So, I'm in NY and my governor is being accused of sexual harassment.
Look. Whether or not he's guilty of it, that's secondary.
I'm gonna explain it real quick, so have a seat.

A thread.

Andrew Cuomo is the son of Mario Cuomo, who was governor here in the 90s. Whatever. Set that aside for a moment.
Know what's the hottest thing on the NY news? #TrumpFraud.
Because the Manhattan DA has indictments in store for that whole "clan".

If Andrew Cuomo was the harassing sort, I promise you: we would've heard about it a lot earlier.
So I find it funny that we're hearing about this JUST! as #trumptaxes finally got turned over to the Manhattan DA's office.

Tell me it's not related and I got a bridge for you.

You may also ask if it's related to Cuomo having authorized COVID patients to be sent to nursing homes.
A horrid decision, yes.
No different than the same ones made in TX and other states as the pandemic was first breaking.
Nothing that warrants SH accusations surfacing now.
NYC is blue. The rest of NY is varying shades of purple, and redder in some regions more than others. NY's GOP does NOT like having Cuomo wielding emergency powers.
Whatever he has or hasn't done, Cuomo saved NY when it came to the virus, overall.

It could've been MUCH!! worse here in NYC. Our citywide death toll was under 1%. Yes, it was a horrible overload on the medical system, but with people's vigilance, governor and mayor's efforts (I'm giving @NYCMayor credit where it's due), we are in a MUCH! better place now.
So right now, all those "sexual harassment" (quotations for a reason) accusations are surfacing? When the fraud case against the Fanta Fascist is coming to fruition?

Yeah, pardon me if I don't believe a syllable of this.

This is all a very familiar playbook.

How so?

Two words: AL FRANKEN.

I never forgot how Franken was railroaded out of the Senate on a bogus sexual harassment accusation. He resigned voluntarily, and this did enormous damage to the Dems as a whole. Turns out... he was innocent of SH.
Guilty of bad taste, sure.


What happened was very simple: the GOP weaponized the Dems' compassion for victims, us generally wanting to believe victims of harassment, us wanting women to be treated better, etc. against us.

And they succeeded at this.


Because we still haven't learned to question someone's motivations.
Because we believe victims without once checking on who's PLAYING victim.
How many folks stood behind Amber Heard? And how many saw right through her?

Depp's career is in shambles tho, because of her lies.

So is Franken's, because the GOP decided to take what makes us reasonably decent people and use it against us.

This is a HUGE! reason why I unfollowed Amy Siskind and ECM. They mobilized the mob that took down Franken.

I handed in my feminist card that day.

Very simply because I refuse to just follow the mob and demand resignation WITHOUT SEEING A SHRED OF ACTUAL EVIDENCE. If that makes me a "bad feminist", then fuck it, I'm not a feminist.

What's happening to Cuomo now is THE EXACT SAME SHIT THAT HAPPENED TO FRANKEN.

Like, identical.
The "harassment" is maybe a few drunk comments at a wedding, if they're not made up completely.
At the same time, the country's biggest fraud case is being handled by the Manhattan DA.

It's not a coincidence. No way you can make me believe it.

Now, what happens if Cuomo steps down?
One, we might get Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul as governor. I don't know much about her politically, but she is a reasonably decent human being.

But then there's the possibility of an emergency election.

And that's where the trouble begins.
Two of the Fanta Fascist's pals want to be in the governor's seat in NY.
What will they do if either of them gets there?
Pardon the Fanta Fascist of NYS crimes.

Seriously, folks. Look at the longer game of things. It's none of it about sexual harassment. NONE.

It's all about getting that squirrel-headed bastard clear of prosecution and in line to pull a Grover Cleveland.

THAT is what the GOP is doing.

All that y'all are doing by focusing on the sexual harassment is handing that victory right to them.

