❤️ Weekly Love Messages ❤️
02/22/21 - 02/28/21

Please apply towards your VENUS and/or MOON sign! For the couples part, the roles can be reversed!
(Aries - Sagittarius - Leo)

❤️SINGLES❤️: okay, so I’m seeing that a lot of you are trying to get better about vulnerability and/or you’re realizing you’re maybe not AS vulnerable as you THINK you are, especially when it comes (1)
❤️SINGLES❤️: to connections whether they’re platonic or romantic. You never FULLY open up or FULLY allow yourself to be comfortable with the person. So I see y’all focusing on working on that before someone comes into your life (2)
❤️SINGLES❤️: Im sensing that some of you can sense someone entering your life soon so I feel like that’s putting a fire under yalls behinds to do some “last minute prep” so you can be at your best. Super random, some of y’all have a reallly nice behind lmao (3)
❤️SINGLES❤️: like people really like your behind whether it’s big or small or whatever. Your future person is gonna be obsessed with it and doing things to do it just a heads up 👀 (4)
~+~ Added Signs ~+~

•toy peach with dog slobber on it
•summer house on a beach or near a beach?
•black jeep
•”I don’t know how to drive a stick!”
•cream/lotion that’s yellow
•booty gains from the gym

Song: Get In Dere By Doe Boy & Southside ft. 42 Dugg & BabyFace Ray
❤️COUPLES❤️: lol jeeeezzz someone is SO suspicious of their partner right now. I’m here to tell you they aren’t up to no good, chill on them. I keep seeing someone trying to plot “how to catch them” but there’s literally nothing to “catch” (1)
❤️COUPLES❤️: someone spends a lot of their time on video games in seeing and you feel like since you’re so preoccupied with your games, that you’re neglecting your partner and they’re seeking out attention from someone else (2)
❤️COUPLES❤️: I do feel like your partner feels a little neglected but they aren’t being disloyal behind your back. Maybe try sitting them down and voicing your concerns? I think they’ll be honest about how they feel and y’all can compromise how to make sure (3)
❤️COUPLES❤️: this connection is being properly nurtured and how you can still have your “me time” with your games. It’s all about finding a healthy balance, that’s all (4)
~+~ Added Signs ~+~

•Roblox and Fortnite
•”Turtwig” from Pokémon
•Lolipops staining your tongue red
•itchy grey sweater

Song: The New Workout Plan By Kanye West
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(Cancer - Pisces - Scorpio)

💕SINGLES💕: ooouuuu someone is reminiscing HEAVY over you guys. I barely see yalls energy, I’m just seeing theirs. While tapping in, I felt like I was choking. Usually for me that’s a sign someone is (1)
💕SINGLES💕: having a hard time getting themselves to express themselves. I also have a bad headache all of a sudden. This person has been thinking heavily probably to the point of giving themselves a headache over this. I heard “sleepless nights” too (2)
💕SINGLES💕: they’re feeling like an outsider looking into your life now and “I only have me to blame for that” I’m hearing. They could heavily be watching you on social media; Instagram specifically. (3)
💕SINGLES💕: they know they were wearing a mask and it’s “1:11” as I type this. They’ve been seeing that number a lot. They know they’ve kept things from you but they’re really hoping something “shifts” or a miracle happens where they can get in that (4)
💕SINGLES💕: confident energy to approach you. They’re reluctant to do so right now because they know they’ve done a lotttt to mess things up between y’all. They don’t know how you feel about them anymore. I heard “I don’t want my head chewed off”. (5)
💕SINGLES💕: I’m not seeing a specific time of when they’ll come back in because this is multiple people and they all still feel scared, but DO know that they’ve been sitting with themselves doing a lot of thinking on what they did (6)
💕SINGLES💕: they would give anything to connect with you again and I am sending sexually but before you get upset with that, this person views sex as a deep thing. They wanna make love to you, not just fuck you. They wanna talk with their body. (7)
~+~ Added Signs ~+~

•loves the fall season
•grey mouse or hamster?
• a pet named “Coco” or “Cocoa”
•glassy green eyes
•wants to shave their teeth

Song: TRAGIC By The Kid LAROI ft. NBA YoungBoy
💕COUPLES💕: wow okay, someone is in a secret relationship and I don’t think your partner knows fully that you’re trying to keep this a secret? This is specific so please use discernment. Someone here is gay but you’re not out yet (1)
💕COUPLES💕: but you’ve met someone that you really like but they don’t fully know that you’re not out yet? Y’all have been kicking it for around 5-8 months. You’re not out yet for safety reasons. Your plan was to move out of your hometown (2)
💕COUPLES💕: so you could start a “new life” and freely be your authentic self but meeting this person ruined that plan and mannn the guilt I’m picking up on. So to the open, you’re hyper sexual about women to “cover yourself” (3)
💕COUPLES💕: but behind closed doors, you’re just free. I really think you should try talking to your person. It feels like they’ll understand. I honestly really want you to soon because based off of your partner’s energy, they’re assuming the worse (4)
💕COUPLES💕: they peep that you’re hiding something from them but they’re thinking it’s someone else in the picture when that’s not the case at all. You REALLY like this person....let them know wassup. (5)
~+~ Added Signs ~+~

•apartment on peachtree rd
•pink stress ball
•rainbow suspenders
•logo with a smile? Dental office?

