A few words — not financial advice:

The squeeze (the real #MOASS Mother Of All Short Squeezes) has not yet been squoze, or even truly begun. Everything we’ve seen happen so far this week in both $GME and $AMC is FOMO and institutional/retail investor holding and igniting...
...a true #GammaSqueeze squeeze on Friday 2/26. Hundreds of thousands of options contracts will expire in the money, which, when exercised/assigned will flood the market with buy orders for millions of shares Monday morning 3/1. This will be the true beginning of the short...
...squeeze. Today’s action, though incredible, will seem minor compared to what we’re about to see happen. Today will act as a catalyst for what’s about to play out. Today’s movement is officially the activation sequence starting countdown into a nuclear mode historic #squeeze...
...the likes of which are unprecedented and will never happen again. One major reason this will never happen again is because of how absolutely wrecked the shorts will be when the dust settles. CRIPPLED. I used the word HAMSTRING in an earlier tweet because this is their...
...goddamned ACHILLES HEEL and we’re holding the fucking MACHETE up against it. This bitch is about to be SEVERED and left to BLEED. By the time this is over, they will BEG for mercy. They might find it and they might not. All depending on HOW HARD WE FUCKING HOLD. This will...
...not be easy, simple or fast. It may take 3-5 weeks to crescendo into FULL MOON EXPONENTIAL ROAR, but it will happen IF. AND. ONLY. IF. WE. HOLD.

There are still hundreds of millions of short shares that MUST be covered. #GME IS OVER 400% SHORTED. MORE SHORTS THAN NUMBER...
...OF SHARES THAT EXIST. Why? Because they shorted the same ones more than once and now they owe them back times THREE. Synthetic shares. Naked shorts. Illegal, and for good reason: to prevent hedge fund suicide, as well as the funds’ investors “suicide”, maybe literally, sadly.
So keep holding. Tomorrow will be a test of faith. The insanity we saw today will continue, and amplify. Think of it as exponential, sped up compound gains. As soon as the shorts start to cover en masse, is when we get to name our price. $135,000 per share of #GME is NOT A MEME..
$2,000 per share of #AMC is NOT A MEME. Remember, the “last reported” (current) price of a stock per share at any given time is only a figure of what the most recent settled trade was. If 100% of shares being sold at any given time all had a SELL LIMIT OF $100K, THEN $100K...

So WE KEEP HOLDING with everything we’ve got, and the rest is both HISTORY AND DESTINY.

We are inevitable.

“It always seems impossible, until it’s done.”

“Be greedy when others are fearful, ...
The biggest transfer of wealth in modern history.


— Mr. B

• • •

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