1. One of the reasons I remain skeptical as to whether or not abusive/toxic culture will ever change within American Evangelicalism is that the entire culture revolves around “celebrity” leaders & celebrity leaders are more loyal to celebrity machine than convictions.
2. It doesn’t matter the ethnicity, in fact, black & white celebrity preachers fuel exalt one another, it’s all part of the machine. When a white celebrity leader meets the baseline of faithfulness regarding race matters, black celebrity preachers will champion them & vice versa.
3. When it comes to issues of abuse or toxicity, celebrity preachers/teachers will know full well that one of their peers is toxic, but the code is to support one another no matter what & so they’ll pretend to be ignorant & continue propping other up. It’s like the Mafia...
4. There’s an unspoken code that says, “I will defend & support you no matter what & you will do the same for me. But, if evidence of your misdeeds become to overwhelming to dismiss, you gotta take one for the team & I gotta act like I care about what you’ve done.”
5. I’ve had conversations with black & white prominent leaders and have asked them point blank about other celebrity leaders’ & the reports of abuse or enabling; I’ve never encountered one who was ignorant, it’s just their job to prop each other up.

It’s about Relational Power.
6. And of course once I even ask, best believe I’m blacklisted for having the audacity to speak on it. You either maintain the status quo or you’re an enemy to the machine. American Evangelical [celebrity] culture is not about the people, it’s about platforms & power.
7. I ain’t saying all this to try & paint myself as some noble hero. Nah yo, there’s nothing I have done that in my mind is beyond the baseline of Christian faithfulness. I’m just a dude. There are a multitude of others who’ve suffered more than me for going against the grain.
8. With all that said, I think the culture itself needs to be crucified. It needs to die. And yeah, there is a need to dig in and define the culture itself & its elements more clearly so we know what exactly needs to die & most of it is gears that move behind the scenes.
9. What are some of the public signs to watch for?

- exaggerated praise: Leaders will praise other leaders as “heroic”, “amazing”, & “prophetic” when they do baseline stuff. Like call racism bad.

- Try & normalize the abuse or other wicked deeds of another celebrity leader.
10. Other examples:

-Passive Aggressive support: When one their their peers are called out for their toxicity, they will post passive aggressive statements of scripture to try & defend them. Usually something like Proverbs 18:17. They’ll present accountability = anti-Christ

• • •

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22 Feb
1. There is a lot of talk going on about deconstructing faith, I wanna share a few thoughts.

First off, there is a difference b/t “deconstructing faith” & “demolishing faith”. Deconstructing means to break down while demolishing means to blow up. Same applies to this movement.
2. When someone is deconstructing their faith (the assumption here is we are talking about Christianity), they are seeking to tear down the various walls, floors, & furnishings of a home (their faith) and rebuild them in a more solid & healthy way on a foundation of Orthodoxy.
3. When a person demolishes the faith, they are blowing up the entire home, foundations included, and are seeking to rebuild everything into a faith expression that better suits them. Often, it’s one that is understandably comforting to their spiritual trauma & doesn’t trigger.
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22 Feb
*Trigger Warning*
1. Not seeing folks talk about this & I may do a video later b/c I think it’s really important for folks to grasp. Ravi Zacharias’ sexual predation was ritualistic. It was ritualistic sexual abuse, something some have called SRA (Satanic Ritualistic Abuse).
2. Zacharias did not believe in Yahweh, whatever god had Zacharias’ allegiance, it was NOT the Triune God of Christianity. Zacharias prayed to His God prior to engaging in his sexual predation & he viewed sex as a gift to him offered up by his God as a reward for his works.
3. Not only did Zacharias pray, but he insisted his victims pray to his false God as well & he encouraged them to see the sacrifice of their body to him as a “sacrifice of worship” to his god; he was His god’s messenger & his victims were serving god by giving themselves to him.
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21 Feb
Based on my experience, I’m fairly confident that the vast majority of people who publicly lament abuse & repudiate abusers when walls of power crumble & darkness FINALLY comes to light would also ostracize a fellow church member in defense of their pastor if they ever cried out.
After doing spiritual abuse/trauma care for several years & caring for hundreds of people there is one constant: The deepest spiritual trauma isn’t the abuse a victim has endured from a leader but the alienation & abandonment they’ve endured from fellow church members & friends.
Souls cry out. That’s what they do when they’ve exp agony, betrayal, or violence (abuse). It’s the muzzling of a soul that often causes greatest trauma, not the harm itself. Yes, silencing by spiritually abusive leaders wounds, but the betrayal of friend & faith family pierces.
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21 Feb
1. Yeah yo, I’m just as cautious around white “ex-evengelicals” as I am around white fundamentalists. Both are often equally dogmatic & anti black faith. Both groups post statements that make it clear that if you disagree w/ them on their view; you’re anathema. I have my stories.
2. I’ve had a decent amount of encounters with white “exvangelical”people, especially white women, to know that many who claim to be allies are only such as long as you willing to have THEM rather than white male fundamentalists, colonize your faith. The moment you aren’t = 🤬😡
3. Let a black man say, “my marriage dynamics don’t fit within the white complementarian or egalitarian framework” & see how fast many will go from calling you “brother” to calling you a “misogynist”. Honestly, white progressivism is just as spiritually abusive as fundamentalism.
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19 Feb
1. It's absolutely true. The entire Passion is a display of abuse & culminates w/ the stripping of Jesus clothes & lifting him up before the public naked as a spectacle. Jesus can be the sympathetic High Priest for all survivors b/c thru The Passion he himself experienced abuse.
Jesus Was
- Abducted
- Betrayed by friends
- Falsely accused
- beaten/tortured
- Remained Silent
- Was stripped naked
- Nakedness made a public spectacle
- All while the religious elites encouraged & enabled
3. Jesus also endured racial trauma as his ethnic people betrayed him, called for his crucifixion, and Romans mocked his ethnic heritage by plucking beard & torturing him.

But Jesus is also the epitome of a Survivor. He rose from abuse's grave & now intercedes for the oppressed
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17 Feb
1. Can I speak as a male Christian Counselor/Soul Care provider to men regarding this idea. All respect to Ashley, just speaking to men.

There is a difference b/t your wife being "not inclined" but open to her "not being in the mood". When she is the latter, don't be selfish...
2. "Being not inclined but open" means she isn't "down down" but is open to getting there provided she is romanced into it. Not "being in the mood" means she is not into it at all at the moment. If she isn't "in the mood", respect HER body. Do not insist on your your own way.
3. The teaching that says, “never deprive your husband sexually”, imo, is misogynistic. For one, a wife not being “in the mood” isn’t depriving her husband, it’s a woman being fully human w/ complex emotions & feelings and simply exercising her humanity & bodily autonomy.
Read 6 tweets

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