I haven't taken a deep dive on the Britney takes, but I think it's important to remember that music fans experienced 1999 as a vicious misogynist backlash to 90s-era feminism. It was the year of the Woodstock rapes, the surge in toxic masculinity bands like Limp Bizkit.
Spears was very much experienced, at the time, as a bunch of misogynist music producers issuing a blanket "fuck you" to riot grrrl, the Lilith Fair, and bands like L7 and Hole. It was the year of the great reclaiming of pop music in the name of misogyny.
I am recognizing that people who were kids then (I was 21-22) didn't see it that way and just liked the music (which is often good!) and Britney's talent (undeniable). But in 1999, at least, it was widely understood her lack of autonomy was the point.
Her first song was literally a domestic violence double entendre and she was dressed like a Lolita fantasy, i.e. the fantasy of a girl you control and rape as you please. It pissed feminists off. It was meant to.
And yes, I recall that there was some gaslighting narrative about how "hit me" didn't me "hit me". Which....no one actually believes, right? I mean, you can't do a domestic violence joke without some gaslighting to go with it.
To be clear, I'm not saying you are a bad person for liking Britney Spears, as I can see feather ruffling already and people making silly denials. I like a bunch of girl group songs from the 60s that are just as regressive. Music can be good while having abhorrent politics.
I even like a lot of Britney stuff in my mellow middle age. "Toxic" is a banger. It was depressing, in a sense, to see how talented she was, because it meant there was always an incentive to keep her in the pop princess tower.
Oh yeah, and thanks to commenter who reminded me '99 was also the year that Eminem released a song with an elaborate fantasy about murdering his wife and disposing of her body. Woman-hating was really the theme of the year.
For the people pretending that feminists are just making up the obvious meaning of "Hit Me Baby", it was clear to folks at the time. TLC passed the song up because, while they were politic about it, they weren't going to make a joke of domestic violence. mtv.com/news/1715769/t…
Indeed, the lyrics of the song are reminiscient of the Crystals song "He Hit Me (And It Felt Like A Kiss)". Both are narrators who are so desperate for a man's affection that they welcome violence, because at least it's attention. Here's a side-by-side comparison.
Coming up with a cockamamie story about how the lyrics weren't meant to say what they clearly say is part of the misogyny game. It is, as I said before, gaslighting. It's pretending feminists are "crazy" because they see what is obvious.
The other thing to understand is what “double entendre” means. Yes, it is just “two meanings”. But it’s often wordplay that involves plausible deniability, which is why it’s most associated with “innocent” jokes that have a sexual meaning.
“Hit me baby” is a classic double entendre in this way. It’s a play on “hit me with the beat” but also is a joke about domestic violence. But, as with sexual double entendres, it creates cover for deniability if someone takes offense.
Sexual double entrendres are harmless, because the people who get the "who me?" response if they complain are prudes who deserve the gaslighting for whining about a sex joke. But "hit me baby" isn't cute or harmless.
If you want some more Poetics 101 via pop music, please enjoy Nicki Minaj explaining double entendres at 1:50 on this video.

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