Alright, ready to go. A side table with assorted items. A bottle of red juice, alm
While we continue to wait...

So the chair on this subcommittee is Karen Bass, democratic representative from California.

Val Butler Demings is the vice chair, democratic representative from Florida.

It’ll be interesting to see how these Black, democratic women handle Ngo.
People always joke about anarchist time but realistically, politicians and lawyers are ALWAYS LATE.
Looks like Ms. Jackson Lee is the chair today.

Love that they have to remind everyone that HAVE to wear masks.
Lee is REALLY hitting white supremacist violence, labeling it domestic terrorism. Love it. People often shy away from this, as we know.

Oooooh she’s saying it’s NOT anarchy!

“No, there are NOT good people on both sides.” HOT DAMN.
She’s saying it’s not antifa. Omg. Omg. Andy Ngo is gonna explode when it’s his turn. This is gonna be delicious.

“White supremacy has no equivalent.”
Well one thing is clear, Lee is NOT gonna be willing to hear and whataboutism.

She just held up a photo of J6, and reminded everyone this is not happening again.
Representative Biggs is taking his turn, it’s his first statement on the subcommittee. He started with All Domestic Terrorism Matters first thing. He emphasizes left and right wing terrorism.

He cites Andy Ngo’s assault. The Milkshake Incident. He left the beverage part out.
Biggs plays the Trump speech where he talks about Very Fine People on both sides, and how he DEFINITELY called out white nationalists. Not sure how that’s relevant.

Also Trump complaining about George Washington statues being pulled down for being a slave owner.
Onto Rep. Nadler.

He cites FBI stats that illustrate how much higher domestic terror attacks are, and how they are usually racially motivated. He advocates for more funding, better research, and more accessible data.

I love research, I don’t love more power and money to cops.
Nooooooo why is rep. Jordan here?! He wasn’t on the list 😭
“Republicans have been consistent in condemning ALL ACTS of violence.”

Omg he is so fucking snotty.

“While Americans watched their cities burn... some democrats encouraged it...”

Jordan is priming the audience for Andy Ngo. He’s basically a fluffer.
“Violence, whether in Washington, DC, or Portland, Oregon, must be condemned.”

Andy Ngo just raised his hand and swore to not perjury himself. Bring it.

Rep. Lee says we’ll hear 1-2 witnesses, recess, and then return.

Looks like we have a few more witnesses than were listed originally. A LOT more Terrorism specialists.
Rep. Lee just read Andy Ngo’s book title aloud and the words literally curdled in her mouth. Everyone’s credentials were so impressive, and his sounded so goddamn absurd.
Wade Henderson from the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights is against the new bill. He cites cointelpro and says allowing more power will enable more abuse of power.

He says congress isn’t doing enough about white supremacist violence, but this isn’t the way.
Here we go: Andy Ngo

He says he’s from Portland, but we have the English accent.

He blames local journalists for making “the violence banal” 😂

He can’t decide between antEEfa or antifUH. Which is more British?
I think Andy might just be reading the chapter of his book that @LauraJedeed and I read last night. He just listed frozen water bottles as a weapon.

And we have a Michael Reinhoel is a terrorist mention.
Rep. Jordan and I can agree on one thing... domestic terrorism should be investigated everywhere, whether in Washington, DC or Portland, OR.

So how is the investigation on Fernbough or the kill list going? Anyone? Buehler?
I missed the next witnesses name, but he is discussing how the FBI failed to link antifa to last summer’s protests. Perhaps because there is no official antifa. He says the FBI got so distracted by antifascists, they missed important work.
He also has luscious shoulder length brown locks, and a visible copy of Daniel Radcliffe’s Imperium.

