1/ I want you to imagine a future where every facet of your life is controlled by a system of 5G-enabled mechanisms and how this will be advertised as providing you with a better life.
2/ Imagine a 5G-connected collar around your neck that made all of life's day to day work more convenient for you. Doors would automatically open as you approach them. Feeding tubes would provide nutrition when you need it.
3/ Your health would be monitored daily. Any strange fluctuations would be reported to a medical practitioner who would examine you. Even your waste products would be siphoned off before you even realise it.
4/ Any sign of stress within you could be monitored and reported. All of these new technologies would be directed towards giving you a life of 100% ease and comfort.
5/ Sensor operated curtains around you would react depending on the weather. Automated brushes would clean your body when you approach and need purifying.
6/ This isn't science-fiction. It is already reality for herds of cows across the United Kingdom who have been fitted with 5G collars and tags to ensure the above scenarios. Reuters reported on it back in 2019.
7/ The article boasts of these cows running on 5G. Cisco devices recognise the individual cows to precisely latch on to their teats for milking, treating the cow to a little food reward if they are compliant.
8/ Amazing. However, one should remember that despite this life of automated ease, the life of a cow born and raised in today's industrialised agricultural farms is one spent living in a direct pipeline from the incubator to the slaughterhouse.

It isn't going to stop with cows.
9/ "The significance of that is it means that this sort of technology could be taken up ... not just on farms but on rural communities right across the country.”

“We can connect every cow, we can connect every animal on this farm,” boasts Cisco’s Nick Chrissos.
10/ “That’s what 5G can do -- really unleash the power that we have within this farm, everywhere around the UK and everywhere around the world.”


• • •

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12 Feb
Hearing rumours that Twitter now bans you for posting photos of Biden sniffing children. We should encourage this acceleration of lese-majesty laws against the Imperial Democrat Presidency so that their consolidation of power is made clear...
Let's try and meme The Party into implementing a ridiculous law that reveals their hand. Just as Xi Jinping banned images of Winnie the Pooh in China for mocking him, perhaps there is an appropriate cartoon stand-in for Biden...?
My suggestion would be Herbert the elderly pervert from Family Guy. Imagine if the US banned people from sharing images of Herbert to protect the reputation of the Child-Sniffer-in-Chief. Their pretence at freedom of speech would be shattered.
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30 Jan
A month or so ago, somebody referred this article to me and I've been unable to get it out of my head since. It mentions a type of infectious cancer... THAT USED TO BE A DOG.

Canine venereal sarcoma is a transmissible tumour that is passed from dog to dog during intercourse. From an evolutionary point of view, it is more efficient for a dog's genes to seek new areas of growth as a cancer rather than through traditional sexual reproduction.
The inherent insanity-inducing point in all this is that evolution doesn't necessarily have to point towards greater intelligence. It could lead to a reduction in intelligence AND consciousness.
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20 Jan
My prediction for today's inauguration is that it will go something like this:

> Biden walks on stage, places his hand on the Bible to take his oath. Solemn silence from the digital crowd watching via Zoom installed in laptops within the surrounding audience of Jeeps.
> "Only joking, guys!" Biden shouts. He holds the Bible up & reveals his hand was placed on a book of Maya Angelou's poetry all along.
> Digital audience starts clapping. The laptop handlers increase the volume.
> Electronic dance music starts playing, Biden rips open his shirt.
> Obama, Hillary and Nancy Pelosi join the stage in sparkling leather jump suits and start twerking to the audience. > Biden rises his arms and shouts "Woop! Woop! EQUALITY!"
> Wild applause. Cenk Uygur starts crying with joy live on his podcast.
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17 Jan
There is a recent new word in Chinese that I think deserves introducing into the Western neoreactionary canon.

The word is 内卷 (nei-juan) which has been translated as "involution". Originally a Chinese phenomenon it increasingly applies anywhere there is modernity.
To capture the essence of what "involution" means it helps to picture a spiral in your mind. Our modern narrative says that as we progress technologically we should progress OUT of the spiral and have more free time to be capable of ever more amazing things...
But what if the progression of technology and society actually sends us WITHIN the spiral in an infinite number of ever-decreasing circles? What if we are walking DOWN the spiral staircase of progress rather than UP?
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12 Jan
1/ It’s important how you name your child as the new Woke Totalitarianism intensifies in the future. It is becoming important that you consider how their name will affect their online reputation once they are grown up and making adolescent mistakes on social media.
2/ There is a humorous phenomenon in the Philippines where you will encounter the weirdest and outlandish names. It’s not unusual to meet people with made-up names or people who have names that just shouldn’t be. Just check out @GomezAnally for one example.
3/ This article mentions guys in the Philippines with names as wild as “Hitler Manila” (who I read in another article has a brother called Goebbels) and Jejomar which is a combo of Jesus, Joseph and Mary.

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4 Jan
In the run-up to Christmas I was reminded once again how ridiculous, grotesque and out of control a certain aspect of our culture has become.

I’m talking, of course, about Advent Calendars.
When I was a kid growing up, Advent Calendars were still relatively simple affairs. They were mostly religious with images of the Nativity or the Coming of the Magi. The windows revealed pictures of angels, camels, stars and perhaps the Infant Christ himself on Christmas Eve.
They had changed little from their origins in 19th century Lutheran Germany as a way to count the days preceding Christmas. The basic design of opening windows to reveal small pictures inside was already there in the earliest calendars. They were also often reusable.
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