Christopher Wray, the FBI director, is currently giving a statement to the senate. They are discussing the insurrection on January 6th.

Director Wray is referring to J6 was domestic terrorism, that’s a big one. Jim Jordan just shit all the way through his slacks.
Senator Durbin looks cranky. He asks about what the FBI knew, and how they failed.

Wray explains that their intel didn’t come in until that afternoon, and even that was from the low key inter webs. HOW WERE THEY TO KNOW
Durbin wants to know why so many violent people were flying back and forth for these events, and Wray absolutely dodged the question. Went on a rambling answer about how No Fly Lists work, but that was not the question asked.
Durbin wants to know who invaded the Capitol.

Wray doubles down this is domestic terrorism. “Proud Boys, Oath Keepers... what you would call white supremacists... militia violence.”
“Is there any evidence this was organized by so-called “fake Trump supporters?”

Wray looks pained, “No, there is no evidence of that.”
Senator Grassley would like data on how much domestic terrorism this year was due to “left wing anarchists”. I think he forgot this hearing was about J6. Or he really can’t NOT talk about anarchists.
Grassley insists that Wray make a “program as robust” for extremist anarchist violence as they do for far right violence. Because that is DEFINITELY necessary.

Windows > lives right?
Senator Leahy makes him repeat racially motivated, white supremacist is the biggest chunk of their current domestic terrorism portfolio.

“Certainly our most lethal,” Wray adds. “While we’re looking for violence of any ideology we have not seen anyone identifying as Antifa.”
Senator Leahy asks Wray why so many law enforcement agencies are reporting zero hate crimes. If white supremacist violence is so dramatic, that must mean they’re under reporting?

Wray feels this is because they may be reported as domestic terrorism instead. Umm.
Oh, Lindsey Graham. He butters Wray up by asking if he has enough funding, enough people. Of course not, Wray says no. Graham cuts him off and then grills him. How they weren’t prepared. They let people in. There COULD have been infiltrators because they are running bare bones!
He tells Wray it’s essentially not his fault! Poor baby.

“My challenge to you, is to sit down pen to paper, I’m on the appropriations committee,” he tells Wray to ask for what he needs. Papa Graham will get him what he needs to see the REAL truth.
This is diabolical. Graham asks Wray what he would have done differently on J6, like a disappointed parent.

Wray says he still doesn’t have an answer for this, he doesn’t want to be an armchair quarterback.

Graham answer for him: internet screenshots are just not reliable
Graham asks if there’s a domestic terrorism list, of the Proud Boys are on it, and what it takes to make a list?

Wray says there’s no organization list, there’s a list of individuals.

Graham asks what about Oathkeepers, the KKK, ANTIFA? Maybe we should think about it
Senator Feinstein again cites the lack of hate crime reports. How is Wray making it easier for law enforcement to report them?

Wray says they do outreach training, they release a manual, but ultimately it falls under state jurisdiction. Lots of state don’t have hate crime laws
Feinstein asks why is the threat of white supremacist violence so prevalent in this country?

Wray looks deeply uncomfortable and says maybe that’s a question that’s more sociological in nature? He says the ideology is getting “less and less linear” all the time
Feinstein would like to know about the spike in gun sales (which happened across the political spectrum, a thing she may not appreciate) last year. What is the FBI seeing and recommending?

Wray says the numbers of background checks for firearm sales were the highest, well, ever
Feinstein ALSO inquires about this Norfolk report, that was emailed the night of J5. It had the necessary info, and was not acted on. It can’t be released to the public, apparently, and very few people saw it.
Senator Cornyn is emphasizing that extremists are not monoliths. Um, I guess not. Are we gonna not all extremists right now? He asks if the current laws are adequate to deal with domestic terrorism.

Wray says the FBI is crafty AF. I have no doubt. But he says he would love more
Cornyn asks about “inspired believers”, people who were disconnected from any group and not an active participant. What about these people? Hashtag not all white supremacists?!

Wray says yeah, they have that in Al Qaeda too. Cornyn’s jaw tightens.
Wray tells Cornyn that Boogs are a good example of not all extremists being a monolith, because who the fuck knows how they’re gonna achieve their ultimate goal?

I love hearing old white guys say, “boogaloo boy”. Oh shit, was that their plan all along? Is that the meme?
Senator Whitehouse is DRAGGING Wray. FBI data and reports have gone unanswered for YEARS.

Whitehouse is pissed. Letters get ignored. The courts won’t enforce subpoenas from the senate or congress, the FBI picks and chooses what they respond to.
Wray looks up at Whitehouse, head bowed, hands folded. He swears he does not operate the FBI in a partisan way.

Whitehouse slams the ball back, “Well you run an organization that seems to have operated under very different rules, and it was YOU running that organization.”
Senator Lee asks about people contacted by the FBI who were at J6, nowhere near the Capitol, and questioned. WHAT IS THIS SHIT.

“Are you geolocating people?!” He asks, aghast.

I am DYING. Yes, yes law enforcement geolocates people.
So senator Mike Lee’s thesis here is that he’s SUPER excited for guilty people to be punished but WHY was it so easy for the government to surveil them?! Police state, much?
Senator Klobuchar thanks Wray and the FBI for investigating both people violence and violence against buildings. I shit you not. Opening remark.

