Roadmap for becoming Back-End Developer in 2021

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Learn the basics of Internet

1. How does the internet work?
2. What is HTTP & HTTPS?
3. What is Domain Name?
4. What is IP Address?
5. DNS and how it works?
6. What is hosting?
7. What is SMTP?
Basics of front-end languages

2. CSS
3. JavaScript
Learn a back-end language

1. PHP
2. NodeJS
3. Ruby On Rails
4. Python
5. Go
5. C#

Just learn anyone of the above language but make sure you have in-depth understanding of that language.

I will recommend NodeJs or PHP.
Learn Version Control System

1. Basic Git Commands
2. Repo hosting services
I. GitHub
II. Gitlab
III. Bitbucket

@github is most popular and widely used among all of them.
Learn about Relational Databases

1. MySQL
2. PostgreSQL
3. MariaDB
5. Oracle

MySQL is the most popular one.
Learn about NoSQL databases

1. MongoDB
2. RethinkDB
3. CouchDB
4. DynamoDB

NoSQL are very popular databases. Many startups are opting for NoSQL databases instead of SQL databases.
Learn About APIs

4. Open API Spec and Swagger
5. Authentication
6. GraphQL
Learn about caching

1. CDN (Cloud Delivery Network)
2. Server-side caching
I. Redis
II. Memcached
3. Client-side caching
Web Servers

1. Nginx
2. Apache
3. Reverse Proxy
Understand web security

1. Hashing Algorithm
I. MD5
II. SHA Family
III. Scrypt
IV. Bcrypt
Learn testing

1. Integration Testing
2. Unit Testing
3. Functional Testing
Containerization / Virtualization

1. Docker
2. Kubernetes
3. rkt
Architectural Patterns

1. Monolithic
2. Microservices
3. Serverless
4. Scaling (Horizontal & Vertical)
5. Load Balancers
If you want to learn more about System Design in depth than this post by @NlognHQ is for you.

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2. Prefer free weights instead of Smith machines.

3. Learn to ignore instead of debate.

4. Push your limits.

5. Don't skip leg day. Body always grows in proportion.
6. Stay hydrated.

7. Don't lift empty stomach. Consume black coffee and light calories before session.

8. Don't rely on pre workouts.

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