I want to restate this a day later. There’s a reason why the traditionally anti-monarchist British publications like the Guardian aren’t leaping on H&M and it’s not because they’re “destroying the monarchy”. It’s because they evidence some mildly liberal views.
A couple of decades back, they were doing the same thing to Prince Charles, whose views on environmentalism, organic farming and the built environment (while being often pretty clumsy) were widely derided by the right-wing press as “weird”.
I mean think about that. This is Prince Charles we’re talking about! He’s not a bastion of liberal values. He’s pretty far from an icon of the left. But expressing views like that was revolting and anathema to a right-wing Briton that fundamentally thinks royalty belongs to them.
For me, at its core, the irredeemable sin of Meghan Markle is not that she’s mixed race per se, it’s that *being* mixed race means she’s aware of and cares about things that the right-wing press derides. She’s “woke” and she’s made Harry “woke” and that repulses them.
When @piersmorgan attacks Meghan Markle, he’s not attacking her for being self-important or arrogant or for attacking the Queen. He’s attacking her for having the nerve to suggest that implicit bias might exist, that there might be any institutional racism in Britain at all.
I mean this shouldn’t surprise anyone. Look at the headlines. The Telegraph: google.com/amp/s/www.tele…
Again, Daily Mail: google.com/amp/s/www.dail…
Yet again, Daily Mail: google.com/amp/s/www.dail…
I mean you can plough through this stuff all day and never find the bottom. google.com/amp/s/www.expr…
Fundamentally, this is the guts of the thing. The *entire* Meghan and Harry debacle, the *entire* reason they’re treated differently from William and Kate, the *entire* reason they’re in this situation is right-wing culture war stuff.
Meghan and Harry are (or at least were) well-liked and incredibly famous members of the Royal Family who were able to, and willing to support the basic statement ‘black lives matter’. And how could they not? The issue affects Meghan and her family directly. It affects their kids.
Their approval, popularity and *pretty basic politics* represent a threat to the right-wing Daily Express, the right-wing Sun, the right-wing Telegraph, the right-wing Sky News, the (basically) right-wing @piersmorgan and most of all the right-wing Daily Mail.
And in the end, that’s all this is about. The British establishment’s equivalent of Fox News deciding that they’re a threat and a challenge and therefore working to destroy them and their credibility at every turn.
In this model, Meghan and Harry aren’t people any more. They’re just another battlefield in the pervasive anglophone culture war, viewed as an asset of the left by the British right-wing, and who therefore must be destroyed. No wonder the other royals keep their mouths shut.

• • •

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8 Mar
I’m British. I live in America. I am generally pretty uninterested in the monarchy. I used to be pretty hardcore anti-monarchist. That’s changed a *bit* because I do think there’s something stabilizing about heritage and institutions (as long as they can evolve), but not much.
My general position is that they’re massively over-privileged, rich, unnecessarily powerful people who deserve effectively none of it, but are also part of a chain that has some meaning, and neither deserve the praise nor most of the opprobrium they receive.
I don’t watch royal weddings. I don’t watch royal interviews. I genuinely do not spend a lot of attention keeping up with what’s going on with them. For the most part, I simply do not care.
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12 Jan
@GMB @piersmorgan A bunch of people will hear "gay roles for gay actors" and say it's stupid or hypocrisy. But there are a few areas to consider:
(1) Do gay actors get roles?
(2) Can straight actors accurately portray gay people?
(3) Can gay actors accurately portray straight people?
@GMB @piersmorgan The first one is I think pretty clear - while it has become considerably easier for gay actors to get ahead in Hollywood, they still don't generally have access to the most common or most popular roles and it can be an impediment to their careers.
@GMB @piersmorgan The same is true in the UK. It is often the case that actors who are out and well-known as gay simply don't get given straight roles in movies or TV. They're considered 'not believable'. Whereas when a straight actor plays an LGBT role, they're (now) considered 'brave'
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26 Nov 20
If you want to know what the Trump administration has been about, then read this list of ‘midnight regulations’ that they’re trying to implement in their final days in office. I’ll post a few of them below. projects.propublica.org/trump-midnight…
The Trump administration is expected to move forward plans to make families of noncitizen immigrants ineligible for subsidized housing.
The Trump administration is expected to move forward plans to increase the speed at which chickens may be slaughtered by putting workers at higher risk of amputations.
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24 Nov 20
I may be in a minority here, but I don’t think there’s *any* way to do an investigation of the Trump administration’s abuses that is coordinated or organized in any way from a Biden appointee.
Do I think his administration needs or requires investigation. Absolutely. Without question. Yes. Do I think he did appalling things. Absolutely. Without question. Yes. But if a Biden appointed AG starts it, it will *always* be viewed as a partisan attack ...
... and it will necessarily increase the sense that the AG and the Federal government is a tool that you can use to attack your political enemies.
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24 Nov 20
Right-wing media is now absolutely completely consumed by anti-voting machine hysteria. I have to tell you, I’m okay with this! If their anxiety results in more thorough audit trails and a determination to keep these machines updated and with paper verification, it’s good!
It is, as always, basically impossible to search Google for any subject that’s currently in the news and be able to find any historical record, but tech professionals, civil rights organizations and democrats have been raising concerns about abuse for years...
... stating that it’s important to have clear auditability, the ability for people voting to be able to check their votes on paper slips before they submit them (the benefit here being that it’s faster to machine-count machine-created ballots) ...
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23 Nov 20
So a few key states are supposed to be certifying their results today. Trump is leaning hard on the GOP members to not certify the results, which drive the conclusions to state courts or delay them so Congress ends up choosing the President by state delegation.
As always, we need to be clear about what’s happening. Joe Biden won six million more votes than Donald Trump. He won 306 Electoral college votes from the states vs 232 for Trump. There is no evidence of voter fraud.
And yet Trump and the Republican Party are working incredibly hard to deny reality, lie through their teeth and find a way to force themselves to stay in power. It is no more and no less than an attempted coup.
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