She asks about the 20 arrestees who had building plans. How kitted up they were, their baofengs. Don’t you look back on that?
Wray says of course he does. BUT HOW COULD THEY HAVE KNOWN

I don’t love the idea of judging insurrectionists based on their kits. That shit is necessary, and it’s the first step to a ban on safety equipment. No thanks, Klobuchar.
Ted Cruz before breakfast. Ugh.

He asks what do we KNOW about the planning of J6?

Wray says they coordinated travel, gear, and planning. Uh, yeah bro.

Cruz asks about coordinated funding.

Wray says they’re looking for it, but he can’t discuss it.
Cruz asks if the Norfolk report was considered credible.

Wray says it’s was raw and unverifiable at the time they had it (J5). But he said it was highly detailed, they pushed it forward. But it didn’t work, clearly.

Cruz asks for a COD for Sicknick, but Wray has no answer.
Cruz would like to talk more BROADLY about domestic terrorism. Buckle up.

He asks about leftist extremists, cites Andy Ngo’s death number.

Wray says the FBI responds “aggressively” to any threat, and says there were 3x the anarchist arrests than in previous years.
Wray reminds Cruz about Michael Reinhoel, “the violent extremist was himself killed in a shoot out as the marshals were apprehending him.”

Cruz looked satisfied when he remembered this, his time was up.
Wray bemoans encrypted platforms, and how one day, no matter how hard the FBI works, they will not be able to access the info they need.

Parler was in no way encrypted, plenty of evidence and warning there. Same with Gab. Avoiding constant surveillance is still valid.
Senator Sasse asks how the FBI can tell the difference between social media hot air, and legitimately threatening messages.

Wray says they cannot.

He also throws in, “who knows how much of it was encrypted”. Plenty of it, Wray. He suggests if you see something, say something.
Senator Sasse gives an example.

I’m a high school teacher, a kid comes to me and says these kids have always been online bullies and now what they’re saying has become more violent. What should I do?

Without hesitation Wray says, “Contact your local FBI field office.”
Senator Blumenthal keeps pushing Wray to say that congresspeople endorsing extremist views, like QAnon, makes this shit worse. Wray will not do it. Blumenthal says he’s “disappointed” he won’t muster up the courage and just say Majorie makes life terrible and dangerous.
They keep asking, in a variety of ways, why the FBI failed to raise the alarm.

I want Wray to tear off his tie, and flip over the table. Highlighters will spill into the floor, his American flag pin will spin upside down.

“BECAUSE WE FUCKED UP!” He would scream.
Gentle followers, may I introduce you to your Republican candidate for 2024: Josh Hawley.

He wants to know more about geolocating and metadata. Is Wray certain the FBI not using it?

Wray says he would not be surprised about geolocation, and confident they are using metadata.
Hawley wants to know whose giving them permission, and to make sure it’s being done. Where was this last summer?

Wray says metadata is commonly used, he has no doubt it’s being done. He’s sure it’s being done in conjunction with appropriate legal tools.
Hawley wants to know how they KNOW. Is he supposed to just TRUST the FBI?!

I am dead. This was done to Portlanders all summer, illegally, there was even a whistle blower. I’m sure the FBI agents reading as I type remember this (Hi, guys. Good morning!)
Hawley wants to know if the FBI is pressuring companies to give them back door key to encrypted platforms.

Wray says of course not, thats a myth. They’re just asking for law enforcement access with a warrant under certain circumstances. Uh.
Wray invites cooperation with encrypted platforms so child sex trafficking does not succeed? He says without tips from platforms like Facebook, they would be very limited. We should all be very afraid of it moving to encrypted spaces. It sounds very... QAnon.
Wray emphasizes that we need to move away from “if you see something, say something” being about an abandoned backpack. It’s also about a PERSON.

Oh god, that’s gonna kill a lot of people. Think of the posters they’re gonna make 🤦🏼‍♀️
Tom Cotton takes the opportunity to say domestic terrorism is not his focus. He is still more concerned about people immigrating here under pseudonyms. He lists countries from horrific circumstances (Syria, Lebanon, North Korea, and Myanmar) and says we cannot trust.
We can query their background all day, but we can’t trust their backgrounds. So I guess our borders remain closed to those refugees! He concludes.

He reminds Wray that he is staunchly pro deportation. Wray looks at him like, yeah. I know.
Cory Booker asks Wray about diversity at the FBI, because diversity makes stronger teams.

Wray says there are totally women and people of color in the FBI. He will totally send Booker proof.
Unfortunately I had to dip out at this point. Takeaways:
- both sides really hate the FBI right now
- conservatives pearl clutching over cyber security
- the FBI director is calling J6 domestic terrorism
- the FBI is also doubling down on no evidence of antifa involvement
Thus concludes my #wrayhearing analysis *anarchist gavel bang*
If you’d like to buy me antacids for dealing with Josh Hawley AND Ted Cruz before noon, my Venmo is Claudio_report and my cashapp is ClaudioReport

• • •

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