This is a thread that will collect examples of organisations proudly including males during this #InternationalWomensMonth #InternationalWomensHistoryMonth
#InternationalWomensDay #WomansHistoryMonth #WomanAdultHumanFemale #WomenSeizeTheDay

Off we go.
From the ACLU of Pennsylvania Image
From One Colorado.

They got pretty badly ratiod on this one, so they deleted it and reposted with replies disabled. ImageImage
From “Feminist” Frequency.

Extra racism on the side. Image
By Feminstyle Africa.

A magazine for “women” by “women”. ImageImage
By the National Museums Liverpool. Image
Who could forget this one from Twitch.

Using the word “Womxn”, then deleting it and apologising because penis havers complained. ImageImage
(Bit more info here about the actual origins and uses of this ridiculous word here)
Back to the show.

Welsh Schools International Women’s Day Toolkit.

Planned Parenthood of New Hampshire. Image
From Carnegie India, part of a global think tank. ImageImage
From the NRDC (Natural Resources Defence Council), ecology activists. ImageImageImage
From NNEDV, a domestic violence org. ImageImage
From Women’s Law, part of the NNEDV. ImageImage
From the CCR. They use the power of the law to achieve justice for all! ImageImageImage
This from Harlem United. Image
The is from GLSEN, and LGBTQ org working with schools.

Black lesbians and TiMs lumped together again. ImageImage
This from ALL IN (getting more students voting). ImageImage
A particularly amusing one from UARK Sustainability, a climate org.

Here they compare people that don’t believe that males are actually female to climate change deniers. ImageImage
From the Illinois Department of Human Rights.

Again, putting black women in the same group as TiMs. ImageImage
Girlboss here, making it all about the penis. ImageImageImage
From Dash DC, accommodation for survivors of domestic and sexual violence. ImageImage
This from Georgetown Gender+ Justice. ImageImage
The University Hospitals of Plymouth seem to have completely forgotten that lesbians are actual women.

#LesbianErasure ImageImage
From the MCADV (Mississippi Coalition Against Domestic Violence). ImageImage
Another one from Planned Parenthood of New Hampshire. Image
From Equality NC. Another LGBTQ org that seems to have forgotten about lesbians.

#LesbianErasure ImageImage
From Survived and Punished, and organisation that helps survivors of domestic and sexual violence. ImageImage
From Equality Youth Jamaica. ImageImage
TCM skipping over female actors to mention a male one. ImageImage
From Troo (“ethical social media”, won’t be one that welcome women it seems). ImageImage
From RWV4 Healthcare (Raising Women’s Voices). ImageImage
Maura Healey (Attorney General for Massachusetts). ImageImage
Congressman Al Green (bonus “womxn”). ImageImage
From The New Equilibrium. They want to represent “women, LGBTQ+ people and BIPOC in contemporary media”.

They skipped women, ignored lesbians, and went straight to drag queens.

#LesbianErasure ImageImage
Another one from Equality Youth Jamaica. Image
From Louisiana Progress Action. ImageImage
This from Congressional Hispanic Staff Association. ImageImage
From Sarah Godlewski (Wisconsin State Treasurer). ImageImage
Texas Democrats grouping black women with males. ImageImage
From ICM Speakers Association. ImageImage
ACLU of South Dakota wants us to celebrate #WomensHistoryMonth by not thinking about women at all. ImageImage
TYPROS (Tulsa’s Young Professionals) attempt to explain a thing. ImageImage
Codesmith “Women’s into to Java” event.

“... all women event, with a female instructor and female mentors. We look forward to creating a safe and welcoming space for women, trans, and non-binary coders.” ImageImage
From IllumiNative. ImageImage
Ceres Research thinks we should celebrate males this #WomensHistoryMonth. ImageImageImageImage
SDSU Center for Community Counseling & Engagement (affordable therapy for students). Bonus “womxn”. ImageImage
Lethbridge Public Library decided to use the #InternationalWomensDay hashtag to promote a book by this person. ImageImageImage
Inclucive have invited a few people to speak for an #InternationalWomensDay event. Including the below person. ImageImageImageImage
Journalist is especially keen to speak to males for #InternationalWomensDay. ImageImageImage
From Kelp HR, Indian HR company. ImageImage
Reuters giving us this.

(Video link: ) Image
Of course Clue (period tracker app that is fully woo woo).

This month they have yet to mention anything about women’s day or women’s history month, but they have tweeted.

And in their monthly newsletter they dedicate it to “the trans community”.

Period app forgets women. ImageImageImageImage
From Bicycle Craft Brewery. ImageImage
Another one from GLSEN (teaching children).

More people that want to expand what it means to be a girl or a woman. ImageImageImage
The MAC Belfast seem to think it’s a good idea to invite this person to speak on a day for women. ImageImageImageImage
Pugwash Magazine (Official University of Portsmouth magazine) remember the tragic death of SOPHIE. Using Woman’s Day hashtags, on a countdown to Women’s Day. ImageImage
Liverpool Young Advisors celebrate a drag queen. ImageImage
The “Common Sense” Network have organised an even called “The Future of Feminism”, and have invited this person (that represents Gendered Intelligence) to speak. ImageImageImageImage
I Like Networking have organised a Women’s Day event called “Burnt Breakfast”.

All proceeds are going to Black Trans Foundation. ImageImageImageImage
Reform Radio organised an IED round table discussion called “Wombspace”, about endometriosis, PCOS, IVF, menopause, and more.

They invite women and men, and women and men that are comfortable centring women (and men). ImageImageImage
Another one from Reform Radio, this time in collaboration with Rhythm Lab Records.

They’ve organised an IWD event called “Girls Just Wanna... Have Independent Music Careers”.

Again, they invite women and men, and women and men that are comfortable centring women (and men). ImageImageImageImage
One from Germany. The Digitales Deutsches Frauenarchiv (records feminist material) tweeted “Where are the feminists in 2021?”.

And then they quote a male whose statement will be included in an IWD document.

The person in question is also lecturing about trans subjects. ImageImageImageImage
From Platform. Given they’re meant to be a platform for black people, they seem to be a bit racist.

