Steps To Tyranny:

1. Economic Oppression
2. Speech Restriction
3. Increased Police Surveillance
4. Weapon Laws <----- (You are here)
5. Weapon Siezures
6. Weirmarization Of Politics
7. Government Dependence
8. Military Mobilization Against Civilians
Step 1.)

Grind down the economy of the individuals. A happy populace tends to be a politically inactive and conservative populace. There is no reason for them to push for new govt legislation when they're succeeding.

Points for managing to only destabilize one side politically.
Step 2.)

Marginalize the speech of the "Other" First make that speech unpopular, then begin to ban certain people from the public square. Start on the edges to further radicalize the Zealots. Work your way towards the center to gradually radicalize them. Pair w/ economic issues.
Step 3.)

Monitor and collect data from people. Don't necessarily use or act on it. Simply collect it. Spy to figure out susceptible targets for destabilization.

Locate those at risk of going off the edge and plan to push them. This will feed division & give you fear porn.
Step 4.)

Use aforementioned fear porn to work on proposing gun laws. You must be able to point to a side of people who are on the fringes of acceptable speech & demonize them as unstable gun-toting lunatics. Find a way to account and take inventory of guns.
Step 5.)

Take the guns. By now you have marinated the fear and successfully oppressed people on the ever-growing fringes enough to make a case to take the weapons and be applauded for it.

Must be done after a vocal group arises, but before uprisings can occur.
Step 6.)

Completely Weimarize the political landscape. Completely destroy the political center and moderates. Drag everyone over to a side so that no governance can occur without completely monoparty rule.

Crush the opposition party. Take ALL THE POWER.
Step 7.)

Place all individuals under government Dependence. Their lives can not carry on without having government sign off on it.

All subsistence and farming is under government control. This is complete insulation against uprisings. Economically starve dissidents.
Step 8.)

At this point everyone probably hates you so now you must expand on step 7 and send the brown shirts after people when they sequentially and inevitably begin to snap.

No survivors of movements against you. Use the media to broadcast it.

Congrats on your new hegemony.

• • •

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More from @Malcolm_fleX48

13 Nov 20
You know, when you realize the overall meta of society, it really makes watching what unfolds over the years THAT MUCH MORE INTERESTING.

The powers that be want control and more power.

Its always been that way, we just land on differing phases of the overall plan.
Freedom is great, but for the sake of managing chaos, creating predictable and stable outcomes, and concentrating power, its awful.

Therein is the issue for the "Elites"

Those who have achieved power through freedom fear losing that power for freedom has no guarantees.
This creates a paradox where individuals who have existed in a free society and prospered under it, come to hate and fear it for the uncertainty can destroy all that they have gained. Its human nature.

This is where conspiracies to control the populace come in to play.
Read 20 tweets
8 Oct 20
So, for my unbiased #VPDebate post-mortem analysis:

Kamala Harris was outmatched. She displayed the same tendency that stopped Elizabeth Warren in her tracks, an inability to handle or respond to criticism.

We see that the nature of her selection was purely AA Based.
Biden has an issue where he can not deal with criticism and will get ornery, babble, and go into "Old Man Biden" mode.

Kamala is the same, but she simply becomes glaring, incisive, and often malicious. I believe her focus groups told her not to and so she has to laugh instead.
We could obviously see that Kamala was trying to score headlines and bleed the Trump campaign dry. She knew most of her points were false and erroneous which is why she NEVER WENT INTO DETAIL about whatever she said.

It was always queuing up a vague accusation w/ platitudes.
Read 13 tweets
28 Sep 20
The blueprint for the Democratic establishment is clear.

This ballot harvesting scandal let's you know that even from the so-called "grassroots" the entire tree is tainted with corruption. As @SpeakerPelosi said, they have "many arrows in their quiver." some laced with poison.
It's all here, corruption, pay-to-play, mafioso intimidation.

This is the seedy underbelly of the establishment carried out in a local format and exported to the national.

This is Ilhan Omar, a congresswoman, who boasts about impeaching Trump at the beginning of the Pandemic.
Ironically enough, at the bottom of the video, YouTube has an interesting disclaimer.... But reading it only thickens the plot.
Read 4 tweets
25 Sep 20
So to my Black independent voters,

What is the current rationale for not Supporting Trump now? We didn't even get a black-focused initiative with a monetary amount attached to it by Obama.…
Key features highlighting this plan include making Juneteenth a national holiday and finally designating the KKK & Antifa as terrorist groups. Image
Where the 500 Billion figure comes from is the ANNUAL monetary value of the federal contracting opportunities to be funded.

Huge move here. Image
Read 4 tweets
21 Sep 20
Imagine being a Veteran who stepped out to defend a business that he put his blood, sweat, and tears into building from crazed rioters.

Only to be smeared and pushed to suicide for NOT GETTING TERRORIZED & KILLED

This is Jake Gardner's reality. Welcome to the Democrat America.
They lied and systemically destroyed this man's life in an attempt to give the mob a target, radicalize a normal human being into an easy enemy, and score political points.

Evil human beings....

And the average person will never know. His logo did not have 1488, that was a lie.
A senator(@NebraskaMegan), an activist(@shaunking), and Big Tech Platform (@gofundme) share the same messaging and rationale for justified persecution of Jake Gardner.

This is the incestuous relationship that the Democrats have been using to foster division for decades....
Read 4 tweets
20 Sep 20
I don't know about others, but outside of social media, I try exceptionally hard to make my interactions with each and everyone as pleasurable for the other person as possible.

Not because I want an award, but because I know the trickle down effect 1 good interaction can have.
With maturity, understanding, and leadership being in such short supply among society, I think it's a duty for citizens to plant those seeds everywhere they can in society.

You can't claim to want a truly conservative and decent society if you're a degenerate in real life.

If we have a truly armed society like people want, but everyone is an asshole and is immature, that's just going to lead to shootouts and death.

But if we have an armed society and everyone is mature and disciplined in interacting, society is exponentially safer.
Read 4 tweets

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