1. Fancy A Peek Into The Life & Times Of Ireland's Most Powerful Man, Dr Tony Holohan ? 🧵 1/35
2. Dr Tony Holohan is an Irish public health physician who has served as Chief Medical Officer of Ireland since May 2008. Holohan graduated from medical school at UCD in 1991 and got a Masters in Public Health (MPH) in 1996.
3. Controversy does seem to follow Dr Holohan wherever he goes. Back in 2009 he was at the helm for the Swine Flu "Pandemic".

"Swine flu vaccines were tested and safe" insisted the HSE on Sat Nov 14 2009
4. Dr Tony Holohan also agreed "that clinical trials had found the vaccine to be safe and that he was confident this was the case"

5. Except it wasn't the case at all. One leaflet that was distributed on the LUAS knew what was going on where it said

“HSE needs 4 million (Irish) human guinea pigs to test new (barely) tested H1N1 swine flu vaccine jab,”

Ring any bells for what's going on now
6. Also at the time of the Swine Flu pandemic, Ireland's very own Dr Mike Ryan was Director of Global Alert and Response Operations at WHO. He was the go-to-guy in times of a pandemic. He also said the vaccines would be "safe and efficacious"

7. Deja-vu, Groundhog Day. It was only last year that patients who suffered from the side effects of the swine flu vaccine got any compensation. The rest of the cases are still ongoing. The pharma manufacturers weren't liable then either, just like now.

8. 10 years later Tony and Mike are still the same tag team giving orders. Interestingly they are also approximately the same age and both did a Masters In Public Health at UCD (although at different times).

Any possible connection there ?
9. Fast forward 7 years & another scandal. Holohan at the helm. Scores of women with cervical cancer were not told that smear test results showing them to be in the clear were in fact inaccurate and the revised test results were kept from them for years

10. Dr Holohan twice rejected calls to step down from his position. He offered his sympathy but has never apologised to any of the women in question.

11. Moving onto the Covid "pandemic" Dr Holohan has been heading up the National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET) since 27th Jan 2020. NPHET was created, in order to deal with the emerging SARS-CoV-2 problem

12. In the early stages of the pandemic Dr Holohan seemed a safe pair of hands. He has regularly appeared almost daily on TV to put peoples minds at rest. From as early as February 2020 he spoke at a press briefing when Ireland got its first case

13. From February to July it was the Tony Holohan doom and gloom show. He read out the deaths and cases every day on RTE. RTE is Ireland's equivalent of PRAVDA. Basically the governmental propaganda arm. He was being given a free ride by the media from the get-go.
14. From early on no journalist was allowed or was afraid to question Dr Holohan. When Jemima Burke did try on May 6th asking "Are patients who have not tested positive to COVID19 admitted to a Covid ward" her mic was switched off.

15. What could they have been trying to hide ? No other journalist has dared asked any meaningful question since. No doubt afraid of losing their job. Many of the public though smelt a rat though and displayed their anger in no uncertain terms.
16. On July 3rd Dr Holohan announced he was stepping down as CMO at the Department of Health to spend more time with his family as his wife Emer was diagnosed with a form of blood cancer.
17. Whilst on compassionate leave in July 2020 some civil servant thought he should be granted the freedom of the city for the tens of thousands of lives that he had personally saved. So what can Tony do with this freedom of the city.

18. He has the right to bring goods into Dublin through the city gates, without paying customs duties; the right to pasture sheep on common ground within the city boundaries; and the right to vote in municipal and parliamentary elections.
19. Tony has been pasturing the sheep since March 2020. There does seem to be a lot of sheep about in Ireland, about 99% of the population. Like lemmings they would follow him over a cliff. Trusting everything, questioning nothing.
20. Dr Ronan Glynn, Holohan’s deputy took the reins until Holohan’s return on October 5th. But the question that needs to be asked was what happened between July and October.

Did he meet with anyone within the WHO ?
21. Did anyone give him additional instructions or a roadmap to adhere to on his return ?

The man that returned to his post was very different to the one who had left. He arrived with a bang. The Independent even said “he looked like a man on a mission”

22. What was especially concerning though was how the media had portrayed Holohan's return. Catherine Fegan wrote of Holohan being

"cool-headed in times of crisis"

"It was the most anticipated comeback of the pandemic"

How had this man achieved almost celebrity like status.
23. Were memories so short that they had forgotten about the Swine Flu "Pandemic" and Cervical Cancer crisis ?

All people wanted was for someone to guide them through the crisis. He was still considered the man for the job especially as he was returning from compassionate leave
24. Even the week before he returned 'Government sources joked at a news conference that Dr Tony Holohan was returning as CMO and that “He’ll shut everything down”.

They weren’t joking.

25. Dr Holohan didn't want to disappoint those who had made the predictions. The fact that the journalists were making those predictions should have been a red flag. They may have been in jest but were still very serious. Tony was running everything with an iron fist.
26. Within 24 hours of returning Ireland was to placed into a level 5 lockdown. This is where we have remained to this day bar a couple of days off over Christmas.

It was just more smoke and mirrors. The Govt and NPHET have always worked hand in hand in furthering the agenda.
27. Dr Holohan even appeared on the Late Late Show with Ryan Tubridy to offer some hope for what could be achieved with a 6 week lockdown. Except he didn't provide any hope and it hasn't been 6 weeks. He just promoted the propaganda even further.

28. Allied to this was the fact that he told the great unwashed to stay at home whilst he pontificated in the studio. Another shameful performance from Tubridy but then again we shouldn’t be surprised as he is doing the bidding of his paymasters

He never asked any hard questions
29. Not all the public though were buying Tony and his Level 5 lockdowns.
30. In very rare instances Tony does decide to tell the truth but even then it has a caveat. Surprisingly, he admitted that visors didn't work.

Well done Tony, you got that one right. Except Tony had another agenda.
31. What he was trying to achieve here was to get everyone to just wear masks as they are far more submissive looking than visors as you see less facial expressions.

It was entirely a psychological play to keep the masses dumbed down and more afraid

32. He has continued his relentless reign of terror even into 2021 where he was very quick to blame the uptick in the "casedemic" to people's behaviour over Christmas.

Tony's single greatest asset is pointing fingers at others whilst shouldering no responsibility himself
33. With the advent of the vaccines he admitted that they don’t necessarily stop transmission. This gives him even further reason to lock people down even harder until Summer 2021 and more than likely more lockdowns in the winter

34. Let's make no bones about it Holohan is running the country and is on a massive power trip. He is like the schoolyard bully who beats people up not physically but psychologically and then takes their lunch money.
35. Tony Holohan's track record speaks for itself. Swine Flu pandemic, Cervical Cancer scandal and now COVID. People should be asking the question

How can "Tony The Terror Hooligan" be the most powerful man in Ireland after all that he has done and is continuing to do.

• • •

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3. I had arrived at my info by a different rabbit hole entirely whilst researching the Irish Global Economic Forum. I just stumbled across the UCD page by accident.

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