Yet another example of people comparing black women to men. ImageImage
From Carlow Public Participation Network. ImageImageImageImage
From Haldimand-Norfolk Reproductive Justice, a pro choice organisation. ImageImageImage
From a writer for Filter Magazine. ImageImageImage
From a seemingly large account, but only had 1 interaction with this tweet asking about “womxn”. ImageImage
From DSRD Consulting.

What does DSRD Consulting do?

“microaggressions in the workplace, unconscious bias, intersectionality, and cultural competence.” ImageImageImage
From Women Who Cowork.

Oops, sorry, Womxn Who Cowork. ImageImage
UWE Bristol LGBT+ Staff Network.

And another LGBT org that have completely skipped over lesbians and gone straight to drag queen.

#LesbianErasure ImageImage
From Astraea Foundation.

Another LGBT org that made no mention of lesbians.

#LesbianErasure ImageImage
From Shippensburg University Pride Center.

They seem to have completely forgotten about lesbians, and kind of not mentioning the fact it’s #WomensHistoryMonth, skipping straight to drag queens.


#LesbianErasure ImageImageImage
From the Gore Center, part of Middle Tennessee State University. ImageImageImage
Another public library (Des Moines this time) promoting males for Women’s History Month. ImageImage
From 11th Hour Theatre Company. ImageImage
Ohio Warren Dems trolling like a pro. ImageImage
From Cronic Loaf, a 24/7 streaming channel. ImageImage
From Swing Left. ImageImage
More #LesbianErasure from Industry Gayming. ImageImage
From the ACLU of South Dakota. ImageImage
From US Aid. ImageImage
From She the Change, a podcast dedicated to highlighting female leaders. ImageImage
From Steph’s Place. ImageImage
From Wish. A charity for women’s mental health.

You couldn’t make it up. ImageImageImage
Jecca Blac, makeup company. ImageImageImage
Queer Amnesty Ireland, forgetting that lesbians are a thing.

#LesbianErasure ImageImageImage
From Women in Language.

Ironic. ImageImageImageImage
Unwomen carry on in their tradition of using the word wrong. ImageImage
From the Royal College Canada. ImageImage
From Wish Drop In Centre, an org that helps prostitutes. ImageImageImage
Women and Gender Studies (how did they manage to lump them together in the first place?) at Acadia University. ImageImage
Another one from Unwomen, this time Europe and Central Asia office. ImageImage
From the creator of Upon Your Elbow, “feminist” T-shirt store (coming soon). ImageImage
The Labour Party LGBT endorsing this nonsense. ImageImage
Senior lecturer.

Ffs. ImageImage
From The “Women’s” Podcast. ImageImage
Trans New York here just using a mishmash of random hashtags. ImageImage
Liverpool Uni promoting an IWD event for “marginalised genders”... “non binary people, trans people, and women”. ImageImageImageImage
Founder of Tech(k)now Day organised a IWD event. ImageImageImageImage
Here Canadian Forces kick off a round of “who can troll women the most on Women’s History Month”. Connect2Canada and (shockingly) Ottawa Public Health join in. ImageImageImageImage
From the Graduate Employees Program for the University of Michigan. ImageImage
Femfest in Brighton. I doubt they actually mean female. ImageImageImage
Today’s offering from One Colorado is again about a male. ImageImage
“Sophia” Banks, trans vegan chef, had this to say.

Seems to have used the wrong hashtag. ImageImage
Black Trans Alliance using the wrong hashtag as well. ImageImage
A Spanish contribution, this one from Naizen (a sort of Spanish Mermaids it seems).

Indoctrinating children. ImageImageImageImage
Women’s Strike Assembly. On the face of it they seem ok. A superficial glance at their twitter bring us nothing worthy of this thread.

But go to their website, and their “about” page, and you start to get the picture. Especially when you see “who is striking with us”. ImageImageImageImage
London On The Inside are another lot that think Bergdorf is a good choice to speak on Women’s Day. ImageImageImageImage
Abortion Rights IE are celebrating a rather misogynistic TiM for this IWD. ImageImageImageImage
Blossom Trust, a “women” led NGO, committed to “women’s” empowerment. ImageImageImage
GMYCA (Greater Manchester Youth Combined Authority) promoting a Proud Trust online event.

Remember the Proud Trust? With their paedophile grooming school dice game? ImageImageImageImage
Kuchu Times Media Group, focuses on LGBTI issues.

Not sure why they call for inclusion of males with lesbian and bisexual women this IWD.

And despite having an “I” in their bio, no mention of intersex women (I’m assuming that’s what it’s for). ImageImageImage
Enrique Torre Molina (seems to be involved with HRC) tweeted a quote and a video of a TiM using the IWD hashtag. ImageImageImageImage
From Cella Consulting. ImageImage
From David Halbert (running to be Boston’s next City Councilor At-Large). ImageImageImage
From Selflessly. ImageImageImage
From Housing Works Youth and Prevention Services. ImageImageImageImage
“Journalist”. ImageImage
The Socialist Student Movement. ImageImageImageImage
Sine Theta Magazine want to promote heterosexual males and actual lesbians.

Bonus misogyny at the end of their thread. ImageImageImageImage
This from OHIV. ImageImage
From Jenny Ton Consulting. ImageImage
From Nastad. ImageImage
From Asylum Connect. They help LGBTQ people fleeing persecution. ImageImage
GSA Network. ImageImageImageImage
Amanda Cappelletti, Candidate for Pennsylvania State Senate. ImageImage
LGBTQ Victory Institute. ImageImageImage
Another one from Trans New York. Image
NARAL, “Pro-Choice America fights to protect and expand reproductive freedom for every body”. ImageImage
NPS (National Park Service) Youth. ImageImage
From Volt. ImageImageImageImage
Another one from Abortion Rights IE. ImageImage
Nicole Moudaber using the wrong hashtags. ImageImage
Meg Button wants to make sure males are being included. ImageImage
Dawson “Women’s” Shelter.

Another shelter that is mixed sex and promoting men. ImageImage
Man interviews man for IWD. ImageImageImageImage
The Daily Star (Bangladeshi newspaper).

“Breaking the glass ceiling: Shishir first transgender newscaster in Bangladesh”

“Tashnuva Anan Shishir, a talented model and actor, will start her journey as a news presenter from March 08, on International Women's Day.” Image
Vavo Digital.

