@FantaCarrot_231 @thotcrime3 Because a certain part of twitter don't want to hear the truth about the demographic of men in general (especially rappers) they so adore in general are not the most charismatic gentlemen they want. Most are a lot worse than the worst of kpop.
@FantaCarrot_231 @thotcrime3 These Kpop boys are just as racist/colourist/misogynistic as black rappers but it is very rare for male rappers in Korea who have done half the shit that male rappers here do to still allowed on TV. Seungri was forced to quit the entertainment industry. None of these guys have.
@FantaCarrot_231 @thotcrime3 Chris Brown punched Rhianna and he still has a strong career. If a member of BTS was to punch IU or a TWICE member in the face, that would be the end of their career, if not the whole group. Korea may be a misogynistic place but even they have standards about what not to tolerate
@FantaCarrot_231 @thotcrime3 Knetz there have mastered the art of cancel culture. Simple things like being a school/label mate bully, having problematic online stuff from childhood, being accused of sexual assault, taking drugs etc.. is enough to get that person exiled from the industry.
@FantaCarrot_231 @thotcrime3 Even stuff like dating or acting like a diva is enough to derail a female idol's career. Imagine if those standards were applied to western artists too. Half the current crop would've been thrown out years ago. We'd only have the likes of Adele or Ed Sheeran left.
@FantaCarrot_231 @thotcrime3 Western artists are allowed to get away with murder. Korean artists are held to ridiculous standards but their society does not allowed to get away with any of the shit westerners can. Seungri got cancelled and exiled from the industry as soon as Burning Sun came out.
@FantaCarrot_231 @thotcrime3 R Kelly is accused of similar things but he is still around and still makes money and was chased for decades. Korea may not be an easy country to manage but I will admit that they are far better to deal with problematic idols a lot better than Western countries.
@FantaCarrot_231 @thotcrime3 @threadreaderapp unroll this juicy 🧵 please! Thank you and lol sorry about this long rant, it's something I've been thinking of since @thotcrime3 thread last night.

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