1/Courageous, wise UK Mom: “WHY I’M REFUSING TO SEND MY KID TO SCHOOL WITH A FACE MASK.” “…the scientific evidence.. is very weak. I believe the decision to ask kids to wear masks is largely political”
2/ “I’ve read a lot of studies and I’m convinced that the evidence for masks in schools is weak. [Oxford Dr.] Carl Heneghan, said it's low-quality observational evidence based on small observational studies, or laboratory studies, or modelling studies” cebm.net/covid-19/maski…
3/ “fear and anxiety at home gets into the children. You tell them that they need to wear masks because otherwise they'll kill their granny, and then you test them three times before school starts and it instills in them a form of germaphobia”
4/ “I have no faith that we’ll be ‘back to normal’ by June, and masks do provide a huge barrier to getting back to that bec of the strong visual symbolism they represent of the fear of Covid danger everywhere. Getting rid of the mask would help people go back to normal.”
5/ "While they're mandated, people will continue to feel mistrustful of fellow humans, as though they are walking biohazards instead of human beings.”
6/ “And I think masks hamper learning too. In a language class, you're trying to look at the teacher's lips to see if you're pronouncing words correctly, it's not going to be very effective for foreign languages and other things like drama and music.”
7/ “To bring about such an intrusive measure that a lot of young people will find difficult, and I think is unscientific, is wrong. From what I see, these measures just aren't proportionate, they haven't been taken on the scientific evidence”
8/ “I wrote to 28 parents at my daughter’s school about the issue, and most said while they weren’t totally in favour, they’d cut their left arm off to get their kids back in school so they’ll put up with asking them to wear masks.”
9/ “I think that's the attitude of a lot of parents right now. They'll accept almost anything that a year ago we would have reacted to, just because being out of school has been so damaging. But where’s the line?”
10/ “When you start making compromises on masks and testing, what else will you make a compromise on? How much do we have to compromise for our children’s right to an education? At some point you have to say, enough is enough.”

• • •

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