(And they didn't get the “womxn” memo) ImageImageImageImage
Trans Express tweeting an article from Scary Mommy.

“Include Trans And Non-Binary People — If Not International Women’s Day Is Trash” ImageImageImageImage
Irish Examiner Weekend Magazine has been edited by Louise O’Neill, who also wrote the article available to read here:…

“If our feminism isn’t inclusive, is it really feminism?”

Below is just one part of the article, an interview with Aoife Martin. ImageImageImageImage
First Abortion Rights IE decide to celebrate Aofie Martin:

Then they talk about trans healthcare with the IWD hashtag:

Now they’ve gone full on misogynist, calling women “terfs”.

No vulnerable women will feel safe with them. Image
Cult Meet Mob Podcast. They talk about trans people for International Women’s Month. ImageImageImageImage
Doughty Street Chambers, Internationally renowned barristers, are hosting an online event. ImageImageImageImage
Ann Summers celebrating a male model, Talulah Eve. ImageImageImageImage
Translash Podcast having a dig a Twitch because they didn’t get the cult memo about the “womxn” backpedaling.

And using the IWD hashtag. ImageImage
ACLU with another whopper. ImageImageImageImage
I find these to be the most disturbing ones. Domestic and sexual abuse organisations for women. The gaslighting is horrific.

InCourage WI. ImageImage
LGBT Foundation are running a workshop for trans people on International Women’s day. ImageImageImage
Evie Muir, “Domestic Abuse Specialist”, makes a list of 10 “inclusive” IWD events. When you click the link it says there are only 9.

Why? Because one event (funded by Comic Relief) is drawing naked women. Although there is no indication in the details that the models are women. ImageImageImageImage
From the Center for the Study of Women Gender and Sexuality at Rice University. ImageImage
This from the twitter account of a film about a TiM. ImageImage
The LGBT Partnership, the people that organised the Proud Trust event mentioned here: ImageImageImage
Another one from the LGBT Partnership. Discussing mixed sex toilets. ImageImage
Another from LGBT Partnership. “Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transwomen Health Week”. ImageImageImage
And another one from LGBT Partnership. This time they’re in partnership with Galop. ImageImageImage
Another from LGBT Partnership.

Bugger off with your “AFAB” nonsense. ImageImageImage
Last one from LGBT Partnership. I think. ImageImageImageImage
From Learnest (“built by and for LGBTQ+ people). ImageImageImageImage
From writer Morgan Artyukhina. ImageImageImage
Bit more from women hating Abortion rights IE (see here for more: ) ImageImageImageImage
A trans identified male has been invited to speak at an IWD event. ImageImageImageImage
At an IWD event in Kadıköy (Turkey) some trans identified males spoke on the podium. ImageImageImageImage
Women in the Fire Service UK (along with West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, and Humberside Fire and Rescue Services) are hosting an online event for IWD.

Among the meetings is one called “Flashover - a different kind of transition”. ImageImageImageImage
Aashrita Mahila Mandal, a group of women that donate monthly to various causes, donated bedsheets and towels to TIMs for IWD. ImageImageImageImage
YWCA (“empowering women”) celebrated Sarah McBride for day 4 of Women’s History Month. ImageImageImage
Rella “Women’s” Foundation. ImageImageImage
From Abolish Direct Provisions Campaign. ImageImageImageImage
The University of Queensland Queer Collective are running “Trans* Women Talking” on International Women’s Day.

Apparently they couldn’t find any lesbians to talk, so they asked men instead.

#LesbianErasure ImageImageImage
In India the National Institute of Social Defence and the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment are running “Creating Trans-Inclusive Workspaces” on Women’s Day. ImageImageImageImage
From Pride Palace. ImageImage
Science Riot Grrls, an after school science program for girls aged 6-12 years old, promoting a TiM as a woman for Women’s History Month. ImageImage
Jack’d promoting Laverne Cox for Women’s History Month.

Another community for gay people that forgot about lesbians.

#LesbianErasure ImageImageImage
The Community College of Philadelphia will be running a panel called “Transgender Womanhood” for Women’s History Month. ImageImageImageImage
Bahaghari PH (the national democratic organization of militant & anti-imperialist members of the LGBTQ+ in the Philippines) seem to believe that TiMs and lesbians are in the same category.

#LesbianErasure ImageImage
From the Real Pride Network. ImageImage
From The NYC LGBT Historic Sites Project. ImageImage
Karen Spilka, President of the Massachusetts State Senate, kicking off Women’s History Month by honouring Chastity Bowick. ImageImageImageImage
The Reclaim Pride Coalition celebrating two drag queens for Women’s History Month. ImageImageImageImage
From the Digital Transgender Archive. ImageImageImageImage
The Center for Women's Health Research and Innovation at the University of Pittsburgh don’t know the difference between a drag queen and a woman. ImageImage
From Amanda Hansen, President of AdvancedMD. ImageImageImage
From UI Student Legal. ImageImage
BootUp celebrating a male person for Women’s History Month. ImageImageImageImage
From the influential TransEthics (“Cute intersex trans lesbian subculture icon, Victoria Darling”). ImageImageImage
Change For Kids promoting a person that insisted on violating girls boundaries and using the girls toilets in school. ImageImageImageImage
From the Center for European Studies at The University of Texas. ImageImage
From the Women of Color Coalition. ImageImage
From Berwyn Library, IL. ImageImage
From Senator Toni Atkins. ImageImageImageImage
From Keep Calm Aromatherapy. ImageImageImageImage
A couple from National Faecal Sludge and Septage Alliance. ImageImageImage
WE ALL RISE (“dedicated to achieving equality for all women and all girls”), in conjunction with UN Human Rights and UN Free and Equal. ImageImageImageImage
From Clara Vulliamy, children’s author. ImageImageImage
From the European Partnership for Democracy. ImageImageImageImage
From “Melissa” Griffiths (“public figure, ERA Board Director”). ImageImage
A couple from UN AIDS. ImageImageImage
Another one from Vavo Digital. ImageImage
This from the YWCA Toronto. ImageImageImage
From the UN Human Rights Office. ImageImage
And Colours Caribbean. ImageImage
From Game eV. ImageImage
Labour Party LGBT promoting the Abolish Direct Provision Campaign event (). ImageImageImage
From The Australian Unemployed Workers' Union. ImageImage
Easier way to read the Irish Examiner article here:…

(More info here: )
From Derek du Perez, editor at diginomica and freelance B2B technology journalist. ImageImage
From Jinsiangu. ImageImageImageImage
Boni Wozolek, assistant professor at Penn State Abington. ImageImage
From GYRO LGBT+ Youth.

