MC Hammer's quite right. Philosophy is a primary driver for science. Einstein didnt exactly use science to create relativity but what he did was think 'why are all the theories fraught with problems' & he created a reasoning in which he could put science >
And sure enough the early 'scientists' weren't such, they were thinkers. Like asking why does the sun disappear each day in one place and then appear the next day in a different place. Of course they couldn't go out and measure the sun & see what it was doing, but they realised >
rightly or wrongly, the sun and the earth did a dance with each other. Some concluded the earth was flat whilst others like Galileo deducted the earth went round the sun and the earth wasnt flat and the rest of it. In those days people had to pretty much think things through >
In fact its Newton, who during a pandemic prevalent at the time (the Great Plague 1655-66), retreated to his home village in Lincolnshire (Woolsthorpe if you want) from there he devised his theories on how the heavens worked and gravity performed. And it was near perfect >>
But none of these people were seen as scientists they were seen as philosophers, or worse, heretics, sorcerers, people with an evil bent who wanted to trounce the one 'scientific philosophy' that isnt (and that's that bloke up in the sky etc.) Science isnt always about that >>
but often its about its often about 'I wonder how such and such a system works' then after thinking a bit, or arguing with oneself, one then puts in places a series of measures to prove, or disprove, that very reasoning. So yes, science cannot work without philosophy present too.
Its often a reason why people get in a pickle about things like the wave function collapse, decoherence or Schrodinger's cat. They're not actually science but rather ways of thinking that could illustrate how the world actually works. Let's face it, no-one really knows >>
how the world or the universe works. Yes we have sciences that 'prove' this or that, but like the ticking of clocks and the rest of it there's simply no way that we can be sure our 'sciences' are in fact science - they will always remain at best a construct that we believe true >
much in the same way another 'science' (mathematics) seems to be able to prove everything by means of a series of equations. Yes cause equals effect and x = y and so on but it all rests on ideas we take to be a true given & we have no way of knowing if that's right or wrong.

• • •

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22 Feb
Just watched Geoffs video finally has subtitles. Regarding the different Paddington stations the old layout was so contrived sometimes nothing would show on the boards so we'd just have to get the Metropolitan for Hammersmith & put up with the great faffing about at Paddington! >
Even in the sixties the tube maps regarding Paddington were confusing becos we knew what was being shown on those wasnt what was actually experienced & the station at 'Bishops Road' we always tried to avoid because it did indeed feel like it was miles from Paddington itself! >
All the signs at the different stations (Liverpool St, King's Cross, Baker Street & so on) all had a note saying 'where no through train is shown take the first train & change.' But of course by doing that one could well be dumped at Edgware Road for what seemed like hours >
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14 Feb
Very disappointing to see the huge piles of take away coffee in the bins at Little Venice today (I arrived just as the council pulled up & grabbed the bin to empty into its lorry... so no pic) but let's think, this happens once day in winter, in the summer, two to four times >
There's all the energy going into making these, the energy gone into transporting these, the energy used even to 'drive' the humans (thats transport, food etc) who will then buy these coffees and transport them even further, before dumping them as a one off energy use wonder >
Imagine this process happening not once but thousands of times in London alone each day, millions of times the world over each day. Its clear we are the coronavirus itself, the original superspreaders with a hypocrisy that amounts to worse than what COVID is doing to us >
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