You know the author has annoyed me so much I might as well come for their article: [PART 1]…
So.... you think there are different stratas of sex-workers who benefit and are at different levels of risk to the system and so would have developed entirely different positions on the topic? Speaks for itself
The quote does not support your point. It literally just makes a point that you just repeat here. There are voluntary and involuntarily sex-workers and voluntarily ones are not best positioned to talk for involuntary sex-workers.
Do you have any quotes or statements that AF3IRM Specifically supports any of the work project rose has done or is this just a guilt by association that is incredibly flimsy?
In my other response thread point, 2 is literally about eliminating the social stigma around sex-work so that social workers and shit don't do this... I don't think the author understands the concept of a multi-layered problem.
I thought this was an af3irm article not an article on project rose, there's an insane loss of focus on the critical topic.... Now i know project rose is shitty but what about af3irm?
There's a lot of research funded by the US department of state I wouldn't throw out necessarily. This is a point to then argue how it has distorted the outcomes of the studies. On its own it isn't ground-breaking?
I think this misses the point, supposedly harmless crimes like being homeless and jaywalking are 'criminalised' much tougher than what the state usually considers a heinous crime.
Furthermore, it's in context, It's with reference to people potentially buying into sex to fuel sex-trafficking. People, who knowingly engage in sex-trafficking rings getting penalised is not a bad thing? Nice to cut off the part DIRECTED TOWARDS SEX-WORKERS as well.
This is an extrapolation from a list of possible factors in the perpetuation of the sex-trafficking situation in Hawaii: Full context following:
linking two threads of article context
I think my problem with this is reading the original text:
The database is too vague to make an extended judgement? Consensual? Who controls what data goes in? I believe the author of the article who accuses this writer of extrapolating too far has in their own turn extrapolated to far. Also needs cuts out 'pro-sex-worker' lines.
Targetted funding... to help people exit the sex-worker exploitation....
Evidence-based targetting... for trauma victims?
Police intervention... In a section of having first-responders to eliminate the need for police to respond.
The author cite themselves here and not even a good one
This is literally the author going on a conspiracy theory tangent.
Holy fuck, cite the actual laws. Also again CATW is not af3irm and this gives me hardly any more info other than having to go away and read a shit ton on CATW...
I make that specific point because clearly, af3irm has said if you look at my other thread on their actual policies that leaving sex-workers in precarity is not the goal either. It's a far more nuanced argument being made over there in #bodiesback.
Ok so an accusation or two here and there...
At the start of the article, it specifically says about buy sex and says that they're opposed to the legalisation not decriminalisation of sex... whoops.
Also yes it is a de-facto step towards decriminalisation, not a full step... af3irm was recognising that.
Ok, so your argument is that af3irm should support absolutely zero reform or action with the state because it poisons your perfect perception of how the struggle is waged. They can both work with bad-organisations and be revolutionary...
The sex-work industry should be abolished is not a hot-take amongst serious Marxian feminists and anti-imperialists. It's the specific character of sex work and its attachment to the economic basis that is why. However, it does not exclude the possiblity of 'erotic expression'
The whole point for Marxist feminists is to eliminate the work part of it as that's the exploitative part. There is no reason to not merely have in a socialist or communist society 'erotic expression' without obligations to work? Voluntary sexual expression.
There exists a liberal struggle on the topic and not merely a revolutionary one just because people go out and protest about it? The author fails to analyse seriously the character of movements.
Anyways isn't the sex-worker space not homogeneous for example the disagreement on SESTA/FOSTA: They're listening to a survivor-activist. Or are Activist opinions no longer valid if you dislike them?
But af3irm seems to agree on decriminalisation and decarceration of SEX-WORKERS with the black trans sex worker alliance. At least looking at the polices on the other page.
Yes because af3irm is a revolutionary socialist movement and wants to dismantle turtle-island and destroy the prison system alongside this? This is literally misunderstanding the point by a large margin.
If I were handed this as a high-school report to mark I'd give it a D+ or C at best.

• • •

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