Imagine honestly believing that white people have never acted as a self-interested group.

Whiteness was literally only competitive in America through violent white protectionism.

It was never able to compete in the "free market"
It needed chattel slavery to drive its economy.

It wrote disenfranchisement into its Constitution to prevent competition

It gained political dominance by killing and disallowing nonwhite opponents

It gained fiscal dominance through specifically racist protectionist laws.
At literally every step in American History, whiteness had to cheat to win.

From genocide to broken contracts to legalized rape, murder, kidnapping and breeding to unearned legal boosts to hiring corruption to pro-white monopoly laws.

The white bootstrap myth is to distract.

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25 Feb
Here's the thing.

If a symbol is sacred because to you it means love or community or holiness...

Then the symbol is just a reflection of your values.

If that symbol is harmful to others, then its use in that context is no longer a reflection of those values.

Because it harms
If it is more important to you that you preserve the sanctity of a symbol that means love and community and holiness to you than to actually extend holy love to a community experiencing harm, then the symbol was always more important than the values.
If you are willing to inflict trauma and fear on people for whom your symbol warrants it in context, then you are actually voluntarily ceding whatever meaning that symbol had to you and are perpetuating the purpose of its twisted meaning.

It's not worth it.

Unless it's the goal
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25 Feb
White people hold the world record for victimhood:

White genocide,
War on Christmas
Stole my election
Affirmative action
Cancel culture
You will not replace us
We're being invaded
Gotta protect white culture
Reverse racism
Deep state
"Being racist got me fired"

Black people on the other hand?

"Don't rig the game and stop killing us"
Literally 75% of the criticism I get from white people boils down to "But why do you have to be so HARD on us! We're naive, innocent little lambs, and Black people telling us we uphold supremacy is just so.. MEAN. Why can't you be nicer to white people?"
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25 Feb
You may wonder why I have chosen for the past few days to engage with open white supremacists.

The reason is that now, more than ever, their bullshit is getting mainstreamed outside of the pockets of white asshattery they used to reside in.

So it's important to me to vaccinate.
People need not only to be aware that white supremacists are out storming buildings, but that their respectability wing are still subtly recruiting, using seductive yet deliberately flawed reasoning to confuse liberal white people who never bothered to learn about whiteness.
So I've taken a week to demonstrate how to detect their insidious nonsense.

How to address the "just asking" and "But all this data says" approaches

How to engage with white victimhood and fake concern

How to recognize bad faith and twisted statistics.
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24 Feb
Can you please name a law in all of American history that specifically prevents white people from doing a thing they should have a right to do?
Then when you're done with that, please explain where all the white people in this country came from?
Then please explain how the thousands of laws passed to specifically give white people access to legal, political and commercial protections specifically denied to others does not count as "racial advocacy"

Or you know.. don't. I don't much care.
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24 Feb
More like non-consensually dragged into a "Superiority" grading contest they never asked to participate in and would desperately like out of.

White people invented race so that racial superiority was a question people had to address at all.

Nobody else wants to play this game.
You get that? The GAME is trash.

You keep asking people what their rankings are and if they beat you or not.

Everybody keeps telling you they DON'T WANT TO PLAY.

But white folks need to keep score. So game on.
It's like if a kid in school came up to you and was like "Ok we're gonna play king of the school, whoever is king gets to punch everybody. I get to be king first! OK?"

Everyone else is like "No. This sounds like a terrible game" and the kid says "GO!" and starts punching.
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24 Feb
I mean. Ultimately you don't REALLY need one. The sources of those stats literally tell you themselves why and how they're not valid for drawing the kinds of racial group conclusions white supremacists pretend that they draw.
Like you don't need to "Debunk" FBI stats if you just read the disclaimers and limitations sections first.
But the white supremacists will pretend that they had no idea there was a big warning saying "If you use the stats this way, you'll be way off base"

So they present it anyway. Frequently without citation so nobody can go look.
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