LRT. Not a no brainer, by any means. But the only way to stop this utterly corrupt behaviour by the self righteous anti-democratic corrupt bigots who have lied their way back in charge of the Labour party is to make it very difficult, hopefully, impossible for them to win.
The democratic process Labour's reactionaries can't game, that they can't control is at the public ballot box. It is here where they will have to be fought. Because if not, they win. And they will say that because they win their actions are right. That should be allowed to happen
These people know this. They've done this. They tried to throw two general elections. They spent 5 years trying to deliver defeat. It is the language they understand. This is their strategy. It needs to be used against them. It needs to be used to get them out.
Stand independent candidates. Vote for independent candidates. Abstain. Spoil. Do not campaign. If this is not done, if loyalty, even grudgingly, is given to this set of dirty reactionaries it will be used to justify everything. Not just witchhunts but the re-writing of history.

• • •

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23 Feb
If you need any more evidence that the leader of the *Labour* party is a Management Man and nothing more, his response to staff concerns about the ongoing health and safety crisis is "long term plan", "give credit", "attainment gap" (target obsessiveness).

His words betray you.
It's just textbook CEO from Starmer. "I hear what you're saying, however". Never mind the health issues, safety issues, well being issues. Never mind the people. Never mind the damaged and the dead. What you people, need is a plan, a bit of praise and some targets to motivate you
It's textbook New Labour. It's textbook managerialism. It's textbook 1990s Neoliberal Governance. That's what he's a creature of. He's a Corporate Leader. Speaking Management and Leadership at you, past you, through you, down at you.
Read 4 tweets
19 Feb
My settled position on this is that they don't consider the social crises we face, the economic crises we face or the environmental crises we face as anywhere near as important as the presentational crisis they obsess about. Image
Everything goes through a filtration system that leads to "how does this make the Labour party look?". Facing up to problems, thinking ahead, looking outside the short term concerns of "how do we look" and "what will we hear on the doorstep" just falls away. Everything is PR.
They failed to engage with post 56 left thought, they resisted post 68 ideas & new movements. They threw the Lucas plan away. They briefed against the GLC's synthesis of ideas & movements. They bought the end of history thesis. They are rejecting the post 2015 programme. Same old
Read 5 tweets
18 Feb
And what is it with the "I know" thing? Why the Jessphillipsisation? Almost makes me think that the main purpose here is not to talk about business (or hey, we could say 'organisation', because not everything has to make a profit to be socially useful) but pushing the great I am.
"I'm the right man to take over as CEO of UK Small to Medium Enterprises Ecosystem plc because I know what a small business or start up means to your town or family (but not your community because that sounds too Corbynite). Want Start Ups in your town? I'm your man(ager)
Seriously, what's wrong with saying - if that's your pitch - "Business are good they do this for people and places. Labour will do this for business in places like yours for people like you."

Why is it "I know this", "If I am prime minister, I will. Cos it's all about me"
Read 4 tweets
18 Feb
If you invoke 1945, which was (already 5 years into) a new plan for The State, and complain about the result of 10 years that began 31 years after another decisive plan for The State, but all you offer is "partnership with business" its not a vision for The State. Its not change.
At some point, and those points don't come along very often (1909/10, 1945, 1979 and, sadly, 2007/8) you have to just set out "this is what we will do with State power" which involves saying to everyone, including business "this will be the landscape you'll be working in".
And in their way that's what Johnson and Gove and dear departed Dom were/are doing. And its what Corbyn and McDonnell were doing. Because its time for that. Because 2007/8 was botched. Because 2010-2015 was just more zombie neoliberalism. Because 2016 changed the game.
Read 4 tweets
16 Feb
The only "move on" regarding the "free market" that Blair argued for was that Labour should "move on" from opposing it, that it should extend marketisation. That it should "move on" to the terrain of the Conservatives "underlying values" and stake a claim on them
And there's some v clunky language in that para, i.e."free market ideology". "Free markets" was the PR phrase for Capital Accumulation, a cover story for privatisation and de-regulation. Which Blair did not attack on any level other than "competence" given he was doing it too.
And what "Underlying values" was he attacking. Apart from cosmetic Lords reform (while also claiming someone was a "people's Princess") and right to roam and hunting. Most of that was the "Conservative values" of MacMillan and Home. which Thatcher hadn't much time for either.
Read 4 tweets
16 Feb
What's your policy on Long Covid? What's your policy on living with underlying conditions. What's your policy on truth, reconciliation and justice for those with conditions and disabilities who have been made to suffer and be sacrificed to "the deficit" and "the flu like virus"?
What's your policy on rebuilding the welfare system? What's your policy to reverse the decades long sabotage of systems that protect and provide health and welfare? How does your thinking on health change because of Covid? Long Covid? What's your policy for future pandemic risk?
What's your policy to push the profit seekers, rent seekers, market makers back out to margins of the public health system, the welfare system? What's your policy to centre people, not profits. What's your policy to make restitution to families who have been robbed of loved ones.
Read 4 tweets

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