How? How is it possible that I take my nephew to his soccer practice & the team manager bee lines for us, asks if I was born in this country, & then proceeds to explain how much time he spent in Israel in his capacity in the Air Force 👀👀👀 wait, it gets fresher.
When I explain I’m Palestinian (again) he tries to make nice and explain that he spent a lot of time managing money/fundraising for Palestinian security forces 😱😱😱I really thought it couldn’t get worse...when I said oh, 2006, the Dayton Forces, I actually study what you do....
Then I don’t know what compels him to tell me: “ya I was there from 2004-2007 when Syria was raining missiles on Israel” 👀 that’s not what you mean, Syria hasn’t attacked Israel since 1973...he laughs & says it was so cool how Israelis just stayed on the beach during the war 😱
We explained what the casualties were in Lebanon that summer & how disproportionate, 2 which he replies, he loves the Lebanese food in Israel 🤦🏽‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️🤡 @ this point I tried 2 point out the weather to escape this diabolical circus...I’ll spare u the rest but this folks, is US empire
معقول؟ لاء مش معقول.
So callous, ignorant, and violent all at once and he was trying to make small talk. #Empire

• • •

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29 Nov 20
Today is the #InternationalDayofSolidaritywiththePalestinianPeople. The UN established it in 1977 in the context of anti-imperial resistance, particularly to the United States, which has been blocking pathways to freedom for Palestinians. #Palestinians #Solidarity #Thread
The #Palestinian #Liberation Organization entered the #UN foray in 1974 & immediately helped pass UNGA Res 3236 - a corrective to UNSC Res 242, which normalized Israel's status pre 1967 & reified the juridical erasure of Palestinians as a people w the right to self-determination.
In 1975, the UNGA passed Res 3375 insisting that the PLO be included in the Middle East Peace Process - which the US and Israel excluded vehemently and instead discussed their interests through proxy of other Arab States thus insisting that #Palestinians "do not exist." #Freedom
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20 Nov 20
I just finished a call with a journo wanting to ask about #Pompeo's moves to recognize colonial settlements as part of Israel, to decry #BDS, and to collapse anti #Zionism and anti Semitism. A few thoughts. #THREAD
Re #BDS: It is not the core of progressive organizing or the heart of a movement, it is one of the few tactics left available to Palestinians and their allies as other tactics have been steadily and systematically maligned.
The US and Israel have always rejected #ArmedResistance, enshrined in Additional Protocol I (1977), as terroristic regardless of actual targets, namely military, and the PLO surrendered that right in 1993 in exchange for entering into the trap of the #PeaceProcess.
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19 Aug 20
#Normalization of relations between the #UAE and #Israel will likely be the beginning of more to come- Bahrain, Oman, and the Sudan among them. Worse, normalizing relations w Israel w/o any guarantees of protections for Palestinians continues a trend Egypt began in 1979 #Thread
One significant difference is that in 1979, the #ArabLeague responded with a boycott of #Egypt. Today that is unlikely and is, primarily, a reflection of a tired and stale official Palestinian leadership.
Here is a round up of must read/watch analyses about the past, present, and future of this juncture. #UAE #Israel #Normalization #Apartheid #Futures
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24 Jun 20
Israeli Army finally released the video of Ahmed’s car crash and execution. The only thing more enraging than this video being used as “evidence” of an attempted attack on soldiers are the journos who have watched it and are asking my family for comment. #Thread
Palestinians are so securitized as a threat that we can't make human mistakes, like lose momentary control of our car, press the accelerator in a moment of haste, get in a car accident.
#Palestinian #Freedom #AhmedErekat
There is such deep dehumanization that the obvious question of journos should be why is there a checkpoint bw 2 #Palestinian cities? Why would he do this on his sister's wedding day? Why did the soldiers shoot him lethally? Why did they deny access to paramedics? #AhmedErekat
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31 May 20
#Thread Israeli forces chased down and shot to kill Iyad Hallaq, a 32-year old autistic man, the only son to his parents, a resident of Wadi il Joz, on his way to a special needs school.… #Israel #StateViolence #iyadhalak #Freedom
This is illustrative of Israel's use of lethal force against all Palestinians from Gaza to Haifa and Jerusalem. Here is an excerpt from something I wrote and a link to a UN report condemning a culture of impunity for Israeli state violence. #Israel #StateCrimes #iyadhalak
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