There are two separate mechanisms at play, the first of which must trigger the second.

#GAMMASQUEEZE: Set in place and ready to start driving price upward this week, but HAS NOT YET AFFECTED ANY PRICE ACTION. On the contrary, it was last week's price action that has...
now triggered a gamma squeeze. Basically it's just a term to mean that the price unexpectedly stayed high enough last week to cause thousands of call contracts to expire in the money, forcing tens of millions of shares to be bought from the market to fulfill those calls. Problem
is that there are nowhere near tens of millions of shares available on the free market. The law of supply and demand will naturally drive a substantial price increase stemming from the high demand required by the calls.
Gamma squeeze begins a slowly starting upward cascading effect as price rises and knocks tens of thousands more future-expiring (1-3 weeks out) calls into the money at higher strike prices as it moves up. An upward moving chain reaction domino effect requiring millions more...
...shares to be sought out to fulfill THOSE new calls that are now in the money...

Keep in mind this DOES NOT yet even factor in the shorts needing to cover hundreds of millions of short shares that they borrowed to facilitate their price attacks over the past month!!
After about 1 1/2 to 2 weeks of this gamma squeeze movement is when the fun part begins: the #SHORTSQUEEZE!!

The short squeeze is when the shorts must start covering their hundreds of millions of short positions.
The predicament that they find themselves in, is that, the more they cover the higher the price goes, and there's no slow way possible to go about covering 300+ Million short positions. And these are naked shorts, meaning that they created counterfeit shares to...
increase their short position without actually having the share to return ("cover"). So in order to cover, they must go to the free market and, like the options writers, buy the shares at market price, no matter the cost or the price demanded by the seller.
Also keep in mind that only 70 million $GME shares have ever been issued by the company and the number of shares that are unlocked and available for trading is a much lower number than that.
So as you all know how the Law of Supply and Demand works, what happens when anywhere from 500 Million - 1 Billion shares combined (from both options traders and HF/MM's) are demanded from a market with very little selling movement out of a pool of about 40-50 million available?
Explosive price rally. They NEED that share, YOUR share. At ANY price you are willing to part with it. The buyer does not set the price in this circumstance. When the sellers have all the shares and the buyer is required to purchase them, all bets are off and price is limitless.
I know you're also probably asking, why now? Why GameStop? Why hasn't this ever happened before? And the answer is strikingly simple: the hedge funds were so confident that they could drive GameStop into bankruptcy, due to lower business from COVID shutdowns, by shorting...
...the stock so much that they eventually overshorted it more than the entire market value of the company SEVERAL TIMES OVER. They had no expectation of the stock increasing so fast and so high to the levels that we've already seen over the past month.
Already, they have lost $10-12 Billion on $GME. And the stock price has not decreased to levels where they could successfully cover hundreds of millions of short positions without massive losses. So what have they done? They shorted it even more, to try to buy themselves time,
while expecting that #WSB and the retail traders would back off. But when the price dropped, that just refueled the frenzy and doublefucked the hedgies. Not to mention, thousands of huge investors and firms have now joined the war on the side of the retail investors -- our side.
Several billionaires have themselves joined our side and have given us encouragement to continue, as well as put their money where their mouth is. $GME and $AMC both had massive help in sustaining their rallies this past week by many people with very deep pockets.
There is no doubt that individual private billionaires have been helping us push the price over the finish lines that we have needed them to be at, for gamma squeeze initiation and chain reaction short squeeze.

At this point, it's an inevitability. They've delayed... as long as they can, but now it's time for the true squeezes to begin. You will see this happen within the next 25 days and it will live up to its name, the Mother of All Short Squeezes #MOASS

$100,000 per share is not a meme. This will be the average. $25K min. $30M max.
Yes, you're watching history and there will be movies made about this.

Hedgies rise and hedgies fall, but WallStreetBets is forever.

#GME #AMC #GME100k #100Kisnotameme #AMC2000 #AMCto2000 #DiamondHands #WSB #wallstreetbets #BUYandHOLD #AMC10k #GME1Million #blastoff #squeeze

• • •

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28 Feb
Alright apes, listen up! This won't be as long as yesterday's thread, every post I write from here on will be apply to both $GME and $AMC stock, unless otherwise indicated. I'm only going to say the following once today:

You thought last week was volatile? You haven't seen...
...anything yet! Last week will be a kiddie boat ride compared to the speedboat moves we'll be seeing in the market over the next 3 weeks.

This is no longer just a war of fighting to reach certain goals, but it is a war of willpower and psychological manipulation. The HF's...
...are going to try everything to break you psychologically this week in an attempt to get you to sell as soon as they can. They are going to do everything they can to pulverize the price so far down that I guarantee 5-10% of you will panic sell. Just remember, if the price...
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28 Feb
[thread] Most people still don't yet understand the massive significance of what happened on the market this week. Even if you think you might, consider the mechanics of the following mindblowing snowball: Options trading has now officially culminated a #GammaSqueeze on $GME...
...that will trigger a bona fide #ShortSqueeze that could last for WEEKS as it pushes more calls ITM. This has the potential to continue to increase the cost per share of $GME to indefinitely high numbers, as it becomes revealed that options writers and hedge funds may be short..
...several hundreds of millions of #GME shares -- estimates
show that Chicago may even be as high as one Billion shares short that will have need to be purchased (at any asking price) to pay out hundreds of thousands of in-the-money $GME call options that flipped ITM...
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25 Feb
A few words — not financial advice:

The squeeze (the real #MOASS Mother Of All Short Squeezes) has not yet been squoze, or even truly begun. Everything we’ve seen happen so far this week in both $GME and $AMC is FOMO and institutional/retail investor holding and igniting...
...a true #GammaSqueeze squeeze on Friday 2/26. Hundreds of thousands of options contracts will expire in the money, which, when exercised/assigned will flood the market with buy orders for millions of shares Monday morning 3/1. This will be the true beginning of the short...
...squeeze. Today’s action, though incredible, will seem minor compared to what we’re about to see happen. Today will act as a catalyst for what’s about to play out. Today’s movement is officially the activation sequence starting countdown into a nuclear mode historic #squeeze...
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