That's true, Jeremy. But ultimately, the part of my point you may be missing to a degree is this: just because an area doesn't have a Latino *majority* does *not* automatically mean that we can't gain useful information out of it when it comes to the Latino vote.....
because very often, you can, unless the Latino population in said area is really, really small in proportion to the overall population.
Now, it may be true that GA Latinos may vote slightly differently than, say, NY Latinos, or TX, AZ, CA, or FL Latinos. No dispute there. But very strong similarities do remain, by and large, hence why we can safely extrapolate on possible future voting patterns.....
.....of the Latino population *in general* for the most part, albeit with a few exceptions(biggest one I'm aware of would be the Cuban-American community in Fla.).

• • •

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More from @USPatriotDude90

23 Feb
"It's likely due to low propensity Trump voters not showing up to the runoff." There could well have been some of that as well, sure. But considering the circumstances that developed from Nov. to Jan.-especially given how nationalized the race really was, it also doesn't quite...
..... fully explain Ossoff's and Warnock's improved performance over Biden in November. It's definitely safe to say there was *some* level of rebound, though how much of it was *that* vs. Trump voters dropping off can be debated.
"Once they become distrustful of everything mainstream and get sucked into the misinformation world, it's quite difficult to leave."

That's true, but it's worth remembering, I think, that there are levels to which one can be steeped in misinfo.....
Read 6 tweets
23 Feb
To *some* extent, sure But that mainly goes for the Bernie fans who weren't particularly socially liberal at all and were only liberal economically-folks like this were a significant part of his primary support group in both 2016 and 2020, sure.....
But in general, there aren't that many such voters in reality-not even 10% of the population in most places and wouldn't have been enough to swing any battlegrounds.
Meanwhile, we need to make sure we don't lose too many of the socially centrist/economically conservative voters out there-folks who may have no issue with the official Dem positions on most if not virtually all social issues.....
Read 4 tweets
23 Feb
"There is no way you can project to Tex or the nation at large." Not exactly 100%, no, but you definitely can to an extent, though, especially considering what happened in 2020; otherwise, the GOP wouldn't have seen swings in all 50 states last year.
And so far, what we've seen is, or *should* be encouraging for Democrats.....(even despite so much of our political punditariat telling us assume the worst already, just *a single month* after Joe Biden's inauguration.)
Now mind you, it's possible some strange turn of events may happen in which the trends actually reverse and the GOP actually does better with Latinos in 2022 than in, say, 2010 or '14.
Read 6 tweets
23 Feb
" They are gonna pay for it as Hispanics continue their drift to the right" That already stopped, though, Peter. Look at this data from GA:
That tells us all we need to know.
As for *culturally* conservative Latinos? They do exist, of course-we have a fair few here in Texas, certainly-but most of *these* folks were *already* voting Republican in 2016(blue collar types included), or would have if they'd voted then-
Read 4 tweets
22 Feb
Yep. There are some on the outer edges of the GOP circle who may be genuinely uncomfortable with him, but the base is pretty much all-in on Trumpism & related ideologies and will be either for life, or at least until something happens that ends up being so earth-shatteringly.....
tragic that it changes our society forever.....And even then some would never abandon the cults of Trumpism and/or reactionism, etc.
So yeah, the GOP is hopeless at this point. We need to focus on winning over the cultural moderates who can still be reached, be they WWC or college-educated white collar voters, etc., including most of the remaining Obama-Trump voters.....
Read 5 tweets
20 Feb
This is.....largely inaccurate, TBH, I'm sorry to say. While "socially conservative/economic liberal" voters do exist, they are not a noteworthy bloc at all outside of W. Va., eastern Ky., and rural Mo.-otherwise they're as rare as hen's teeth elsewhere, and even in.....
.....those three areas I mentioned, they're on the decline and have been for some time.

The fact is, most socially conservative non-college WWC were *already* voting Republican on the Presidential level in 2008, just like their college-educated voting counterparts.....
.....and also aligned more with Republicans on economic issues, too, in no small part *because* of their *social* conservatism, and this was true for quite some time before Barack Obama's career had even started.
Read 9 tweets

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