We are at recess.
Most recent witness was Michael German!…

I did not expect this kind of participation on a live tweet of a subcommittee hearing 😂

While we’re here laughing about how antifascists are not terrorists, let’s make sure this one does not go to prison for 30 years
I do not know how long recess is, but it is enough time for me to make lunch. Maybe play tag or get on some swings. I dunno what Jim Jordan is doing but it’s probably annoying.
I think it’s funny that Andy Ngo has chosen to end his day like this. Imagine with me:

A half empty flat, still waiting for furniture to arrive and be assembled. Andy sits in front of his computer, his eyes beginning to sag, trying to look at the camera on his laptop
and not his image like a professional.

While the mic his muted, he rehearses words he hasn’t used regularly in his accent.

The empty teacup next to him a stark reminder of his failure during his last interview. He will not be laughed at this time.
And we’re back!

Rep. Lee tries to remind everyone that we’re really, truly talking about white nationalism and J6. She again shows a police officer down, and the gallows intended for Mike Pence.
Rep. Lee asks Mr. German about the intel the FBI should have had about J6. Why didn’t police have it, why did the racial aspects seem to make people not care?

German says ALL police have been focusing chasing ghosts. He says the Oregon State Capitol attack was a clue.
Nance says that police forces need to identify and focus on threats, no matter the ideology.

Biggs is “shocked” so few are mentioning antifa. Ngo emphasizes antifa is not going away, and how they marauded through downtown on Election Day.
Andy also says the DNC headquarters were “destroyed” on J20. Umm.

Andy says the issue with misunderstanding antifa is we do not get MSM coverage. If we did, people would know about IEDs in our backpacks and tools used to take down the imperial fence.
Biggs asks if this a terrorist technique, and Andy says based on his understanding of the law this is a terrorist act.

He has now moved onto how antifa will beat anyone patriotic. Anyone holding an American flag. Antifascism is marketing, a brand.
Andy Ngo says he is not an expert on the far right 👀

Biggs has asked him SEVERAL questions about terrorism laws. I don’t understand why Andy would be qualified to answer these questions.
Rep. Demings asks aren’t we tired?

Yes. Yes. I am very tired.
Rep. Demings asks Mr. German how the FBI handles hate crimes.

Mr. German discusses how hate crimes often don’t get prosecuted as hate crimes on the federal or state level. Lots of states don’t even have hate crime laws, so we can’t even really track them.
Mr. Henderson discusses civil rights audits, and how we know white nationalist violence is greatly under counted and leftist violence is jumped on.
Rep. Chabot condemns J6, I’m guessing we’re heading for a “but...”


He characterizes the left as domestic violence. Property violence. Targeting public buildings 😂
Chabot asks Ngo if the MSM downplays the leftist violence compared to what he “saw with his own two eyes”.

Ngo says there were HUNDREDS of injuries to police and feds. HUNDREDS. He says it’s unfortunate that well meaning protesters, like WOM, WOD, and WOV were purposefully...
Placed up from BY ANTIFA to make feds feel badly about gassing while we struck them with powerful lasers.

Certainly wasn’t that those people wanted to be up front based on principle. Or clout. Depending on the org.
I am guessing this bill is going to pass. Whether they believe in left wing or right wing extremism really doesn’t matter here. All of the representatives believe in terrorism on one, or both sides. They’re all terrified after J6 and they’re going to vote based on fear.
Rep. Gohmert calls himself a “law and order judge”. Uh oh.

“But we don’t need to completely ignore others who were in the Capitol building...”

Oh, goddammit Activist John.

They show a photo of him in black bloc. We are treated to some videos of John shouting, “Burn this shit!” Contrasted with his Capitol stream.

He gets emotional, “(Police) were just trying to protect the buildings!”
German discuss antisemitism and Islamaphobia as a factor in far right violence. He says it is baked into our police training, especially in border control. This dude does not pull punches.
Rep. Tiffany denounces asks the chair if she denounced any “violence” last summer?

She asks him, no bullshit, if he’d like her to use his time to answer. He keeps talking, I guess he wouldn’t.
Rep. Tiffany asks Nance (a Black man) why more minorities why voted for Trump in this election than last election.

Mr. Nance is silent for a beat. “Is that a question?”
Rep. Tiffany wishes he had time to get to environmental terrorism.

