You may wonder why I have chosen for the past few days to engage with open white supremacists.

The reason is that now, more than ever, their bullshit is getting mainstreamed outside of the pockets of white asshattery they used to reside in.

So it's important to me to vaccinate.
People need not only to be aware that white supremacists are out storming buildings, but that their respectability wing are still subtly recruiting, using seductive yet deliberately flawed reasoning to confuse liberal white people who never bothered to learn about whiteness.
So I've taken a week to demonstrate how to detect their insidious nonsense.

How to address the "just asking" and "But all this data says" approaches

How to engage with white victimhood and fake concern

How to recognize bad faith and twisted statistics.
But most of all to illustrate the threads that connect white supremacist extremists to everyday white folks.

To point out where the critical overlap lies.

To dispel the idea that white supremacy is a phenomenon in a vacuum.

To understand how whiteness itself is the issue.
If you want to understand white supremacy...

Consider why Black History Month is a thing in the first place.
We have Black History Month because Black people aren't actually included in the rest of American History.

Despite being here the whole damn time, we're still considered elective.

Black History month is only necessary in a white supremacist country.
That there is a distinction between American History and Black History demonstrates that white people STILL don't actually consider Black people American.

Not really.

We are NPCs in the white campaign.
If you insist on declaring America post-White Supremacy... ask yourself when that happened exactly between being ok with segregation and lynchings and now?

What caused that change

And what did that change look like?

Did it actually happen?

Where's the evidence?
That white people still do not accept and embrace that there IS no American history without Black history is itself evidence of the pervasiveness of white supremacy in the general population.
White supremacy in mainstream culture is why it is so hard for white people to even embrace the rather conservative claim that they are not the be-all and end-all of human history.

Like, not being responsible for everything good on earth is too hard a pill to swallow.
That level of intentional and insistent self-delusion is beyond a mere bias for one's own cultural narrative.

It's a specific ideology of absolute cultural dominance.
If you want to understand what white supremacy sounds like to Black people, just think about what Trump sounds like to you.
Trump and white supremacy in mainstream society are both a grating, constant, self-congratulatory lie, conveniently devoid of good faith or sufficient context and frequently, intentionally, and almost mockingly the opposite of readily observable truth.
Distorting statistics
Peddling fabricated lies
Omitting crucial information
Programming through repetition
Constant self-aggrandizement
Inability to consider other POV
Denial of provable facts....

These are all hallmarks of American History and mainstream white supremacy
White people had to be legally pressured into extending basic civil rights to Black people in the 60s, and continued to resentfully resist afterwards.

There was no huge shift and embrace of Black people in general.

White supremacy just changed outfits and kept plugging along.
The idea that we went from an openly segregationist society to one in which all the white supremacists were raptured and never seen from again, leaving only "colorblind," equality-loving white folks in a decade was always just ridiculous.

But that's why they've resurfaced.

• • •

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26 Feb

Little known fact. 86% - 92% of my threads are aimed personally at Betty White.
It's right there in the NAME!
I see where I muddied the waters now.

All previous references to White supremacy were in regard to Betty's skyrocketing popularity.

Sorry for the confusion.
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26 Feb
You realize that just under half of voters in Red states are Dems and just under half of voters in Blue states are GOP right?
The big battlegrounds anyway.

Point is. States are mixed. And most people in them don't vote.

Just cause they say the state is "Red" it doesn't mean it's not full of Democrats and/or Black people. And vice versa.
Red state and Blue state refer to which party has the vote advantage, not who has all the voter registrations in the state.

Sometimes that advantage is minimal.

Which is why the labeling is counterproductive and obscures reality.
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26 Feb
So the Capitol Attack was mostly of middle and upper-middle class white Conservative men from Democratic cities unaffiliated with extremist groups

This white supremacy insurrectionist movement is happening in your accounting department, not the backwoods

Everyone's white supremacy meters are set to "Bubba" rather than "Jeff from Mergers" and that's one of the reasons the spread is so virulent.
This of course makes sense.

Poor people don't have the clout to guide policy against the wishes of the business class.

It's the "regular" people with the money and the power who are able to establish white supremacy.

It always has been.
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26 Feb
To take a member of the GOP at their word about anything of value at this point is pure folly.

They like Trump aren't concerned with you trusting them.

They just want you to trust nothing.

If nothing is true, then nothing is real. If nothing is real, they can't be blamed.
For decades their angle was to proclaim government feckless and then when in power to work overtime to make sure it was.

Now their angle is to proclaim news fake and to work overtime to make sure it actually is.

The GOP wants nothing on the record.
The GOP's goal is to make it so that no one is reputable, no one is an authority, no one gets the benefit of the doubt, integrity is passé and that the public has no one to turn to to referee the maelstrom of conflicting facts and data being hurled at them.

They want chaos.
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25 Feb

Reading is fundamental.

But failures of comprehension do frequently lead to the absurd.
Absurdwords is my less popular sockpuppet.
I generally use that account to post pastry recipes where the main ingredient is fourteen.
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25 Feb
Here's the thing.

If a symbol is sacred because to you it means love or community or holiness...

Then the symbol is just a reflection of your values.

If that symbol is harmful to others, then its use in that context is no longer a reflection of those values.

Because it harms
If it is more important to you that you preserve the sanctity of a symbol that means love and community and holiness to you than to actually extend holy love to a community experiencing harm, then the symbol was always more important than the values.
If you are willing to inflict trauma and fear on people for whom your symbol warrants it in context, then you are actually voluntarily ceding whatever meaning that symbol had to you and are perpetuating the purpose of its twisted meaning.

It's not worth it.

Unless it's the goal
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