I wonder what they consider to be “transphobic”. ImageImage
Here’s BeLonG To Youth Services. Another LGBTI+ organisation skipping over lesbians.

#LesbianErasure ImageImage
UN Free and Equal gaslighting women for International Women’s Day. ImageImage
In Turkey there was a Women’s Day demonstration. ImageImage
And even more from Abortion Rights IE.

They seem confused.

(More here: ) ImageImageImage
From Chartered Accountants Ireland, Ireland’s largest and longest-established accountancy body. ImageImageImageImage
Kdin Jenzen, “Voice Actor/Producer/Director/Writer at RoosterTeeth” and TiM. ImageImage
More from our friends at the Center for the Study of Women Gender and Sexuality at Rice University. Image
UN Human Rights Office really pushing this male person for some reason.

(See ) Image
From WILL Awards. ImageImageImage
A couple of tweets from CFAR. ImageImageImageImage
PEN Melbourne have invited a white male (that pretends to be an aboriginal woman) to speak for a Women’s Day event. ImageImageImageImage
“Today in Paris, the feminist group CAPP organized an action against prostitution... There were several prostitution survivor with us.
We were beaten up by queer activists who also threw eggs on our faces.”

“They tagged [death threat]” ImageImageImage
The Independent IE wrote an article: “What makes a woman?”.

They asked Aoife Martin. ImageImageImageImage
Irish Times Life wrote an article: “Women have voices, but we need to be listened to”.

They listened to Vanessa Lacey. ImageImageImage
Trans identified male invited to speak at an Unwomen Pakistan (with UN Development and UN Development Pakistan) event. ImageImageImageImage
From Fund The People New Orleans. ImageImage
Today, the day before Women’s Day, the Green Party UK voted twice to remove women’s sex based rights.

Pro women: Shahrar Ali and Andrea Carey-Fuller, they know woman=AHF.

Anti women: Sian Berry. Great pal of the Challenors (see here for info: ) ImageImageImageImage
Venus Salem,
“Relationship Coach, Sex+ Kink Aware, Psychosexual Relationship therapist trainee, Trauma & ASD specialist, NHS, Teacher” ImageImageImage
Alliance LGBwiththeT. Pretty sure they actually mean Alliance TTTwiththeT.

#LesbianErasure ImageImage
From “Incog-Neato” (Meagan Ingerman). Pro kink, bdsm for beginners, childcare “specialist”. Program director for Protasia, a pro paedophilia child protection organisation.

Yes. Really. ImageImageImageImage
Another one from Griffiths (more here: ). ImageImageImage
From The Reading Line. ImageImage
From Heather Zwicker, exec Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Queensland. ImageImageImageImage
Another one from lonely Steph’s Place () ImageImageImageImage
One from Transcend Australia and one from its founder, Rebekah Robertson. ImageImageImageImage
From Cos, Aussie owned office product suppliers. ImageImageImageImage
Pride in Health and Wellbeing forgot about lesbians.

#LesbianErasure ImageImage
Sam/Connor/Flavia (disability rights activist) wants to remind us that disabled women are women, and men are women, and black women are women. ImageImage
From Dr Naeema Pasha, director in Henley B School. ImageImage
From Tara Moss, international bestselling author and advocate. ImageImage
From Launch Housing, an organisation that helps homeless people. ImageImage
Priya Ahsan, from No Passport Voice, running a male inclusive Women’s Day event. ImageImageImageImage
From Twenty10. ImageImage
Cristyn Davies, Research Fellow, Discipline of Child and Adolescent Health, Faculty of Medicine and Health, University of Sydney, Australia. ImageImage
Sydney Gay and Lesbian Madi Gras forgot about lesbians.

#LesbianErasure ImageImage
Dr Bianca Fileborn
(Senior Lecturer, DECRA Fellow in Criminology at Melbourne Uni. Research sexual violence & harassment, gender & sexuality) talks about “transphobia” with the IWD hashtag. ImageImageImageImage
Jacinta Parsons, ABC Radio Melbourne Afternoon host, sending love and solidarity to males. ImageImage
Simon Blanckensee from TENI, and People Before Profit. ImageImageImage
Wellington City Council are celebrating a male pimp. They link to a tweet by Wellington City Achives, who provide more info.

Wellington City Archives are also blocking anyone that objects to them celebrating a male pimp on IWD. ImageImageImageImage
Speaking of blocks, our mates at Abortion Rights IE are now blocking women that know where babies come from.

(Catch up with their strangeness here: ) Image
Women’s Circus talks about how they because “Women’s” Circus, going from women only to a more “inclusive” style. ImageImageImage
Wallace making it all about Wallace.

(I’d never even heard of Wallace, but I’m blocked.) ImageImage
The Society of Biblical Literature apparently has no female members to celebrate. ImageImageImageImage
From Felicity Banks, author. ImageImage
From Summerfall Studios. ImageImage
This from Maddie Groves, Australia Olympic swimmer. ImageImageImage
This was the tweet she linked to, from the Australian Institute of Sport. ImageImageImageImage
From Transcend by LoveYourself. ImageImage
From Rappler. ImageImageImage
From the Flying Bats. Sydney’s “Lesbian” Football Club.

#LesbianErasure ImageImage
The Irish Labour Party are offering free membership to men and women.

Labour Women believed that people asking about women’s rights were being “internet bullies” (have included some examples of the “bullying” below), and those people aren’t welcome.

Deja vu, anyone? ImageImageImageImage
From Helen Edwards, producer. ImageImageImage
From Think ‘n’ Fast, womxn performers. ImageImageImage
From the University of Law Library Services. ImageImageImageImage
From “Pete, singer, songer”. ImageImage
From ReHack. ImageImageImage
Shahmir Sanni, celebrating men pushing their way to the front of the Pakistani Women’ March. ImageImageImage
And Pari Dhillon (director of UK Black Pride) joining in. ImageImageImage
Mark Anderson, on the Board of Cycle Hamilton. ImageImageImage
Open Table Network. Bonus link to Stonewall. ImageImageImage
From the University of Leicester LGBT+ Society. ImageImage
Shona Herron.

