[thread] Most people still don't yet understand the massive significance of what happened on the market this week. Even if you think you might, consider the mechanics of the following mindblowing snowball: Options trading has now officially culminated a #GammaSqueeze on $GME...
...that will trigger a bona fide #ShortSqueeze that could last for WEEKS as it pushes more calls ITM. This has the potential to continue to increase the cost per share of $GME to indefinitely high numbers, as it becomes revealed that options writers and hedge funds may be short..
...several hundreds of millions of #GME shares -- estimates
show that Chicago may even be as high as one Billion shares short that will have need to be purchased (at any asking price) to pay out hundreds of thousands of in-the-money $GME call options that flipped ITM...
...during Wednesday's massive price rally from $45 to the north of $100. This amounts to the sudden demand of several dozen million shares of an already thin and illiquid security, driving up the price, and -- in a juggernaut snowball effect -- flipping millions of...
...additional future call options to be in-the-money with expirations every Friday, and with strike prices currently all the way up to $800, which all have the potential to need additional shares to be purchased as collateral in the event of the options buyers exercising...
...thus representing the potential of TENS OF BILLIONS OF SHARES THEY WILL BE SHORT that must be purchased at market price (asking price of whoever holds the shares), and so on for weeks as more and more options expire ITM and options writers increase the strike prices...
...and so on.

This is now damn near certain to happen with $GME.

$AMC has this possibility as well, but to a lesser degree, so far, anyway, as it has not yet had the kind of massive price movement seen with $GME which swept across a massive range of strike prices, turning...
...them all ITM. #AMC will see some movement, yes, and of course it remains to be seen how high the price of both will be driven higher to flip the higher strike options.

But what it all comes down to is that this wouldn't be possible without all the holders that won't sell...
...creating the thin and illiquid conditions that are now prevalent on both $AMC and $GME.

There's a reason why it was said back in January that a short squeeze on #GME could crash the market -- and it's because of this snowball effect. A mass selloff would need to...
...happen to cover for the losses which would be incurred, and to have the cash required for the options writers to purchase the shares to cover their naked calls.

There's also a reason that simulation models and analysts last weekend predicted a $GME price...
...per share of up to $130K by late March. Oh, and that was before the massive price movement of Wednesday 2/24 that was not factored into those models, and may well in fact now increase the model closer to $250K per. This is an averaged maximum -- median would be about $50K...
...All I can tell you, or ask of you, and PLEAD with you... is... CONTINUE TO HOLD, BROTHERS AND SISTERS. We've got them by the balls and we will relentlessly squeeze harder until they know what it is to feel real pain.

There's plenty of money to go around, even if it brings...
...bankruptcy to hundreds of the big players on the wrong side of the bet. Thousands of them combined hold assets of several hundreds of trillions of dollars, including loss insurance.

Was this a dangerous game for them to play? Yes. Very.

Did they expect legions to rise...
...against them? Hell no, they didn't.

Did they learn their lesson from losing billions in January? No, they did not.

One more thing: Everything I've described here is just about the shares that need to be covered for the options market -- IT DOES NOT EVEN TAKE INTO ACCOUNT...

We are inevitable.

"It always seems impossible, until it's done."

-Mr. B.

$GME $AMC #GME #AMC #GammaSqueeze #ShortSqueeze #DiamondHands #wallstreetbets #WSB #WeLikeTheStock #GMEto100K

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1 Mar
There are two separate mechanisms at play, the first of which must trigger the second.

#GAMMASQUEEZE: Set in place and ready to start driving price upward this week, but HAS NOT YET AFFECTED ANY PRICE ACTION. On the contrary, it was last week's price action that has...
now triggered a gamma squeeze. Basically it's just a term to mean that the price unexpectedly stayed high enough last week to cause thousands of call contracts to expire in the money, forcing tens of millions of shares to be bought from the market to fulfill those calls. Problem
is that there are nowhere near tens of millions of shares available on the free market. The law of supply and demand will naturally drive a substantial price increase stemming from the high demand required by the calls.
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28 Feb
Alright apes, listen up! This won't be as long as yesterday's thread, every post I write from here on will be apply to both $GME and $AMC stock, unless otherwise indicated. I'm only going to say the following once today:

You thought last week was volatile? You haven't seen...
...anything yet! Last week will be a kiddie boat ride compared to the speedboat moves we'll be seeing in the market over the next 3 weeks.

This is no longer just a war of fighting to reach certain goals, but it is a war of willpower and psychological manipulation. The HF's...
...are going to try everything to break you psychologically this week in an attempt to get you to sell as soon as they can. They are going to do everything they can to pulverize the price so far down that I guarantee 5-10% of you will panic sell. Just remember, if the price...
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25 Feb
A few words — not financial advice:

The squeeze (the real #MOASS Mother Of All Short Squeezes) has not yet been squoze, or even truly begun. Everything we’ve seen happen so far this week in both $GME and $AMC is FOMO and institutional/retail investor holding and igniting...
...a true #GammaSqueeze squeeze on Friday 2/26. Hundreds of thousands of options contracts will expire in the money, which, when exercised/assigned will flood the market with buy orders for millions of shares Monday morning 3/1. This will be the true beginning of the short...
...squeeze. Today’s action, though incredible, will seem minor compared to what we’re about to see happen. Today will act as a catalyst for what’s about to play out. Today’s movement is officially the activation sequence starting countdown into a nuclear mode historic #squeeze...
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