Rep. Lee reminds the room about Kyle Rittenhouse. A powerful Black woman is chair, Rep. Tiffany. STFU.
Rep. Owens mentions that BIPOC in Utah have increasingly voted Republican, or as he said, “moving toward the light”. Gag.

He asks Ngo about the damage to POC and small businesses trying to find “the American way”.

Ngo talks about mass shootings and killings...?
Rep. Lee just took great joy in cutting off Ngo and while he threw around scary buzzwords.

Rep. Scanlon wants to address social media for domestic terrorism, because she saw shit on parler for recruiting. German points out most people are hot air, but it does happen.
He says law enforcement needs to focus on murder clearance rates, which suck. If they focus on online activity they won’t do what they’re already failing to do. He says the laws to prosecute conspiracy statutes are already there. They just don’t do it.

German, slay me.
Now note, I am not a democrat. But this is essentially the pattern evolving:

Democrat rep: there is a white supremacist problem. Don’t you agree?

Democrat witness: yeah, but don’t pass the bill.

Republican rep: BUT ANTIFA THO

Rep. Scanlon randomly adds: “the title of Mr. NGO’s book still pretends antifa is the real enemy
Jim Jordan just straight up said, and Andy Ngo confirmed, that Portland was in the same state as DC on J6 FOR 120 DAYS.
Ngo takes a big sigh and begins to share his traumatic experience from 2019. He says he NEARLY DIED.

Jim Jordan confirms this was “because (he) had the courage to cover the protests as they were happening”?
Ok, we are recessing again.

This should be simple, all we’re really supposed to be doing here is proving whether or not there is enough evidence of domestic terrorism to support passing a draconian increase for fed power. Instead, we’re arguing about who is more dangerous.
We are back!

Nadler asks German to explain the harm in the new bill. He says first would be abusing their authority, and the second would be not addressing the real problem. He says they don’t address the core issues now, more funding and power won’t change that.

Kiss me.
Rep. Steube accuses the democrats of ignoring the rising threats of “antifa and BLM”. He calls them both terrorist organizations. He has a video.

A Target is looted. The Imperial fence is brought down with a rope. And a rotary saw. Feds have fireworks thrown at them.
Mr. Henderson says the video does not constitute domestic terrorism as best as he can, but Steube barely lets him answer.

Mr. German shouts, “it’s civil disobedience, we have codes for this!” Through Steube’s interruptions.
Cori Bush’s entire speech was incredible, if I can find a clip later I will upload it. She was the only one who was able to speak as a protester, because she was OTG in Ferguson. She is against the domestic terrorism bill, largely based on the FBI’s lack of diversity.
Rep. Lieu probably has important things to say but I can only focus on the Baby Yoda sitting on the bookshelf behind him.

Just kidding. He asks Nance how Trump’s constant dog whistling influenced the white supremacist violence.
Nance says it had a massive effect, implementing tribalism.

Nance says the biggest difference between J6 and Portland, is that insurrectionists attacked to install a tribal leader. Antifa and BLM were expressing civil disobedience
Rep. Spartz is reassured again by German that there are more than enough laws on the books to cover domestic terrorism federally. He wants to be able to hold federal agencies accountable when they punish people for expressing their first amendment rights.
“There is so much misinformation or false information that when real threats come through they don’t get paid attention to.”
Rep. Correa asks German what do we do, if we don’t do this?

German says collect data -

Does it take that long? Correa asks.

“With the FBI, yes. This is just basic data.”

“Is it time we police the FBI?”

“Absolutely... I think we have to get tough with these agencies now.”
Rep. Escobar shreds republicans for working with Stephen Miller. Because, well, Stephen Miller.
Henderson is asked about Trump’s “you won’t have a country” comment, and if he thought it was a dog whistle and racial in nature. He says not only was it a dog whistle, it was a fog horn.

