Known as Dakshin Badri, Thiru Narayanapuram is one of the four famous Swayambu Kshetrams, the other three being Srirangam, Kanchipuram and Tirupati.
The presiding diety is Cheluva Narayana Swamy/ Selva Pillai/ Rama Priyan.
Once, Sri Rama gave his aradhana murthi of Sri Ranganatha, to Raja Vibhishana on his request. So he was left without a murthi for his daily pujas. Brahma is said to have provided the murti of Selva Pillai to Rama who later passed this on to his sons, Lava and Kusa.
When Kusa’s daughter married a Yadava prince, this murthi moved to the lunar dynasty from solar.

It is said that the utsav murthi got the name Selva Pillai due to Sri Ramanuja.
Once, a Sultan took away this murthi and Sri Ramanuja went in its search to the Sultan’s palace.
The Sultan brought several murthis and asked him to identify the original. Sri Ramanuja called, “Adiyen, Vaareer En Selva Pillai.” Prabhu ran as a baby and sat on Ramanuja’s lap. As Prabhu had responded to this name, he came to be called Selva Pillai.
The primary attraction of this sthalam is the great Brahmotsavam during which perumal is decorated with Vairamudi (a special and precious ornament in which diamond stones are installed) and this seva is called as "Vaira mudi Seva".

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11 Mar

In the Kotirudra Samhita of Shiv MahaPurana, there is a story of a hunter, Gurudruh (गुरुद्रुह). The hunter was a cruel man who knew no mercy.
One day, he kept roaming in the forest but could not kill any animal.
@RatanSharda55 ImageImageImage
It so happened that it was Shivratri that day.
At night, he took some water with him and climbed a bilva tree near a pond hoping to find an animal. Soon, he saw a roe (female deer).
As he was going to kill her, some water and bilva leaves fell on a Shivlinga below the tree. ImageImage
The roe begged for mercy and asked him to let her go and meet her kids one final time. The hunter agreed.
After sometime, another roe came. Again, some water and bilva leaves fell on the shivlinga as Gurudruh tried to kill her.
She too asked him to give her sometime. Image
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The Ekadashi Tithi of Phalguna, Krishna Paksha is called Vijaya Ekadashi.

Vijaya Ekadashi is the day that symbolises victory. Those who wish to attain success in some work observe this vrat and seek Sri Vishnu's blessings.
When Sri Rama got to know where Ravana had taken Ma Sita, he decided to attack Lanka. However, the vast ocean in front of him made his task difficult. It was then suggested to him to go to Rishi Bhakad Albhya.
The great Rishi suggested the Ekadashi Vrat to Sri Ram.
Sri Rama did the Ekadashi vrat, as suggested and was able to overcome all obstacles.
Similarly, anyone who observes the Vijaya Ekadashi vrata with devotion, attains glory and the eternal blessings of Sri Hari Vishnu.
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8 Mar

Sri Varadaraja Swamy is the presiding deity in this kshetram which is on a hillock called Hastigiri.
Once, Brahma performed a yagna in which he failed to invite Devi Saraswati. Thus angered, Devi took the form of a river (Vegavathi). ImageImageImage
Sri Narayana lied down across the flooded river to save the yagna. When the yagna was completed, Sri Varadaraja appeared from the yagna agni with his consorts, Sridevi and Bhoodevi.
As Prabhu emerged from fire, he acquired pinkish spots on his face. Image
Near the sanctum, there is a carving of 2 lizards- in gold and silver.
It is said that once Rishi Gautam cursed 2 of his disciples as the water brought by them for pooja had two lizards in it which were not noticed by them. They were cursed to become lizards. Image
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2 Mar

Shiva Lingam here is said to be swayambhu meaning it is self-manifested.
It is said that once Brahma Ji became proud of his 5 heads. To teach him a lesson, Shiva cut off one of his heads. So, here Shiva is called Kabaleeswarar.
Also, it was here that Ma Parvati worshipped Shiva in the form of a peacock which is known as Mayil in Tamil.
Once, Shiv was teaching Parvati the meaning of five lettered Mantra Na Ma Shi Va Ya and the glory of the sacred ash. She got distracted with the appearance of a peacock.
She was then cursed to become a peacock by him. Then Mata came to this place and offered her prayers to him. After she regained her original form she was named as Karpagavalli by Shiva. It is at this place that Mata gave Muruga the spear or Sakthi Vel.
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1 Mar

Dedicated to Naag Devta Vasuki. The five-headed Naga Devta is visited by devotees, especially on Sundays when special Pooja is performed offering milk and turmeric to the deity.
Two nagas- Darnendran and Padmavati are dwarapalaks here.
Once a village girl was cutting grass in the area when she noticed blood oozing out of her axe after accidentally hitting a stone. It was the stone murti of Naga devta. A hut was built around it. Later Raja Marthanda Verma visited here when he was suffering from skin problems.
His disease was cured and he built a huge mandir here.
The main sanctum still has mud walls and thatched roof with the stone murti of Nagaraja placed on the soil. The soil underneath it always remains wet. It is believed that blood is still oozing out of the murti till date.
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28 Feb

Mandir dating back to Pallava period. Dedicated to Murugan. After vanquishing Soorapadman at Tiruchendur, Skanda destroyed the rest of the Rakshasas here at Tirupporur ('place of the sacred war').
@twttdc ImageImage
Sthalapurana says that here, Murugan with his consorts Valli and Devayanai granted protection to devas and expounded the meaning of Pranava to Agastya Muni.

Skanda worshipped Shiva as Vanmeekeswarar to rid himself of the sin of having killed Soorapadman. Image
The founding guru of Thiruporur was Srimad Chidambaraswamy who was an ardent worshipper of "Madurai Meenakshi Amman". In a vision, Devi bade him to build a mandir for Sri Muruga at Thiruporur. He unearthed the Swayambu murtis of Muruga with his consorts and established the Mandir Image
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