Trainee Clinical Psychologist at UCL. Currently in CAMHS and Child Development.

At CAMHS. Let that sink in. ImageImage
Vinee Purohit, cancer metabolism & immunology researcher at Brigham and Women’s. ImageImageImageImage
From My Genderation. ImageImage
And from their director, Fox Fisher. ImageImageImage
From the National Autistic Society, South Lanarkshire Branch. ImageImage
Lancaster Civic Society today are honouring Lawrence “Lynne” Braithwaite. ImageImageImageImage
From Charlotte Nichols, Labour Member of Parliament for Warrington North, Shadow Minister for Women & Equalities (!!!)

(See here for more from Fire and Rescue people: ) ImageImageImageImage
Kayla Feldman, writer and director. ImageImage
From Trans Creative UK. ImageImage
From Leah Micallef of Conceive Resilience. ImageImageImageImage
Now the Herefordshire Branch of National Autistic Society.

(South Lancashire branch here: ) ImageImage
From the Slippery Rock University Office for Inclusive Excellence. ImageImageImage
From First Church UCC Phoenix. Another drag queen tribute. ImageImage
From the American Trans Resource Hub. ImageImage
From Valois Vera, journalist and director of the Disability Inclusion Society. ImageImageImageImage
From the Mumbai Mirror. ImageImageImage
From Becca Balint, Vermont Senate Pro Tem. ImageImageImage
From Humans of Delhi. ImageImageImage
From Karen Skipper, Chief Executive of Spectra. ImageImageImage
From musician GLYSK. ImageImage
Fireraisers Theatre. ImageImageImage
Privacy International. ImageImageImageImage
Affinity Care. ImageImage
BISHI, singer and musician, founder of WITCiH. ImageImageImageImage
The YWCA Australia have a drag queen speaking at their “Women in leadership” event. ImageImageImage
The Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Inclusion Team.

“Jacqui” Gavin speaking at their webinar.

(Even more from Fire and Rescue Services here: ) ImageImageImageImage
Now, we have some interesting tweets. From Hart Gables LGBT, Sarah Lewis, LGBT Advance, and LGBT Tees Valley Forum.

(And of course, no lesbians in sight for IWD)

#LesbianErasure ImageImageImageImage
(Pssst. Who thinks all of the above are Andy doing a Bart?)


(That was mean. I apologise. But I need a tiny bit of fun here. Please don’t find Andy.) ImageImage
Bluecoat, Liverpool’s centre for contemporary arts. ImageImage
From Yuvaa. ImageImageImage
Fahmida Iqbal Khan, UNAIDS Community Support Advisor, for Pakistan & Afghanistan.

(Relevant info here: ) ImageImage
Everyday Health.

Isn’t this transphobic, as well as misogynistic?

They’re not winning anything here. ImageImageImage
From Lucy Quaggin, Front Page Editor and Journalist at ImageImageImage
Nikita NIP, Candidate Development Officer for the Northern Independence Party. ImageImageImage
From Cafetalk. ImageImageImage
MyGov Manipur. ImageImageImage
Bastian Greshake Tzovaras, researcher. ImageImageImageImage
Master program in Interdisciplinary Approaches to Life Sciences - Paris.

Retweeting the “gynaecology for men” thing. ImageImageImage
OXFAM. ImageImage
BG Arts Trust. ImageImage
POSTSCRIPT, “a cultural anthology exploring critical thought from contemporary women”. ImageImageImage
Same tweet, from Gender Links and Women’s Voice And Leadership. ImageImageImageImage
TIE (Time for Inclusive Education), celebrating Laverne Cox. ImageImageImage
UP Babaylan, “the longest existing duly-recognized LGBTQI student org in the Philippines & in Asia”, completely forgot about lesbians.

#LesbianErasure ImageImageImage
Markham Lane, producer, director, artist, designer. ImageImage
Mela Franco Habijan (Miss Trans Global 2020). ImageImage
Clare Shaw, author and playwright. ImageImage
“Feminist” Book Club MY. ImageImage
“Program coordinator for Positive Young Women Voices. Youth advocate of women, girls.” ImageImageImageImage
Another one from Privacy International.

(See here: ) ImageImage
Nicole Raquel Dennis, Effie White in Dreamgirls UK Tour. ImageImageImage
Another one from Carnigie India.

(See here: ) ImageImageImageImage
Emma Kelly, writes for the Metro. ImageImage
Laura Jean Marsh, writer and director of Giddy Stratospheres Film. ImageImageImage
Carola Rackete is confused. ImageImage
“Esther” Development Manager at Shopify. ImageImage
Elizabeth Boyle, writer and historian. ImageImage
Founding Director of Sylfaen Cymru. ImageImageImage
Fionnag NicChoinnich, Singer/Songwriter. ImageImageImage
Spacegirl Books, for children.

(Anyone know what is in their books?) ImageImage
Victor Victoria, writer for Geek Syndicate. ImageImageImage
Jake Atkinson, campaigns person for Magic Breakfast. ImageImageImage
Hayley St. James, playwright. ImageImageImage
London Transgender Clinic. ImageImage
Katherine Caldwell, Managing Director of The Nest UK.

(See the tweet she’s linked to here ) ImageImageImage
Bex Stinson. Trustee for Galop UK. Lawyer that works at the Citizens Advice Bureau (fucking hell). ImageImageImage
Blue Fawkes, Communications Officer for Umbrella Lane. ImageImageImage
Salford Pride. Another LGBT organisation that completely forgot about lesbians.