Song: All Along the Watchtower By Jimi Hendrix
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(Gemini - Aquarius - Libra)

🤍SINGLES🤍: lol okay wtf. This energy literally feels like what I got from the fire sign couples reading but it feels mirrored? Weird. Lol I think you’re one of the “outside parties” (1)
🤍SINGLES🤍: for context, I recommend going to read that. Someone from that connection thought their person was trying to “canoodle” with you and I can see a vision of someone standing there confused like “uhhh wtf did I do?” (2)
🤍SINGLES🤍: there may have been a physical confrontation (not a fight, just a meet up that could’ve led to that) because I was sensing one of the partner’s wanted to “catch y’all in the act” but there’s nothing to catch... (3)
🤍SINGLES🤍: anyways, get away from that. You don’t need any drama in your life right now. For someone reason I’m not really getting any personal love guidance for y’all. Just mind your business and stay away from couples that may get you wrapped up in bs (4)
~+~ Added Signs ~+~

•fuzzy red apples?
•wolf slippers (brown)
•Star Wars posters and/or Action Figures
•Digital Artist
•painting with midnight sky and dashes of bright yellow?

Song: Bartier Cardi By Cardi B ft. 21 Savage
🤍COUPLES🤍: wow, someone is LITERALLY the definition of “Lady/Gentleman in the streets, Freak in the sheets”. I’m hearing that when you first met your person, you had nooo idea that they would be so kinky (1)
🤍COUPLES🤍: I heard “he looks vanilla”. This person is TALL. Definitely over 6’0 and he seems so sweet and innocent but when they get in those sheets, heavy BDSM energy. I think they hid this from you for a few months into the relationship (2)
🤍COUPLES🤍: because they didn’t wanna scare you off and they wanted to see if they could trust you. Y’all could use masks and/or y’all are swingers but I’m mainly seeing ropes, a lot of black, and a black flogger. (3)
🤍COUPLES🤍: at first, you could’ve been apprehensive about this. I’m hearing “I’m kinky but I wasn’t on THAT level of kinky”. But I’m kind of glad this person waited to show this side of themselves to you because I feel like if you didn’t have those strong feelings for them (4)
🤍COUPLES🤍: you would’ve been like “hell no”. But you gave it a try and you liked it. I think it has really strengthened yalls bond and it’s a wonderful way that y’all choose to express with one another and strengthen the connection, good for y’all! Keep doing you. (5)
~+~ Added Signs ~+~

•special order for a customized suit due to height
•masquerade ball/party
•secret society
•”what’s in your mouth?”
•donuts from local donut shop

Song: Hands on Ya Knees By Renni Rucci & Kevin Gates
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(Capricorn - Virgo - Taurus)

💚SINGLES💚: so I’m seeing major servitude energy. Not enough tending to your own needs, too much “people pleasing”. Don’t be afraid to set aside time for yourself (1)
💚SINGLES💚: I’m seeing when you learn the lesson of dedicating more time to yourself and loving on yourself more, you’re gonna attract someone in that had to learn that SAME lesson and once y’all are at the right vibration, BOOM. (2)
💚SINGLES💚: this future connection will be so wonderful because y’all will both understand how it feels to give your all and to not have it properly reciprocated back and y’all will both understand how vital it is that you care for yourself to be at your BEST (3)
💚SINGLES💚: y’all definitely won’t be taking one another for granted. You will both feels so blessed to have met one another. Y’all may be divided by a body of water. I’m hearing “UK” (4)
~+~ Added Signs ~+~

• outside dining with vines that have roses
•trip to Italy
•floppy sun hat
•loves the beach
•”I can smell the salt water”

Song: Back Again By King Von & Prince Dre ft. Lil Durk
💚COUPLES💚: in picking up on a couple where one of y’all likes to meow during sex. Spirit told me to mention that so you would know that some of this message could be for you. There’s another couple where one of you has an occupation of OnlyFans but I’m also hearing (1)
💚COUPLES💚: “CamSoda”. For every couple that resonates with this message, I feel like the overall message is y’all are hustlers and y’all will do anything to make sure y’all are financially straight. I heard “I don’t want to be old and crust in debt” LMAO okay I hear you (2)
💚COUPLES💚: keep doing what you feel led to do. I don’t sense anything wrong. Y’all both feel very secure in yalls relationship and the relationship foundation feels strong and sturdy. Y’all are REALLY just stacking wealth so your future kids will be good too (3)
~+~ Added Signs ~+~

•Golden “toy”
•newly bought microphone
•”Tuesday and Wednesday are for shootings”
•”Thursday special”
•adding more green veggies to your diet

Song: Odio By Romeo Santos ft. Drake

• • •

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❤️ Zodiac Love Messages ❤️
02/15/21 - 02/21/21

Please apply towards your MOON and/or VENUS sign! For “couples part”, roles can be reversed!
( Pisces - Scorpio - Cancer )

💙 SINGLES 💙 - So for some of you, there is someone in your vicinity energy wise that wants to DEVOUR you but either you truly don’t know who OR your ignoring their advances (1)
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Zodiac Weekly Forecast
02/15/21 - 02/21/21

Apply to your SUN, MOON, and/or RISING sign!
(Scorpio - Pisces - Cancer)

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I’m so so tired of explaining this I wanna rip my tongue out.

Im not a tarot reader. I’m a medium. Tarot is simply a tool like every other form of divination that I use. I do not attach so much power to cards because it’s ME channeling the messages at the end of the day
Not the cards, the cards are just cards to me. I could use uno cards I could use regular playing cards, does not matter.

So if you see a video of me with a card and I say something and you’re like “that’s not the meaning of that card” I know.

All that goes out the window..
It’s not about the meaning of the card for me, I’m merely using the cards to trigger visions mostly or for added support for Spirit (or whoever I’m using for the messages) to give me signs.

I promise it’s not the end of the world.
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