energy is like a muscle; it grow stronger through being used.
In all our undertakings, the little daily effort is all-important.

The muscles of our energy must be continually exercised.

Thus, gradually, we gain momentum and purpose.

The 1% gains compound every day, eventually coalescing to a monumental wave of progress and change.
As faith increases through personal experience and energy grows though practice, the mind acquires a direction.

This is why I stress the importance of a quality diet and a rigorous exercise plan.
We cannot aim to improve our lives if we are lethargic, or in poor health from poor choices of food or lifestyle habits.

We cannot support others if we ourselves cannot stand on our own two feet.

We cannot attend to our business if we are sick or ill.
You cannot pour from an empty cup - so in that your first and foremost priority should be always to maintain an optimal level of health.

It should not be seen as a luxury, or something that takes a backseat to Netflix.

It comes first.
Without energy you cannot follow any kind of instruction, day after day and really test their values.

When we are in poor health, what else matters except getting back to better health?

Don’t let it get away from you, prevention is always better than a cure.
Whatever you direct your attention to each day, you direct energy to.

Whatever you direct energy towards, will grow in power.

• • •

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24 Feb

Though our physical body may not last forever, our impact on the consciousness of this world can.

Though we cannot speak directly to millions of people, the ripple effect of our actions can... Image
If you help one other person to be better or do better, they then help others in their lives to be better.

If you give someone some knowledge that enables them to navigate this world in a smoother way,

If you enable others to make a better life for themselves,
through encouragement or directly helping them, then you are creating a ripple effect that passes on to everyone that they will ever come into contact with, and all the resulting offspring of that person and so on and so forth.
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22 Feb
The WEF's proclaimed 'Cyberpandemic' has begun: defense, power, water, finance + our supply chain are all vulnerable to massive disruptions after FireEye & SolarWind have unleashed weapons of mass digital destruction + unlocked the back doors of governments -
militaries, and nearly the entire Fortune 500.

Who stands to benefits from this Cyberpandemic?

you will hear : Global Solutions require Global Governance

As the internet is global, they will say we need a global force to control it all, a global currency will come with it
to be honest, we have our societies to blame too.

We are all too reliant on the internet, too reliant on technology and the supply chain for others to procure food and water for us

we have become weak and doughy slugs, ripe for being taken advantage of.
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21 Feb
“When is it too late?”

When you’re dead.
It’s never too late to change your path,
it’s never too late to get In shape
and it’s never too late to positively act as a force of good on others

Especially wild that some guys message me worried they have missed their chance IN THEIR EARLY 20s. Like bro?
What does ‘too late’ even mean?

Too late compared to some other timeline reality in your head that doesn’t exist?

Too late to see health benefits from eating better when you begin to feel better a few days after eating well?
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19 Feb

The general warm-up is divided into two parts:

1. joint rotations
2. aerobic activity

These two activities should be performed in the order specified above.
1. Joint Rotations

The general warm-up should begin with joint-rotations, starting either from your toes and working your way up, or from your fingers and working your way down.

This facilitates joint motion by lubricating the entire joint with synovial fluid.
Such lubrication permits your joints to function more easily when called upon to participate in your athletic activity.

You should perform slow circular movements, both clockwise and counter-clockwise, until the joint seems to move smoothly.
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18 Feb
All it takes Is one person to believe in someone for them to make a change

Be that person
Our world needs love and encouragement now more than ever.

If you can do your part to be the voice that is always bringing your friends up, positively brightening people’s day, that is a wonderful thing.
While we only truly have control over changes in ourselves, do not discount the effect that you can have on others.

If you love your friends and family, say it too, often. You don’t know how that can be the spark that someone might need to turn their day or week around.
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17 Feb
When people insult you,
trust that it is a reflection of their own negative internal state

Their egos, triggered into tearing down someone else,
because they feel threatened and challenged themselves... Image
Not to mention what they are attacking is a phantom as well - They don’t know you.

They know a collection of assumptions, snippets of information and characterisations.

So you have a person attacking a fake version of you because that ‘insulted’ the ego of theirs.
For this reason, smile when others seek to hate on you.

"For They know not what they do".

Wish them healing and love.
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