#LesbianErasure ImageImage
Zoë Gemma, Deputy Head of Field & Training for WECA Labour, Secretary & Central Council for Socialist Health Association. ImageImage
Effy ‘Primetime’ Perry, handball player, Athlete Ally Pro Ambassador, artist. ImageImageImageImage
Boo Jackson, actor. ImageImageImage
Rosie, radio show host. ImageImage
Chris Lloyd, Senior Lecturer of literature at the University of Hertfordshire. ImageImageImage
NNE SAGA. ImageImage
Cassie Parkes, gaming lead. ImageImage
Official UK Pride Twitch Team Twitter Account. ImageImageImageImage
Hertfordshire Students' Union LGBT+ Society. ImageImage
LGBTed UK, Empower LGBT+ educators to be visible & authentic in schools for the benefit of LGBT+ young people.

Brainwashing children. ImageImageImage
Alex Balhatchet, head of engineering at Charlie HR. ImageImageImage
Ruth Adams, associate lecturer at the University of Chichester. ImageImageImage
UKLGIG (UK Lesbian and Gay Immigration Group). ImageImage
Wolds Pride. ImageImage
LGBT London Friend.

(See more from the LGBT Partnership here: ) ImageImage
Dr Caro Rowland, Director of Language Development Dept at MPI Nijmegen. ImageImage
Yara Alafandi, Quality, Transformation & Patient Safety at NHS Health Education England. ImageImageImage
Natalie Patuzzo, Director & Theatre Maker. ImageImage
I’m impressed Stonewall remembered that lesbians exist. Image
Over The Rainbow Podcast. ImageImageImage
Tatum Karmen, audio presenter and producer. ImageImage
Pink Therapy “The UK's largest Independent Therapy organisation specialising in Gender, Sex & Relationship Diversities (GSRDs) aka LGBTIQ+“

Linking to Stonewall. ImageImage
Charlotte Trueman, writer for Computerworld. ImageImageImage
Bury Pride. ImageImage
Rioghnach Ní Ghrioghair, writer and director of BREAK US. ImageImage
Queer Trustees. ImageImage
James Troughton, games journalist. ImageImageImageImage
Grace Blaise, manager of Total War. ImageImageImage
K.B. Wagers, author. ImageImage
Holly Ellis, Lighting Designer. ImageImage
Wayne Glover-Stuart, Writer, Producer, Lead Producer Chiswick Playhouse. Creative Producer at the BBC.

Not sure if pisstake, or woke and not received the backpedal memo on “womxn”. ImageImageImageImage
Indigo Gender Service - a new NHS adult gender service in Greater Manchester. ImageImageImageImage
Metta Theatre. ImageImageImage
Labour LGBT comrades also making it about the penis.

(See here for more: ) ImageImageImage
Uganda Key Populations Consortium. ImageImage
Rachel Baker, “ethical” copywriter. ImageImage
IOM Tanzania tweeting a link to our friends Unwomen.

(More here: ) ImageImageImageImage
IWRAW Thailand. ImageImageImage
Antara Ganguli, director, UN Girls’ Education Initiative Secretariat. ImageImageImage
UN RIC UK & Ireland. ImageImageImage
World Rugby. ImageImageImageImage
Bhekisisa Health Journalism Centre. ImageImageImage
Canadian “Women” in Sport. ImageImageImage
National Parks Conservation Association, celebrating two drag queens. ImageImageImage
The Aurat March had men talking about themselves. ImageImage
The NHS, for international Women’s Day held and online event. There was a session called “Transgender Equality” run by “Tara” Hewit (director of Purple Infusion, founder of TELI, and founder of the NHS Trans Staff Network) and “Owen” Francis. ImageImageImageImage
Smith Partnership (solicitors) sponsored a Denbys Finest (“celebrate and support women”) event called “What’s it like to be transgender?” by “Katie” Neeves.

For Women’s Day. ImageImageImageImage
Southampton Council, shoehorning in the penis people. ImageImageImageImage
Openly (“Impartial LGBT+ News”) apparently ran out of lesbians to talk about.

#LesbianErasure ImageImageImageImage
Health Foundry. ImageImage
Queers to the Front.

(I hate typing that word so much) ImageImage
Netherlands celebrating “Lilit” Martirosyan. ImageImageImageImage
The Centre for Children & Young People, Southern Cross University. ImageImage
“Kirsti” Miller. ImageImage
Gemma Cafarella, Barrister, Radio presenter, Chair, govt regulation & equality at the. I tories Council for Civil Liberties. ImageImageImageImage
Libro Levi Bridgeman, sprinkling in some penis. ImageImage
Liana Charnelle, actor and singer. ImageImageImage
Trans in STEM. ImageImage
Creatives in STEM. ImageImage
Ali Baskerville, artist, media safety adviser, self defence trainer. ImageImageImage
Sinéad Gibney, Chief Commissioner for Human Rights & Equality in Ireland. ImageImageImage
Netflix Film couldn’t resist slipping a penis into the list of women. ImageImageImage
Pan Africa ILGA, with bonus “womxn”. ImageImageImage
Queering Cancer.

(What the fucking fuck) ImageImage
Maddy, Content Marketer for GameSpot and CNET. ImageImage
Learning4Impact using the wrong hashtag. ImageImageImageImage
The Better India. ImageImageImageImage
The Canary and Shoal Collective. ImageImageImageImage
Another one from “Women’s” Strike Assembly.

(More here: ) ImageImage
Sharan Dhaliwal (editor of Burnt Roti Magazine, creator of Oh Queer Cupid, director of Middlesex Pride, bylines: Guardian, Huffington Post UK). ImageImageImage
Emily Ashton, actor and musician. ImageImage
“Amber”, Director for Policy and Campaigns for the Philippine Anti-Discrimination Alliance of Youth Leaders. ImageImageImage
IOM - UN Migration. ImageImageImage
Editor in Chief of AZ Magazine (LGBTQ).

Forgot about lesbians.

#LesbianErasure ImageImageImage
Ed Callow, copywriter. ImageImageImageImage
Just Like Us, LGBT+ young people's charity, conflating lesbian and bi girls with boys. ImageImageImageImage
Lian Li, with fingers in many pies. ImageImageImage
Lawyers for Choice. “We work to improve public understanding of Irish abortion law and reproductive justice”.

Perhaps they’re working with Abortion Rights IE? (see more here: ) ImageImage
The Rainbow Project “promotes the health & wellbeing of LGBT people in NI”.

Skipped lesbians.

#LesbianErasure ImageImage
Comics Youth (comics in Liverpool).

