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Water Signs (#Cancer ♋️ , #Scorpio ♏️ , #Pisces ♓️): When it comes to your love life, whether you are single or in a connection… you may be feeling like you make some progress but then something happens and you’re back where you started. The constant trial and errors, or failed
♋️ ♏️ ♓️
situations might be very discouraging for you. Each new problem hurts worse than the last. But the truth is, it's not a complete loss. You (or both you and your partner if you’re in a connection) need to grow as individuals before you can even think of this working as
♋️ ♏️ ♓️

you want it to. There are a few things that need to be done, constant . It is important you are communicating your issues andcommunication using proper conflict resolution. True self reflection, you should ask yourself what do I need to fix, where am I going wrong and
♋️ ♏️ ♓️

what are my weaknesses? Also, making sure you are intentional about your plans with this person or yourself. The worst hasn’t happened, but it’s time for work!
Earth Signs (#Virgo ♍️ , #Capricorn ♑️ , #Taurus ♉️ ): Whether you are single or in a connection, right now what you need is alone time. This does not mean that you need to distance yourself from everyone, nor does it mean to end your relations (if in one), but just that you need
♍️ ♑️ ♉️

more real and genuine quality time with yourself. Sometimes, we can be so wrapped up in everything that is going on in the world that we don’t take it a break. Some of you are people pleasers so you may tend to give yourself all the time, this is not a terrible trait
♍️ ♑️ ♉️

and it might not even be causing you harm, but you still need to tend and care for yourself. You can be a way better lover, if you love yourself more. Others of you, when you are really into someone you tend to want to spend all of your time with them. This is not
♍️ ♑️ ♉️

necessarily an issue, but you still need to find time to be alone. Process your own thoughts. Do something for yourself even if you’d rather do it for or with anyone else. The space will help you be better. Space is not a bad thing, but sometimes a breath of fresh air.
Fire Signs (#Leo ♌️ , #Aries ♈️ , #Sagittarius ♐️): When it comes to love, you’re looking for authenticity. You want someone to say what they mean and mean what they say! You want to be able to be yourself, no matter how crazy and chaotic your life could be and there is so much
♌️ ♈️ ♐️

beauty in that. Not only do you want to be yourself, you want a partner that is going to be themselves regardless of the situation. You don’t mind the fights as long as it brings you closer in the end. But an underlying issue is, even though authenticity is what you
♌️ ♈️ ♐️

in a few ways you may fall short. Make sure you are believing people when they show you who you are, the first time. They can show you their good, or it can be their bad… but believe them. ACCEPT people for who they are.
♌️ ♈️ ♐️

You cannot create your perfect person in your mind, we just take them for who they are. Make sure in all of this, you are staying true to yourself. Do not change who you are for anyone else.
Air Signs (#Gemini ♊️, #Libra ♎️ , #Aquarius ♒️): The universe wants to bless you with or in your connection because not only do you deserve it (bc of the stuff you have been through in the past), but because you have what it takes to be a good lover as well. You know how to be
♊️ ♎️ ♒️

there for people, express your wants and logically think things through. You have potential, and if you are in a relationship, that also has so much potential. When it comes to love, though you might not have been taught or given much love, you learned how to give it
♊️ ♎️ ♒️

in your own way. This can be a blessing and a curse because you may not always give people love in ways that they actually feel it. That is something that you should worry about. The issues in your relationship seem to stem from issues you have in other places in your
♊️ ♎️ ♒️

life. The Universe really needs you to heal from these past issues so that you can be great. You have so much to offer and you don’t want/need it to possibly be ruined because you haven’t done the necessary work.
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