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15 Feb
The Qs are pissed at the GOP senators who voted to convict. I think they're also pissed at #MoscowMitch who said very plainly that their hero is guilty. (How he voted isn't relevant here... bear with me for explanation).

This is a good thing.

A thread.

The GOP is fracturing into the old conservatives and the QAnons. The old guard wants to split and form a new party.

This should be encouraged by all and any means necessary.

Not because we want this new party. But because they will lose because of a fractured base.

So far, the old GOP has consistently united against a single goal: winning at any cost. By any means necessary.
We just put the last 4 years to bed, and we know now full well just what they'd do to win. It includes being OK with insurrection, and a madman at the helm.

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14 Feb
H'ok. Time to sound off, now that I've calmed down from the rage of what happened earlier, and while yeah, I'm still pretty angry, there's some things that do have to be said.

Let's begin, shall we? A thread

I know it looks like the #Democrats caved in hard.
I know, because that is what they did.

I also know what hashtags I saw in my list as I was typing out this hashtag. Here's the deal: Dems are still seen as Public Enemy #1.

And when the public you're trying to serve would rather see you dead than acknowledge your victory, you got an enormous problem.

Make no mistake. If the #ImpeachmentTrial would've brought votes, I can't imagine anyone on the prosecution would've been safe.

GOP knows this.

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9 Feb
Ahh yes. the old debate of " #indiebooks can't possibly be good enough" compared to trad-pub.
Come the fuck on.
Like... really. Can these self-important verbose parsnips come up with *anything* more original than this?

A thread. Again.
I've been hearing the #selfpub vs. trad-pub debacle for the entire 15 years that I've been writing.
It's been bullshit every second of those 15 years.

Frankly, I love (sarcasm) how trad-pub authors think that they're somehow better than their #selfpublished counterparts.
Reality: Traditional publishing will make everyone but the author rich first. How much do trad-pub authors get from their book's sell price? 15%.

#selfpub authors get 70%.

Also, the majority of trad-pub authors never get off the mid-list.

What's a mid-list, you ask?

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6 Feb
So, I got into a LONG!!! talk with a reader/friend of mine about the world of publishing. Now, I'm not an expert, but staring down the release of my 6th book (holy shit, 6th?!), I have to reflect on a few realities of publication & open a dialogue with the #WritingCommunity
A bit of background: I've been writing since 2006. I self-pub'd my first book in 2009, and continued with self-pub ever since. This was just before self-publication became vogue. And it was a conscious choice - and it was also how I learned what I know. The hard way.

My friend said, "Getting an agent is like winning the lottery". This isn't wrong.
I tried to query, and was shot down every. single. time.
This isn't unusual. In fact, every #writer know that when you're #querying, this is par for the course.
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9 Jan
Wow. People are whining about 1984 because the Carrot Caligula got kicked off twitter.

Here's something I learned both 1) in high school civics, 2) college constitutional law class, 3) lifetime of being on the internet since before social media:

You will see two things:
1) that your social medium of choice is A BUSINESS, OWNED PRIVATELY. No, public trading doesn't make it publicly owned.
2) that said business has the right to DENY SERVICE TO ANYONE.

Which is legalese for "play nicely and we won't boot your ass"

The First Amendment only protects you from the government censorship.


Moreover, incitement of violence has never been protected speech.
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8 Jan
So...let's have a lil chat about what's been going on and what's to come: a thread.
We now know, beyond a doubt as it's videoed:
1) Capitol cops were in on it
2) trump and his brood were right about orgasmic watching it
3) It was cosigned by many officials

including the DOD appointees trump ushered in at the last second - this was why
4) the people who are resigning now stayed on to see if the coup would work.
Now, none of us who could tell this was coming are surprised one little bit.

But what I think needs to be said is that *this was a test run*.
They are brazen enough to talk about it on Parler. This is how we all know that they're going to try it again on Jan 19th.
The @FBI I'm sure is aware by now that they had explosives ready to go too.

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