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23 Feb, 16 tweets, 3 min read
Anyone ever notice that one of the eight people injured in the second Demon Core criticality incident is listed only as having "probably died"?
It's equally possibly there's a slightly radioactive 98-year old prowling the wastelands of New Mexico...
Unable to die...
Still mad at Louis Slotin
Here's a picture of the missing nonagenarian from the Manhattan project records.

Flag on the moon... How'd it get there?
Drop a screwdriver. Things happen. A scientist becomes a beast.
Physicists from the city. Not yet caught by the whirlwind of Progress. Feed soda pop to the thirsty pigs.
The Beast of Yucca Flats is an amazing... I almost hesitate to call it a movie. It's almost an anti-movie.
It's a 1961 B-Movie by the late great Coleman Francis, of Red Zone Cuba and Skydivers fame.
It's a pretty simple story, in theory, about a scientist who gets irradiated by a nuclear explosion, who then turns into a mindless murdering monster, and is then hunted down.
The thing is, the film was recorded without sound. This wasn't that uncommon around the time for cheaper movies, but usually they just dubbed them over to make it look normal. Not so The Beast of Yucca Flats
Because sound sync of dubbed dialogue requires spending a lot of work in the editing booth (and this film is barely edited in the first place), Coleman Francis instead shot the film so that every line of dialogue takes place off screen
Same goes for things like guns firing: always off screen, so they don't have to sync the audio.
And therefore the few lines the film does have between characters are people facing away from the camera or slightly off the side or obscured by something.
There isn't a lot of dialogue, because this would obviously get old fast. Coleman Francis tried to fix this by including lots of monologue.
So the narrator is randomly popping every 5 minutes to... Say things.
It feels like they're trying to be a profound bit of commentary but they're so short and random it just comes off as madness.
And most of the time they're over scenes of a Swedish wrestler wandering through the desert. It very much fits the feeling of slowly going insane from thirst and heat stroke.
"Nothing bothers some people, not even flying saucers."
Anyway, it was (along with the other films in the Coleman Francis trilogy), shown on MST3K, as episode 621.
It's definitely worth watching.

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25 Feb
I accidentally extracted the VGA palette of Wolfenstein 3D because it turns out you can access all 256 colors from the text engine Image
you can also apparently insert arbitrary sprites into it, and the text engine automatically wraps around it.
Advanced! Image
I wonder what random bit of memory that is Image
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25 Feb
damn it I want to access the Forbidden Layers Image
I found a site that will sell you DXF vector graphics for 2.50$ each Image
it kinda looks like it hasn't been updated since 2005 but actually it has been updated this year. Image
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24 Feb
So @stopskeletons has done a other video on the N64 mouse and it's making me wonder about DIY solutions for this thing.
Like, a controller pass thru that basically lets you hook up two controllers to the same port, one mouse and one Gamepad.
You would just take the analog values from the mouse, and buttons from the other controller.
That'd let you use the mouse with basically all of the remaining games.
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24 Feb
Another day, another restaurant trying to find an order for some guy named "Boone"
Could be worse. Panda Express once brought me an order for Daniel, which I think just means they realized they couldn't hear me and picked a random white guy name.
My name is a lot of a things but it is not at all Daniel
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24 Feb
In memoriam of Frys, here's my pictures of times I went there and it was empty for no reason
Like the aisle of One Mouse Image
The two power strips Image
how about that time in 2019 where I found a PC game on the shelves that advertised running on windows 95?
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24 Feb
sometimes there's a thing in a dream that's not just "happening", you internally know it's like a TV show or a movie or something, right?
and then you're disappointed when you wake up and it's not real and you can't watch more.
Last night that was "Winnie the Pooh Vs. Evil"
the episode I watched had the inhabitants of the 100 acre wood fighting against the grim reaper, who had weird tar-monster powers, and was trying to drag them down into hell.
he finally did by tricking them into tarring a lake, and turning the 100 acre wood into a part of hell itself.
they split up to fight their way out, with the main fighters Rabbit and Pooh going after Satan and The Grim Reaper, respectively.
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