8th - second doses will have been given to top groups, 1000 cases/d. Much safer
The other issue is we could have 46,000 cases a day AND a half vaccinated population = perfect recipe for selection pressure and mutation
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15 Feb
This is a ⚠️ *HEALTH WARNING* ⛔️ about Vitamin Davis.
(And COVID, pre-prints, and Vitamin D)

👇🏽/ Thread
What does this study actually show?

Well, as many have pointed out, it is neither “large” or “well-conducted”, and in fact quite flawed, randomising entire wards & not individual patients.
This makes it nearly unreadable in its current form.

Here’s a great thread on why /2
So how did it get published if it was so flawed? Well the answer is, it DIDN’T. This is a “pre-print”, which is like a DRAFT before the study has been looked at by other scientists and checked for mistakes. I’d be very surprised if this gets published in its current form at all.
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13 Feb
It’s incredibly stupid to think if we simply released all restrictions, with COVID still abroad, that

A) everybody would instantly go back outside
B) mutation wouldn’t inevitable escape the vaccine

And yet, on go the headlines.

COVID won’t end till we all live in reality.
It’s also nonsense to suggest that we can’t achieve No COVID;

- see smallpox
- see NZ, Australia, South Korea

While “living with it” doesn’t exist anywhere on the planet
COVID isn’t as hardy as TB, or as infectious as measles, or as tricky as HIV:

In fact it’s pretty crap.
- it dies within hours outside the body
- it’s cleared by the vast majority of people within two weeks

So without a new host, the virus LITERALLY disappears.
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11 Feb
With NHS morale at an all-time low & Valentine's Day around the corner, #showyourlove for someone else this year.

Make exhausted NHS staff feel truly special by donating instead to @thehwf, funding welfare rooms & professional counselling.

Donate today | bit.ly/2LzQRQx
Some wonderful support from Charity Today for our campaign, thank you!

And some more lovely coverage in fundraising.co.U.K. : fundraising.co.uk/2021/02/11/sho…
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