Henderson says this is why he also takes issue with Ngo’s characterization of Portland.
He says football games have as much damage as Portland. The difference on J6 is that they wanted to “stop democracy in its tracks”, and “creat their own dreamland” government.

Their was a weird moment where one rep tried to say “boogaloo” multiple times.
Andy Ngo just had to defer to German because Biggs asked him a question about federal law again.

Smart of Ngo, because he literally can’t answer these questions. Goddamn the republicans must hate German if they’re asking Ngo questions even he’s unwilling to answer.
German just casually mentions he used to be undercover in white supremacist groups. Ok, I officially stan.

Biggs just asks him to confirm that someone can be a terrorist all on their own, and not just in a group to undermine his experience.
Rep. Lee thanks the witnesses. She acknowledges the people that died on J6, and the ones who died by suicide after.

She asks Ngo for the LEADERS of antifa. He begins, “well if you read any of my research you’ll see there are no individual leaders...”

She cuts him off, done.
Lee asks German to sum up that J6 was a culmination of many acts, not a singular one.

Henderson says in summation, much of Black history is what we call white supremacist domestic terrorism today.

Lee asks Nance how do we stop people from dying?
Nance agrees with German that the actions and acts, and the conspiracies of the people, must be investigated to know. He agrees that more data must be extracted from the FBI to have a better answer.

Chairperson Lee notably had no questions for Ngo about how to move forward.
The hearing is adjourned! We don’t have a decision on the bill today, this was just a hearing. Everyone has time to submit more questions to the witnesses.

Today was very little focusing on the point, the bill. Both sides squabbled over the existence of domestic terrorism.
Which, of course, exists.

I’ll be following this bill, if there’s another hearing we’ll cover it together! But this is the end for us today.

If you’d like to tip me for my coverage, my Venmo is claudio_report and my cashapp is ClaudioReport. Thanks for joining me!
So, strange thing. This bill was originally written in 2017 where it’s been floating around. It really gained steam after after J6, for obvious reasons. The original cosponsor of the bill is Illinois’ rep. Brad Schneider, and they sent me some info on the bill:
•Authorizes offices within the FBI, DOJ and DHS to monitor, analyze, investigate and prosecute domestic terrorism
•Requires biannual reporting on and prioritization of the growing threat of domestic violent extremists, including white supremacist groups and racially/ethnically motivated violent groups and individuals
•Ensures state, local, and tribal law enforcement has necessary training and resources to detect and thwart acts of domestic terrorism
•Establishes an interagency task force among the Department of Defense, DOJ, DHS, and FBI to analyze and combat white supremacists and neo-Nazi infiltration of the uniformed services and Federal law enforcement agencies
•Has broad, bipartisan support

•Does not create any new domestic terrorism statutes
•Does not create any lists of designated domestic terrorist individuals or groups
•Does not give any new investigative powers to law enforcement
•Does not create any new federal agency or a “new secret police force”
The Threat of Domestic Terrorists
On September 17, 2020, FBI Director Christopher Wray testified to Congress that “the top threat we face from domestic violent extremists stems from those we identify as racially/ethnically motivated violent extremists (RMVE).”
He went on to note that individuals who adhere to white supremacist ideologies represent the majority of RMVEs in the U.S. and “over recent years have been responsible for the most lethal activity in the U.S.” and represent “a national threat priority.”
According to the New York Times, the FBI has “increasingly expressed concern about the threat from white supremacists, long the top domestic terrorism threat, and well-organized far-right extremist groups…”
On February 22, 2019, a Trump Administration U.S. Attorney stated plainly that, “white supremacy and far-right extremism are among the greatest domestic-security threats facing the United States. Regrettably, over the past 25 years, law enforcement, at both the Federal and...
... State levels, has been slow to respond.”
According to the Anti-Defamation League, in 2019, domestic extremists killed at least 42 people in the United States in 17 separate incidents.
This number made 2019 the sixth deadliest year on record for domestic extremist-related killings.

Representative Brad Schneider told me to tell you this. I am just as shocked as you are.

• • •

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