Amy Klobuchar starts by getting everyone to agree that this was a planned assault by white supremacist and other extremist groups which could have been worse (3 questions).…
Sund claims that CBP had received warning the night before, but also claims he JUST learned that.

It has been publicly reported though.
Sund says they took additional steps to provide more hard gear. Not clear that hard gear got to them.
Peters: What do you mean by coordinated? Military style? Layout of Capitol? What did you see?
Sund says that by attacking 20 minutes BEFORE Trump ended, they knew CP would not be at full strength yet, suspects the bombs were designed to draw leadership away.
Contee talks about hand signals, radio, coordinated use of bear spray, placement of pipe bombs.

40 defendants to extremist groups.

59 with extremist views.

Says there are 200 charges. Actually 240 or so.
Contee keeps saying that he was stunned by DOD response while he had officers fighting for their lives.
Blunt: Why didn't you go to Architect? What role does he have?

Sund: Oversight.

Blunt: So why didn't you go to him?
Irving says he didn't think the Jan 4 NG request was a request.
Irving claims he was not asked for NG until 2.

Sund says 1:09.

Irving: I have no recollection of convo at that time. I was on the floor.
Now Irving remembers a convo at 1:30, Sund "might" be asking for NG.
Blunt describes Stenger serving the Senate and Irving serving the House, which is weird that the two houses of Congress can even be considered that antagonistic.
Portman asks for phone records to solve the discrepancy between Sund and Irving.

It's 48 days after the attack and they don't have the phone records?
Portman low-key surprised that CP didn't have infiltration training. Asks if Secret Service has infiltration training at White House.
FFS. Ron Johnson now pitching a provocateur claim.

Claiming old people or people with kids or Blue Lives Matter t-shirts don't riot.
Ron Johnson claims the vast majority of Trump supporters are pro-law enforcement, which is sort of nutty given that he's a serial law-breaker.
Note: Peters or Klobuchar should make sure the witnesses can respond to Johnson's allegations. They're completely refuted by the arrest records.
Contee suggests that the FBI alert emailed out would have been adequate as an intelligence report.

That's fairly shocking. Even WITH that report, it was a serious intelligence failure.
Warner says the FBI thought they were in better shape than what turned out to be the case.
I think Sund gets who discovered the RNC pipebomb wrong. He said employee of RNC, but I thought it was just a person who. lived on that alley doing her laundry.
Sund says he didn't know the restrictions put on the Guard.
Lankford says, "NONE of us saw it at this level," which is weird bc a lot of people did. Just not the FBI, or the other people paid to do so.
Carper goes there: Make DC a state.
Rick Scott seems to be suggesting that Congress doesn't need National Guard.

He's of course asking people who don't work in Congress anymore.
Rick Scott continues to ask why the people who resigned on Jan 7 don't know abt why Nat Guard is there.
Whoa. Irving says that he doesn't have phone records of the ealier call.
Josh Hawley is offended that anyone would accuse anyone of being complicit with the insurrection with which he was complicit.

• • •

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25 Feb
Really just getting to this House Appropriations panel late, but what we've got is testimony that is completely inconsistent with what we heard the other day.

That doesn't mean it's right, though.…
One thing everyone seems to agree with tho is that the Board is not currently serving any useful purpose.
De Lauro: It's like your appendix. It's just there.
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Greg Steube plays a video that, he doesn't seem to realize, proves that the violence he claims is equivalent is no such thing.

Pathetic, actually.
.@gregsteube just made an affirmatively pro-cop killing stance. He showed CAMP FIRES are equated that to dead cops.

My GOODNESS what a pathetic little terrorist sympathizer.
Ted Lieu cites Trump DHS leadership -- Cuccinelli, Wolf, and Wray -- saying white supremacists most lethal.
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Here's the testimony Randy Credico gave under oath that he's now trying to insinuate wasn't true.… Image
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Tuning into HJC hearing and Louie Gohmert--one of the most implicated MoCs--claims that John Sullivan is a lefty, in spite of months of proof of activists blackballing him for being a provocateur.
Tom Tiffany now outraged that, after being told by idiots like him, the media paid John Sullivan for video.
HJC really needs to be better prepared for these hearings or they'll just be catering to the notion that truth is flexible.
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24 Feb
I think that Romney's impeachment votes have led people to forget that he was defeated nationally bc of his past financializing companies and selling off jobs at Bain.
I don't know how you get treated serious on economic issues when you advocate a $10 minimum wage in 4 years.

That's like promising, in writing, that you'll make sure the working poor will remain in their place as an economic goal.
Why does Mitt get press focus without questions about the basis for that $10? Does he have a study that shows a single parent could pay rent ANYWHERE in the country now on $20K a year, much less in four years?
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The FBI seems to be focusing (appropriately) on the organized gangs and the violence from 1/6. But here's how one KY couple came to be arrested 50 days after the event after being reported to FBI on 1/7.…
1/7 tip: Lori bragged on FB she was one of first 100 in

1/8 tip: Lori claimed cops let her in, but showed me selfies inconsistent with that

1/8 LE interview: Lori claimed they were let in and cops didn't ask them to leave Image
1/13 TV, using Lori's vids: The doors were open. I'd do it all
over again!

1/14 TV, using Lori's vids shows alarms going off

1/15, FBI interview: Lori claims, on second thought, that there WERE alarms going off, she agrees to share selfie Image
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