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15 Mar, 11 tweets, 2 min read
Hearing from "people", thousands of children in these so-called immigration centers. But there were many more thousands of children who "started the journey". Many people in these caravans have traded children for safe passage. When they could not afford the fees.
They have traded their children or other children that they kidnapped from their home countries. many times they would take a child from a neighbor, guaranteed they would get them to the US safely, and trade that child to traffickers instead of paying cash.
Now that Bi-den is "in office", the "2021 Marielle boat lift" has begun. Countries throughout Central and South America as well as Mexico, and other countries around the world, are releasing their criminal populations from jails and mental institutions. So they can go to the US
Saving them crime and problems and money, while we pick up the tab. This is what counts for the increased number of known criminals being apprehended at the border. This is only a small fraction of what is actually coming.
These known criminals will set up and grow existing networks in the US. It will be a problem we and our children will deal with for decades.
The reason there are so many children showing up at the border, these people know that each child represents money and benefits to them. So they bring as many children as they can get. Theirs or others. They need children for the benefits, they need children to trade for passage.
They're already cases of known felons, drugs are otherwise, buying their way out of prison if they agree to go to the US.
Just had update:
Central and South American countries or hiding the numbers of kidnappings. They are encouraging people to take children with them. Homeless/abandoned children. To save that country caring for them. People are taking/ kidnapping children to pay for passage
At each country's border not just the US. If they took a child from a friend or neighbor and guaranteed them safe passage, they are reporting back that the child was taken from them by the US government when they arrived.
NOT that they traded the child previously to gain access to Mexico or another country.
These people are now going to file suits against the government for losing their children. Already Us in foreign attorneys lining up to represent them,
They know the truth but they smell dollar signs and publicity. Looking for the "where are the missing children" campaign 🙏🙏🙏

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15 Mar
There is SO much going on, not just here but around the world.
People, groups, and Governments, are making decisions, and moving forward, based on the "Bi-den admin"🤮.
They Know that the Bi-den admin is not only weak, they know the admin is covering up anything that would
make them look bad.
A Strong President represents a strong U.S. and that is a deterrent around the world. A weak and obviously compromised president, morally, physically, mentally, is a sign that they can "get away with it", nothing will or can be done about it.
Just in this country we have groups that are doing and planning further illegal activities because they know they can get away with it. It will be covered up by this admin, it will never be seen on the news. Drug cartels are moving massive amounts of drugs and people into the
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12 Mar
After covid, and stealing the ElecShun, they believe there's nothing we will do, nothing we won't take. There will be bill after Bill restricting firearms ownership. There are already bills being written to restrict ammunition. Not just ownership, but "stockpiling"
Charges. If you stockpile it shows "intent to cause harm".
there will be limits on the amount of ammunition and caliber that manufacturers can produce during one fiscal year. With severe limits on tracking their ammunition distribution.
One after another after another
Until the "Second Amendment" is just a few letters on a piece of old paper. Permanent ammo shortages.
Bi-den will sign anything and everything they put in front of him and they're going to take advantage of that while he can still hold a pen.
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11 Mar
Dems don't care much about COVID deaths, "casualties of war" for them. Just the fodder needed to control the election and steal all the money.🙏🙏🙏
Cuomo sending people to their deaths without a thought while sexually assaulting, at least, numerous young women. Was he turned on by the deaths he was causing? Someone should ask Mr. Nipples 🤔🤔
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8 Mar
I'm hearing that the "new immigrants" (illegal aliens) are being DELIBERATELY Infected with COVID 19, they are then dispersed throughout the country so another "COVID" outbreak can happen. Done so the DS can keep us locked down because of another "outbreak".
Testing was suspended for these incoming "weaponized people" to hide just how many are carrying the virus.
Florida, Texas, are a particular Target for these newcomers, they are already being shipped to those States.
In Arizona, Texas, Florida, it will be very easy to introduce these people into predominantly Hispanic areas without notice.
Look for greatly increased covid cases at local hospitals/medical facilities out of proportion to the last few weeks.
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6 Mar
Biden just scratched his ass, how "presidential"🙄🙄🙄
That's one way to get the
"Kamala smell" off your fingers 🤮
The "memes" are going to be brutal when somebody gets that video clip 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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