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23 Feb, 16 tweets, 4 min read
I'm afraid I'll get doxxed but this podcast, and Af3irm as an organization, is fucking horrifying. This is a defense of the fucking ~nordic model (decriminalize "survivors" of the sex trade/punish "exploiters") with a native feminist lens. THREAD
Sex worker radicalism(s) do not argue sex work is "neutral" or "outside" of settler colonial/anti-Black/gendered/capitalist violence. Yet these ppl always want to frame us as such, in their language, we, ie, people that do sex worker harm reduction are "sex trade expansionists."
This podcasts says sex workers are "covering up exploitation." But they are the ones covering up the radicalism(s) of sex worker organizing. If you think that sex workers say four words and four words only ("sex work is work!") you are the ones hushing our mouths.
Fuck libertarian and an-cap sex workers that are all about wealth accumulation - this is the podcast's best critique. But sex workers already done that. Literally. This podcast calls Carol Leigh a neoliberal feminist yet she was critiquing sex worker libertarians in the 80s 🤨
This podcast ontologizes sex work violence. They say that the exchange of sex for goods/money is always high risk (citing rape, robbery, murder) work. But that violence is also because of whorephobia and the designation of sex workers as "prostituted people" (their language.)
Okay let's talk their solutions. they say they reject carceral state but then say "but we cannot move away from a culture of accountability." what is that accountability you ask they want to give to "exploiters?"
One podcaster defends a YEAR LONG "EMPATHY" program for "exploiters" developed in Seattle to discipline "feminist" positions on prostitution to men that are arrested. A YEAR! And yes, this program works with the Seattle Police Department. Carceral.
I checked Af3irm's website and their "non-carceral" accountability solutions are listed as "progressive fines, loss of gun ownership and employment." Huh???? FINES? as an "anti-capitalist" solution against prostitution!?! Make it make sense. 🧐
One podcaster says the solution is communist revolution. This is the only solution posed that I give any credence to. But if their revolution is constituted through a refusal of sex worker harm reduction and reliant upon Western carcerality, THAT IS NOT COMMUNISM NOR REVOLUTION.
These are nothing more than refined Catharine MacKinnon's arguments. MacKinnon also refuses to use the language of sex work because it "legitimizes" violence. MacKinnon also believes it is "male sexuality" that causes imperialism and racism.
This podcast says we shouldn't "fall victim" to the "pull" of sex workers. But they *think* sex worker movements' totality is "sex work is work (and work is good)." Yeah no. There are thousands of sex workers organizing that are AGAINST WORK and AGAINST SETTLER RACIAL CAPITALISM.
I'm done now but here is the clip where they lay out their "reforms". #AbolitionNow includes abolishing the settler state's determination of who is violent, af3irm legitimizes the settler state. Or do accusations of legitimization only work one way? 🤔

Esperanza and her posse are DOUBLING DOWN now that "they are not sluts, they are women," and arguing that abolition is "a fantasy land." They have shown their hands ~~ they not radicals, they are LIBERAL FEMINISTS defending the carceral settler state.
Yes you read that correctly - af3irm thinks it's feminist to distance womanhood from sluts so much so they want to ERADICATE the word from our vocabularies. I was * really * trying to give these people some credence b/c survivorship. I no longer can.

We must call af3irm what it is: bad Marxism that presumes sex work is exceptionally violent compared to other labor under capitalism and presents a veneer of radicalism to justify and legitimize the continued criminalization of sex work and the state’s enforcement.

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