I imagine our woke military leadership thought they would benefit from the prior default support American normals had for “the military” when jumping into politics against @TuckerCarlson.

Except they failed to note how normals had been burned by other institutions previously. 1/
This is not 30, 20, 10 or even five years ago. Over the last two decades, normal Americans have found themselves attacked by every institution they had expected to protect them - academia, the media, the NFL... 2/
Even law enforcement betrayed them, in the form of kneeling cops & the FBI/DOJ cabal that tried to take down the man they elected President.

So normals were not naive and vulnerable - they were prepared to be betrayed when the woke .mil leadership abandoned its principles. 3/
The woke military leadership, in line with its 20 year history of failing to win wars, failed here to understand the cultural battlespace for its lame info op against a conservative icon.

It thought it could exploit our support for its political masters’ ends.

It was wrong. 4/
If our military can’t understand its own culture well enough to succeed, how can anyone expect it to understand China well enough to beat it?

It doesn’t. Woke .mil knows that. That’s why it wants to stifle such discussions. But it’s too inept to do it effectively. 5/
Time to view the military as liberal-occupied territory.

Time to abandon default support for its woke leaders.

Time for GOP pols to demand a return to standards, like tactical/strategic competence and strict non-politization.

Con media, hi-lite abuses! 6/
This way, we can set the stage for reform under a new President.

We can also make sure liberalism is properly assigned blame for the inevitable consequences of woke .mil leadership.

There will be a major defeat under Biden. America must understand why to repair the damage. 7/
None of this makes me happy to say.

Hesitating to recommend young Americans join this damaged institution - something many vets tell me they are experiencing too - is something I once could not imagine.

But fixing this demands tough love, high standards, and hard calls. 8/
We owe it to our troops & our country to demand nothing less than a military that is focused solely on deterring and winning wars, that is totally outside of politics, and that is dedicated not to one party or some alien faculty lounge ideology, but to the Constitution.

Out. 9/

• • •

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30 Jan
OK, I really like small businesses. A lot. And there’s one I’ve been giving a lot of business to to take care of some functions and they didn’t catch something that cost me a few bucks more than it should’ve. @irinamoises pointed out that that might be an issue in... 1/
the future and she asked if they could remind us when doing future transactions about it so we wouldn’t have to pay more. The guy got snotty about it and it’s like dude, I don’t have to come to you. The moral is if you were a small businessman and you pride yourself... 2/
On personal service to differentiate yourself from the big companies, maybe you should not be a dick to good customers. I understand, perhaps it’s an innovative new strategy I’ve never heard of...3/
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2 Dec 20
Interesting. I think it's at least potentially morally wrong. It might be a political question since one side might see it a silencing a witness while the other stopping a witch hunt. I think part of the pardon power is to end political vendettas... 1/4
For example, Russiagate is manifestly baloney. I think Trump is not only empowered to but should pardon everyone sucked into it. Is that "buying off witnesses?" Some will say so. But I think he has the power to. The remedy if it is wrong? Don't vote for him in 2024. 2/4
Related is the huge problem of proving intent. Should each pardon be litigated so that after the fact a hostile DOJ can decide the president's motivation was unsatisfactory? A bribe is easy - money changing hands is objective. Intent is not, and... 3/4
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25 Oct 20
First, there was my action-packed, liberal-tormenting Amazon bestselling conservative thriller about America split into red and blue nation and smartass, Wilson Combat .45-packing hero Kelly Turnbull breaking a lot of stuff...


Then I annoyed the libs even harder with the next novel, a story of oppressive liberal fascism and patriotic resistance by armed citizens...Bill Kristol called it “Appalling”...


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20 Oct 20
So @dandrezner do I really have to explain to you what evidence is?

Evidence is anything that proves or tends to prove a matter at issue. Whether it is reliable is a completely different question that does not reflect on the fact that it is evidence.

I’m glad I could help. 1/
If your contention is the evidence is not reliable, then you should say that.

But there is evidence that the emails are genuine. Whether you believe it or not is a material to the point you made.

To pretend that there is no evidence is simply to mislead gullible people who blindly follow your tweets.

From the facts I know, a foundation could be laid so that the laptop could almost certainly be admitted in trial against Hunter Biden under the rules of evidence.

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1 Oct 20
The dismissal is not just a moral victory (exoneration) but a practical one - without a dismissal, Flynn can't sue anyone (USG, Cov + Burl) because his case did not favorably terminate. A pardon would not be a favorable termination. @shipwreckedcrew @McAdooGordon

JS can dismiss w/o prejudice. Seem like that's the "clever" play. What then?

If Trump wins, the DoJ appeals (or is it a writ? Probably not.) and it is eventually ordered dismissed with prejudice by SCOTUS, and JS is humiliated.

If Biden wins, the calculus changes. Flynn has a dismissal in hand (w/ or w/o prejudice does not matter as to favorable termination) so Trump could pardon him for the BS crime (and FARA, and his son too) even though they are not charged (E.g., Carter pardoned draft dodgers). 3/
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18 Aug 20
It is not unfair to ask @MattWalshBlog what he means when he demands Trump do something about the chaos in Portland. I don't mean the general "DO SOMETHING!" frustrated folks shout. I mean specifics. 1/
This being something I have done personally, planned and written about in a law review article, I have to insist on specifics. The first question is the force package. What force do you propose? 2/
Call in the 82nd Airborne? Federalize the 41st IBCT from the Oregon Army Guard? That means an Insurrection Act declaration to get around Posse Comitatus. Or send federal cops? How many? What are their ROE? 3/
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