More wokx folx that didn’t get the “womxn” memo. ImageImage
Lisa Vine, advocacy, consulting, training, “supporting those striving for LGBT+ inclusion”. ImageImageImageImage
European Coordination Via Campesina. ImageImage
It Was Never A Dress. ImageImage
Julie Kelleher, Artistic Director & CEO of Mermaid Arts Centre. ImageImageImage
Nitah, from Choose Yourself Organization. ImageImageImage
National Student Pride, the largest LGBTQIA+ student event in the UK.

No mention of lesbians.

#LesbinaErasure ImageImage
Barbara Fantechi, full professor at Sissa (Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati). ImageImage
Dr Yves Rees, lecturer at La Trobe University. ImageImageImage
Dr Miranda Corcoran, author, podcaster, and writer. ImageImageImageImage
Tranz Network Uganda. ImageImage
Another from Maddie Groves.

Not sure if the other () was deleted and this is a repost, or just repeating. Image
Dr Emily Garside, chair of Taking Flight. ImageImageImage
Netspeak Games. ImageImage
Luke, 2021 Candidate for USI Vice-President Equality & Citizenship, Deputy President of Technological University Dublin Students’ Union. ImageImageImage
Rainbow Blades, official Sheffield United
LGBT+ and Allies supporters group. ImageImageImage
Shar Ni Nualláin, creator of West Queer Art, Bi+ Ireland coordinator. ImageImageImageImage
Trans Advocacy Initiative, Uganda. ImageImage
Anuradha Damale, Asst. Researcher At VERTIC, Director at the UK branch of Women of Color Advancing Peace and Security. ImageImageImage
“Elijah” W Harris, actor and writer. ImageImage
Anna Maino, Consultant Eye Surgeon. ImageImage
Marguerite Kenner, Escape Artist Podcast. ImageImageImage
In the Women’s March in Lebanon people were chanting for trans people. Image
Dr. Angelika Strohmayer, lecturer at Northumbria Technology for Humanity, co-runs ImageImageImageImage
Neil Bast, organiser of Proud Baggies and Pride House Birmingham. ImageImageImageImage
ILGA Asia Asian Region of the International LGBT Association. ImageImageImage
Another from Comics Youth.

(More here: ) Image
James Moorhouse, consultant manager of the Chartered Insurance Institute. ImageImageImage
OUTREACH Youth. ImageImage
Eddy Ng, James & Elizabeth Freeman Professor at Buckner University, editor of EDI Journal.

Article linked is all about trans. ImageImageImageImage
Zuzana Plk, human rights lawyer, has some demands. ImageImage
Tamara Sredojevic, Co-founder of Thea. ImageImageImage
Scottish Trans. ImageImageImage
London Gaymers, LGBT+ community for board and video gamers.

No mention of lesbians.

#LesbianErasure ImageImage
Johnnie Ingram, writer, producer, director, comedy critic. ImageImageImage
Miss Trans Global. ImageImageImage
Kate Martin, Mental Health Lived Experience Lead for Wellcome, Chair of London LGBT Friend. ImageImageImageImage
Jeanna Louise Skinner, author, podcaster. ImageImageImage
Pride House Tokyo. ImageImage
The Beach House, Burntisland. Using all the wrong hashtags, and the wrong flag for their statement. The beach house is confused. ImageImage
Lips Choir. ImageImage
Roz Bellamy, editor and writer for various publications.

The Venus symbol makes Roz think of transphobia. ImageImageImage
Emily Ulman, musician, festival programmer. ImageImage
Rocket Woman. ImageImage
Rania Vamvaka, Co-convenor Research Group
@Cardiff School of Social Sciences, Co-chair of Glitter Cymru and of Glitter Sisters. ImageImageImage
Lizzie Streeter, National LGBT Programme Manager for the NHS, Trustee of Elfrida Rathbone Camden. ImageImageImageImage
Gemma Saggers, UKCP Registered Psychotherapist and Mental Health Consultant. ImageImage
Kevin Blanchard, DRR Dynamics.

Penispenispenispenis. Happy Women’s Day. ImageImage
Chloe Ivy Rose, Senior SEO Exec of Blue Array.

Penispenispenispenis. That’s it, that’s the IWD tweet. ImageImageImage
The Radical Therapist Network. ImageImage
Seán Mac Giollamhuire, Asst Professor in Nursing & ICU Nurse.

Penispenispenispenis. Sex work. IWD.

These are getting ridiculous. ImageImage
Laura Lowther, Volunteering Development at St Oswald’s Hospice, Trustee Linskill Centre, NE Chair AVSM Network UK. ImageImageImage
CeCe X, synthwave musician. ImageImage
Black Trans Alliance again.

(More here: ) Image
Clare Seal, writer, speaker, author.

Not sure what podcast is being referenced. ImageImage

“Reject the binary”?

“Break stereotypes”?

“Challenge gender norms”?

Unwomen is confused.

(More here: ) Image
Speaking Statues. ImageImage
“Alexa” Moore, director of Transgender NI. Working with our mates Abortion Rights IE and Aoife Martin.

(See here for more: ) ImageImageImageImage
Charlotte Pride. ImageImage
The Ethnic and Gender Studies (EGS) program at ESU.

International Womxn’s Day! ImageImage
Fat Out, curating shows in Manchester & Salford. ImageImageImageImage
Sister Diaspora. More wokes that didn’t get the “womxn” memo. ImageImageImageImage
Sister Midnight, grassroots music venue.

“Womxn”s. ImageImage
Karol Mason, president of John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY. ImageImageImage
Brooklyn Community Pride Center, Brooklyn's only multi-service LGBT+ community center.

Skipped over lesbians and celebrated two drag queens.

#LesbianErasure ImageImage
University of Maryland Prevention Research Center. ImageImage
Flux. ImageImage
Daniel Lismore, artist and designer. ImageImage
Another one from NARAL, with another drag queen.

(See more here: ) Image
Tierney, celebrating “Angelica” Ross. ImageImageImageImage
“Charlie” Amáyá, creator of Diné Aesthetic(s), creative collaborator at Breakthrough US. ImageImageImage
Lex. ImageImage
Pride Life rand out of lesbians and are celebrating a drag queen.

