Why is it that whenever leftists are trying to discredit me for saying masculinity is a real thing, the first insults they use are to call me an incel, micro penis, or both?

They attack virility and sex appeal - out of instinct.

It's their go to.

Anyone see the irony?
They attack traditional representations of masculinity at the same time they decry any notion of traditional masculinity.

It's hilarious.
I said masculinity and masculine men had a hierarchy and they screech, "no it doesnt! you must have a small dick."

they prove the existence of the hierarchy but trying to knock me down it.

its a fascinating psychological experiment.

• • •

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28 Feb
A lot of the alleged anti-woke would rather be polite than win.

Being polite is part of the straight jacket which allowed woke to rise in the first place.
This is partly why I often go on troll rampages using old pua terms and taking "edgy" (lol) positions, to push away those who are too fucking up tight or too worried about their status in a corrupted system.

We need shameless sovereign warriors today.

Not social climbers.
It is hilarious how @ConceptualJames is exposing PC culture among the alleged anti woke.

Well, hilarious and terrifying at the same time.

Some of the people we are counting on to fight this war have already surrendered to the enemy and they don’t even realize.
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26 Feb
Progressive Alpha Males do not exist, by definition.
Masculine energy builds, creates, protects, instructs, + provides.

And at heart masculine energy is about self-reliance, auto-regulation, and personal responsibility.

Alphas are the pinnacle of such energy.

Progressives believe "it's not my fault"

Antithetical to masculinity.
Progressive men are unable to be masculine and therefore despise it.

Or they despise it and therefore become incapable of being masculine.

One or the other because masculinity is anathema to progressivism.
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25 Feb
I'm starting a new Panel Show (name tbd) starting March 5th, 2021

1st round of guests 3/5/21:


2nd round 3/19/21:


3rd round TBD.

Stay tuned and sub!

I'm open to name suggestions.

Friday Foursome didn't seem to fit, lol

What do you guys think?
"Fire Fridays" is in the lead.

What other ideas?
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25 Feb
I took my girls out to dinner tonight.

Our waitress recognized me instantly.

Other wait staff came up to me to say thank you as well.

One Latina lady said, “keep telling the truth, America needs to wake up.”

I was flattered and honored.

And then I #BetOnMainStreet
I’ve been recognized in public the last three times we went out.

Our waitress tonight came right up to me and said “you’re Jack Murphy!”

My first reaction was “oh fuck”

The she says,

“I watch you every other Wednesday on @Timcast!”

I guess we aren’t alone in dc.
When other workers came out of the kitchen to tell me to “keep telling the truth” because America needs to “wake up” I was genuinely moved.

People mock social media. “It’s not real life.” It’s not TV!


Social media brought my message to millions of people.

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24 Feb
Art was used for thousands of years to reinforce dominant narratives and bolster the legitimacy of the establishment.

In the 20th century art became more dissident and challenging.

Yet, in 2021, "dissident" art reinforces the woke hegemony.

Has art been recaptured?
A clear sign that the woke left has captured all of our institutions can be seen in what remains of "dissident art."

Today's "dissident artist" doesn't challenge the dominant narratives, it merely re-asserts them.
The energy of true dissident art isn't producing the same media as before.

I believe today punk rock energy lives on in social media.

Renegade, DIY, and always on the run, dissident social media creators are the new Sex Pistols, or dare I say, Rage Against the Machine.
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24 Feb
Girls deserve to have all female sports.

Prove me wrong.
"Anything you can do I can do better."

Doesn't ring quite the same these days does it?
The TERF v trans conflict is one worth exploiting.
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