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26 Feb, 7 tweets, 1 min read
few things enrage me quite like people who get mad when the US blows up an empty weapons cache in Syria and never when Assad blows up a full hospital.
For a decade I watched helplessly as a dictator butchered his whole country on Youtube. Sniped, shelled, bombed, starved, tortured, gassed. 100s of 1000s dead.

I absolutely do not fucking care if a couple of his ally's arms dumps in the middle of a fucking desert got scratched.
Literally you're more mad about it than Assad or Iran or any Syrian is. Shut the fuck up.
It doesn't even matter. It changes nothing. It's a face saving thing so both sides can get back to the nuclear deal in a few months. Meanwhile you still have all your old tweets saying all those kids in East Ghouta ACTCHOALLIE gassed themselves. Fuck off.
Just immediate blocks. No fucking patience for any of you. If you want a direct line to my rage, cynicism, and pettiness... pretending you actually care about some worthless fucking warehouse full of guns in a country wall to wall with genocide & state-enforced mass death is it.
I'm sorry it didn't hit the Presidential palace or whatever Mediterranean villa Assad is living his perfect tankie instagram jetset life in surrounded by Russian mercs and whatever mafia cousins he hasn't shot yet.
Anyway, here's to Tulsi Gabbard no longer having a tax paid salary. That was a bigger loss for Assad than whatever this little proportional lovetap was.

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23 Feb
Spraying brass from the right-side ejection port directly across my face so my southpaw fishstick ass can own the libs
Just colossal fucking dorks who want to impress future school shooters.
lmao no goggles either and camera quickly cuts to drone view cuz he definitely hit his crew with spent casings.
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18 Feb
Zarqawi didn't have as many prop guns as this
Love tooo blow a hole through the ceiling every time I reach for the dictionary
Pointing out my precarious Howard's End bookcase guns are fully loaded to own the libs
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18 Feb
he thought he could slightly change his hair and put on glasses and no one would see him fly away like a douchebag Clark Kent lolololololol
Literally the only appropriate reaction here is to laugh your shivering ass off because he'd have been just as useless if he tried to be a public servant.
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17 Feb
Who was the last truly memorable movie villain that was unquestionably the villain, in no way a tragic anti-hero, and why is the correct answer Immortan Joe?
Could make a case for Hans Landa, but that movie's great because it tees him up as the anti-hero only to triple down in the last two minutes 'no, fuck you you crying Nazi prick.'
Family in Get Out is a candidate. Though Allison Williams has talked about how disturbing it was that some white audiences couldn't quite see her character as irredeemable. Good thing it didn't get focus grouped or she definitely would have had an arc where she 'snaps out of it.'
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15 Feb
Not gonna dunk on any Texan unless they specifically filibustered Hurricane Sandy relief.

Snow, cold and ice suck. Electric outages in the winter get scary quick. I feel you fam.
My one advice is to put a premium on keeping your feet warm, especially if your floors are uncarpeted. Wear thick socks or even double socks, but don't reduce circulation by wearing shoes all the time.
And if you're shoveling out of heavy snow, start at the end of the driveway. The heaviest, coldest, iciest snow will be there and gets miserable to move if you're already winded. And square your corners like you're digging a grave. You'll make better progress.
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12 Feb
cough the first avengers movie only has two women in the cast because whedon couldn't harass and manipulate A-listers like he could on WB shows coughcoughcough
Snyd3r & Whedon are weirdly polar opposites in another respect. Whedon cultivated a popular rep with media, critics & a wide fanbase while abusing/terrifying cast & crew. Snyd3r seemingly has great relationships with cast/crew but lashes out at critics, incites a narrow fanbase.
JJ Abrams seems to be the contemporary who has managed a meteoric rise as a creative without alienating the public, media or those* who work under him.

So maybe we should be fine with it when he's inevitably directing or producing the next Superman movie.

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