#LesbianErasure ImageImage
Hopkinton Public Library. ImageImage
MAMA GLORIA celebrating “Gloria” Allen. ImageImageImage
Power California, “We harness the energy of young voters of color” ImageImageImage
Penn LGBTC, “One of the oldest and most active LGBT centers in the country”.

They ran out of lesbians to talk about.

#LesbianErasure ImageImageImage
OCIC, Ontario Council for International Cooperation. ImageImageImage
LHI Houston.

I wonder what they mean by “transphobia”. ImageImageImage
ESMoA, “an art laboratory beyond museums that believes the power of art ignites creativity in all.” ImageImage
Allsorts Youth Project, “listens to, supports & connects children and young people U26 who are LGBT+ or unsure of their gender identity and/or sexual orientation across Sussex”.

They forgot about lesbians.

#LeabianErasure ImageImage
Queer Global. ImageImage
The Leonard-Litz Foundation, LGBT org that skipped lesbians and went straight to 8 males.

#LesbianErasure ImageImageImage
Hetrick-Martin Insttitute, “the nation's oldest and largest LGBTQ youth organization”, celebrate “Cecilia” Gentili, and nominate Gentili for Women Speak.

Couldn’t think of any lesbians, I guess.

#LesbianErasure ImageImageImageImage
Here’s the other tweet from Equality NC.


(See here: ) Image
Out & Equal, “The premier organization working exclusively on LGBTQ workplace equality.”

Rewriting history. And ignoring lesbians.

#LesbianErasure ImageImageImage
Apparently Hulu changed their app. Image
Jennifer Risi, founder of Sway Effect, board member of 4As Foundation, advisor for our misogynist mates Unwomen. ImageImageImageImage
The Department of Communication at Frostburg State University celebrating a drag queen. ImageImage

(Not sure what they’re doing here) ImageImageImage
Bay State College celebrating Cox. ImageImage
César Chávez, AZ State Representative. ImageImageImageImage
Her Campus chapter at West Chester University, an online magazine written by empowered college “women”.

Celebrating “Georgina” Beyer. ImageImageImageImage
Americans of Conscience Checklist celebrating “Sarah” McBride. ImageImageImageImage
The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee discriminates against women. ImageImageImage
Kleochrome, colourises “women's” history. ImageImageImage
LPAC, “raising the political voice of LGBTQ women”.


#LesbianErasure ImageImageImage
Triangle Community Center LGBT advocates celebrating Cox over lesbians.

#LesbianErasure ImageImage
Supported Loving, “helping” people with learning disabilities.

This feels so wrong. ImageImageImage
Scott Circle Communications celebrating a drag queen. And they say he’s a drag queen. But they still use the Women’s History Month hashtag. ImageImage
CU Anschutz Student Affairs celebrate “Marci” Bowers. ImageImageImage
Soulfeltcandles. ImageImage
Lisa DeFrank-Cole, author. ImageImageImage
GeoHealth Network promoting Avery R Everhart under the wrong hashtag. ImageImageImageImage
Georgia Preece, Research Artist, Environmental Editor at Radical Art Review, Production Assistant at Frequency Festival.

Another one seeming to connect the Venus symbol to “transphobia”, or something. ImageImage
CEJI celebrating “Lídice” Gura. ImageImageImage
WCS Barrie, “Women” & Children’s Shelter.

Another “women’s” shelter admitting men. ImageImage
Kerry C. Byrne, publisher and writer. ImageImageImage
SERC (Sexuality Education Resource Centre). ImageImage
Yuka Takemon, Instructor/Lesson maintainer The Carpentries, RStudio, Organizer of R Ladies Vancouver.

Spreading the word that “womxn” is now suddenly bad for the people that invented it. ImageImageImageImage
Colorlines. ImageImageImage
Laurie Kearney, founder of Ghost Gallery, co-coordinator of Capitol Hill Art Walk. ImageImageImageImage
Yvette D. Clarke, representing New York’s 9th Congressional District. ImageImage
StarGemCosmetics LLC. ImageImageImage
Trish Becker Commissioner at Anastasia Mosquito. ImageImageImage
Jae, programs manager at Games and Online Harassment Hotline, and “Feminist” Frequency, curator of Gender Unbound.

(More from the fake feminists here: ) ImageImageImage
TransPlus Gender Clinic. ImageImageImage
Kayleigh Wheatley, Deputy GM - Elective Access at Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS. ImageImageImage
Hannah Shewan Stevens, journalist for way too much stuff. ImageImage
Zaftyg, Progressive Brand for the Consciously Thinking “Woman”. ImageImage
“Katie” Neeves. ImageImage
Tara Costello, author. ImageImage
Bisexual Lightning, podcast. ImageImage
Seventh-day Adventist Kinship. ImageImage
Tay Anderson, Denver School Board Director. ImageImageImage
Tanis Fowler, journalist at CBC News. ImageImageImage
Notflix, The UK's original 5*, award-winning, all-“female” musical improv team.

Celebrating TiM Shon Faye. ImageImageImage
IFLScience celebrating “Angelica” Ross. ImageImage
Black Trans Alliance love to troll.

(See more here: ) Image
A.R. Martino, visual storyteller at La Voce di NewYork. ImageImageImage
Casey Pick, professional LGBTQ advocate at the Trevor Project.

No mention of the lesbians that boys have beaten in girls sports.

#LesbianErasure ImageImageImage
Sonsuh Educational Supplies, “We are a reliable source for educational materials and resources, for parents, teachers and daycares.” ImageImage
The Marginalized Majority. ImageImageImageImage
Toni Marie Preston, Technical Assistance Specialist at Howard Brown Health, Public Speaker, DEI Trainer/Consultant. ImageImageImage
NY Area Bisexual+ Network. ImageImageImageImage
Illinois State University Queer Coalition.

No love and good vibes for the lesbians.

#LesbianErasure ImageImage
Vermont Department of Corrections.

No wonder men get put into women’s prisons. ImageImageImage
Zahra Mesrizadeh, author, Nanovaccine Researcher at UCSD, Biomedical Engineer. ImageImage
Dr Denalerie Johnson-Faniel, author, lifecoach, and CONSULTANT PROFESSOR YOGI at Howard U and Columbia. ImageImage

• • •

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