Isn't it funny that liberals are pro-Native sovereignty until Indigenous organizers critique the commodification of women's bodies? Then they erupt into a senseless rage? Can you really not envision a world beyond the right to use money to buy and sell access to womens bodies?
Maybe YOU'RE the problem and maybe YOU need to ask why you're enacting colonial domination by demanding people align completely with the hegemonic liberal take on an issue that is actually really complex. Same thing happened at the Zapatista gathering with USians attacking them.
When activists from the center of imperialism can't help but attack Indigenous and third world women for opposing an imperialist industry then maybe those activists are really just freely doing the work of the imperialist settler-state for them. You're a volunteer!
Women's oppression is the oldest extra-class oppression and it really shows in moments like this where a centuries-old patriarchal tradition is seen as completely natural, God-given and above any critique. And if one dares to critique it, they will be disciplined into submission.
Let's talk about how an Indigenous woman spoke up about PornHub maintaining videos of her rape as a child and how instead of getting love and support these "leftists" terrorized her for over a year and doxxed her multiple times, even teaming up with Italian fascists to do so!
Maybe we could have nuanced conversations about this if we didn't morally condemn and enact heavy disciple on anyone who dares to deviate from the liberal consensus on the sex industry? Instead, it erupts into pure vitriol that goes offline into real-world violence.

• • •

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23 Feb
Let’s address these points one by one.

Firstly, it’s laughable that you think discussing the history and reality of the sex trade is “horrifying,” not because the sex trade has its roots in women's slavery and patriarchal oppression, but because we’re talking about it. THREAD:
1. The sex trade is presented as an individual decision and defended as such. This necessarily obscures, downplays, or outright denies the social and economic forces which make true consent and autonomy impossible.
2. Decriminalizing pimping and buying does expand the industry. If you advocate these policies you are inadvertently advocating to expand the industry. When the sex trade expands, the right to exit contracts.
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8 Jan
Quick list of things I missed in the original thread that further advance the hypothesis that this is largely petty-bourgeois reaction and not a working-class insurrection:

1. That guy in Pelosi's office? Small business owner who took a PPP loan.…
2. This guy? Aaron Mostofsky who is the child of wealthy parents including a father who is a Brooklyn Supreme Court judge.…
3. Here's Adam Johnson, a small business furniture owner and person with a graduate degree in psychology.
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8 Jan
1. I'm hearing a lot of people painting Trump supporters who stormed the capitol yesterday as blue-collar and working-class. I'm not sure I believe that. While we don't have demographic information for every participant we do have indicators that can help paint a fuller picture.
2. The woman that got shot? She was a CEO and her husband is the company’s Chief Financial Officer. Definitely not working-class in any use of the term.…
3. That guy dressed in a fur coat? Here he is with Rudy Guiliani and Bernard Kerik. Far from blue-collar, he works as a paid actor and is a self-identified "author" and "shamanic practitioner."
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6 Jan
1. It should be clear that the reason the left's actions aren't as escalated as the right is that the left is very much confined by the boundaries set by the "controlled opposition" agenda set by the Democratic Party. This doesn't mean the right is somehow "more revolutionary."
2. The far-right, composed of mostly petty-bourgeois whites feeling like their dominance is threatened, only become insurrectionary at the moment that they perceive the state is not protecting and advancing their interests. But these interests aren't that of the proletariat.
3. Like @devinzshaw said: 'Far Right movements are system-loyal when they perceive that the entitlements of white supremacy can be advanced within settler-colonial institutions, and they become insurrectionary when they perceive that these entitlements cannot be thus advanced.'
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2 Jan
1. We often call things “liberal” as a pejorative. Sometimes it can get confusing if you don’t understand what liberalism is, what’s wrong with it, and why we should oppose it. So let’s go over the basics!
2. What is liberalism? According to Britannica, it is a “political doctrine that takes protecting and enhancing the freedom of the individual to be the central problem of politics.”
3. Like all ideologies, liberalism emerged out of concrete material conditions and class struggle. Liberalism is the ideology emerging from the victorious bourgeoisie in their victory over feudalism, the establishment of capitalism, and their creation of liberal democracies.
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2 Jan
Why are some of you so pathetic? Calling a transgender woman who survived brutal rape as a homeless prostitute a "TERF/SWERF sympathizer" because she is critical of liberal discourse? You make me sick. Liberalism is a disease and you have a terminal case of it.
What makes people so angry at me is that I am not afraid to critique the holy grail of liberal analyses: mainstream sex work and trans discourses. None of this makes me anti-sex-worker or anti-trans. It's actually the opposite, I love my people and I want us to be free.
It's always "listen to X" until person from X group makes a principled argument disagreeing with you. Then you have to resort to vilifying that person in a haphazard attempt to deplatform them because you fear their message might catch on.
Read 4 tweets

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