Both things can be true:

The Covid vaccines are fantastic and much better than anyone had hoped for, and vaccinated people will not die or be hospitalized.

The Covid vaccines may not entirely prevent transmission of the virus so vaccinated people should still wear masks.
I simply do not understand the pushback against anyone who dares to say that vaccinated people may still need to wear a mask. Is the benefit of having your LIFE SAVED not enough to choose the vaccine? Must you be told you can immediately throw away all masks in order to do that?
You get the vaccine for yourself. You wear the mask for others who may not be immunized yet. There is *nothing* complicated here and NO NEED to choose sides.

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17 Feb
On Monday, 13 experts delivered a letter to the CDC and the Biden admin to address airborne transmission of the virus in high-risk settings like meatpacking plants and prisons.

The CDC's response, delivered early this morning to me, does not mention the word "ventilation". 1/x
The experts emphasized ventilation because OSHA, which regulates workplace safety, can't require upgrades to ventilation of CDC doesn't require them. It's not looking likely that will happen, given the statement. I'll paste their full statement here. 2/x
On second thought, it's 520 words long, so maybe not. The gist: cloth masks with two or more layers are good enough for general public (no specific mention of workers at meatpacking plants etc), and no mention at all of ventilation. 3/x
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13 Feb
Yesterday, the CDC released new guidelines for schools. Clear, science-based guidance was long overdue, so everyone was agog all week.

Did they get what they wanted? This is a long 🧵, buckle in.
Before I dive in: I have no agenda here. I am not anti-kids, anti-schools or anti-teachers. The only thing I am is anti-virus. I follow the science, but despite what both sides insist, the science is not straightforward, or we wouldn't have this much division and dissent.
So, back to the CDC guidelines: Pro-opening advocates hoped for a sensible read of the evidence and teachers unions for strict precautions and vaccinations. Did they get what they want? Short answer: No.
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10 Feb
NEW: A persistent urban legend during this pandemic has held that prior exposure to common colds will save many of us from the coronavirus -- or at least mitigate severity. A new study in Cell did a thorough analysis and says: nope. 1/5…
The theory is very appealing. It would explain why kids don't get very sick (boosted by a Science paper that said kids have more antibodies that recognize sars-cov2 than adults do) and also why some adults don't seem to get very sick. 2/5
But just because an idea is attractive doesn't mean it's true. The new study compared hundreds of samples (rare and impressive) and found that the level of common cold antibodies that cross-react with sars-cov2 has no impact on infection or outcome. 3/5
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28 Jan
NEW: What should pregnant women considering the Covid vaccine do? The CDC says consult with your doctor. The WHO says not to take it unless you're high risk. Who's right?

This is not the first time the WHO and the CDC have been out of step with each other during this pandemic. And this time, too, the two premiere public health orgs in the world are looking at the same data and coming to very different conclusions 2/5
The problem is that the data are very limited -- because there is a long history of excluding pregnant women from clinical trials. This is ostensibly to protect them, but often the disease the vaccine or drug is for is far worse than any theoretical harms from the vaccine. 3/5
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20 Jan
NEW: Some new variants of the coronavirus may pose unexpected challenges to the immune system, even in those who have been vaccinated, according to two new studies, posted online Tuesday night. 1/6…
Before you read the rest of this thread, a note of caution: The sky is not falling down, the world is not ending. So don't panic. OTOH, I talked to about 7 scientists on Friday who were all sure vaccines would work well, and pretty much all were much more worried yesterday. 2/6
The studies addressed an immediate concern that accompanied news of the variants surfacing in Britain, South Africa, Brazil, the U.S. Will the vaccines still work? The answer is yes. 3/6
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14 Jan
NEW: Is the new variant just as dangerous in children is it in adults? Is it more contagious in kids? What does it mean for schools? I heard these questions enough to take a deep dive. 1/6…
First: Is the new variant just as dangerous in kids as in adults? No. The newest report from Public Health England, with detailed contact tracing, suggests it's about half as contagious in kids as in adults, nor do kids get any sicker with the new variant. 2/6
Is the new variant more contagious in kids than the current variant in the US? Yes, it is more contagious across all age groups. That means any risky activity is now that much riskier, and we'll need to adhere to the precautions that much more closely. 3/6
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