The fact I can find multiple illustrated versions of The Illiad that look like this but the “best” illustrated Bibles are barely any better than Precious Moments has far more explanatory power regarding contemporary Christianity than anything I can articulate.
What exactly *would* an artist’s rendition of Abimelech’s head getting crushed by a millstone look like?
If your illustrated Bible does not have David tossing a sack full of 200 Philistine foreskins to Saul in exchange for his daughter (much less a depiction of David collecting them), what are you even doing???

• • •

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2 Mar
A common theme that I constantly return to is that the age we live in is one of profound loneliness, isolation, atomization, alienation, and despair.

I don't think I can emphasize this enough.
You would have to be EXTREMELY naive to believe these circumstances exist by accident.

All of this has been socially engineered since the early 20th C.

I am not gonna footnote it all here, but these people wrote about their designs right out in the open.
This tweet is funny; and this is because it is barely an exaggeration.

Human beings were not designed to live this way.

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12 Jan
I say this without a shred of hyperbole: nearly all the problems of contemporary Christendom can be traced back to a defective view of worship.

Even most of the best churches, that otherwise seriously believe the Bible, don't pay attention to what it says about worship.
What the contemporary church believes worship is for:

TEDtalks w/Bible verses
Theology lectures
Impressive rock concerts
What the Bible says worship is for:

God's people gathering before His presence
God renewing His covenant relationship with His people
God's people receiving grace from Him
God's people responding with praise
God's people returning a portion of the grace He has given
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11 Jan
The problem with pastoral ministry is that it often selects for men who are both not very good leaders and conflict averse.
What I mean is:

Start out with early-20-something men who have an interest in theological studies.

That already is a very narrow pool, and already the overwhelming majority of them would be described as “bookish” if we are being unbelievably charitable.

Load them down with tens of thousands of dollars of debt for skills and a degree that limit their career prospects to a singular vocation and almost literally nothing else.
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9 Jan
I preached last Sunday about going the extra mile (which is about foreign occupiers humiliating you).

I said we do not know what it is like to live under occupation.

Well, you had now better start getting used to it.

Jesus's command is very applicable to our situation.
We want to remove our enemies by force. Sometimes there is a time for that.

But you saw how well that worked out on Wednesday.

Our battles are fought by different means but they are no less battles.
My main point was that Jesus was expressly *not* commanding pacifism.

He is the Word-Made-Flesh, including "A time to kill…" (Ecc. 3:3) made flesh.

Our battle now is to bear the humiliation that is coming for us, that our enemies deserve.
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2 Dec 20
lol nearly every instance of newsworthy “racism” is either totally made up by the “victim” (Smollett, Alethia Bernstein) or a misunderstanding brought on by those pathologized by antiracism into being terrified of things like garage door pulls and overhead projector covers.
Meanwhile, antiracists burned down billions of dollars worth of cities and attacked and murdered people because a man overdosed on fentanyl in police custody and a female drug dealer got in a shootout with police.
Even more ironically is we are chastised by Evangelilibs for believing “conspiracy theories” like elite child sex abuse or an election we witnessed get stolen in real time, “because God cares about truth,” but they won’t bother to challenge the shaky Floyd or Taylor narratives 🤔
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2 Dec 20
An excellent article by @SolomonsaysN. I respect both him and @douglaswils immensely. The question is what if Trump crosses the Rubicon? What if the legislatures fail to grant him the electors that were stolen from him & he takes what is his by force?…
He is an animal backed into a corner. They have already telegraphed they will dismantle his financial holdings & will try to put him & his family in prison for challenging the global liberal capital empire. What if he calls his 70M very enthusiastic supporters to arms?
It is not without precedent, as Mark points out in his article. History is replete with rulers taking power by force. Would it be a sin to support a ruler and even fight for him taking what is rightfully his extrajudicially?
Read 4 tweets

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