1/ This report comes from the same physician who previously found a rise in emergency visits in younger people after vaccinations at his medical center. This time he looked at 22,500 vaccinated people aged 65-79, and 7,750 over 80.

His findings were striking and disturbing...
2/ In brief, in the over-80 group, emergency room visits and hospitalizations rose notably after vaccinations began in early February, and the rise accelerated after the second dose; also, the group saw a notable rise in stroke diagnoses, though off a low base...
3/ In the 65-79 group the trends were less clear - a rise in emergency visits but not hospitalizations.

His charts for the over-80 group show the spike very clearly:

• • •

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18 Mar
1/ This fascinating piece last July from two Canadian immunologists highlighted the risks a #Covid vaccine would be far less effective in older people at far higher risk. Even the preclinical work for vaccines focuses on younger and not older animals...
2/ What the immunologists couldn't have known was how @pfizer etc would deal with the problem: by enrolling only a relative handful of those older people in their pivotal clinical trials. Genius.

You think that decision was a coincidence?
3/ This is not a conspiracy theory, friends. This is not 5G or whatever.

It's much cannier than that.

It's the equivalent of enrolling a bunch of people WHO DON'T HAVE CANCER in tests for your oncology drug and then proudly proclaiming no one who got the drug died of cancer...
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16 Mar
TL: DR - Top officials @EMA_News feared @US_FDA faced massive political pressure to okay the mRNA vaccines quickly and Britain's "rush" to authorize might worsen the problem.

They also worried Pfizer CEO @AlbertBourla was trying to play US and European regulators off each other.
Man, I am disappointed.

THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THREAD I HAVE EVER POSTED. Stop making it about Trump or Biden. It's about regulatory collapse in the US and Europe. Once the topline results came out, @Pfizer knew it was in control. IT WOULDN'T EVEN GIVE THE FDA 10 EXTRA DAYS.
Yes, Trump clumsily interfered in the approval process; but the Democrats would have done the same, only more cannily. The EMA faced exactly the same problem.

And maybe @Pfizer knew if the stampede slowed down people would have more time to look at what the data actually said.
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16 Mar
1/ @US_FDA felt extreme pressure to allow the fast sale of @pfizer’s mRNA #Covid vaccine, emails from the European Medicines Agency show.

Just days after Pfizer posted its first big clinical trial results, a top EMA official warned FDA was being “pushed hard by Azar and US GOV.”
2/ Marco Cavaleri, the head of EMA vaccine strategy, made the warning.

By Azar he meant Alex Azar, the then head of Health and Human Services, FDA’s parent agency. Minutes later, another senior EMA official replied, “Azar is pro-Trump... Trump Is still pulling strings on this.”
3/ An undated email from Cavaleri at about the same time reveals concerns at both FDA and EMA that Pfizer CEO @albertbourla wanted to play the agencies off each other to force them to move even faster...
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15 Mar
1/ Welcome to the mRNA Vaccine Church! Anyone can join! Simply accept these creeds on faith. Do not look for clinical trial evidence for them as you will find none!

Say it with me, believers!

The hoooly shot reduces #Covid deaths!

And all-cause deaths!

And is safe for all!
2/ Now, believers, you may find yourself doubting at times. Is this blessed blend of cholesterol and modified genetic material too good to be true?

BANISH THESE THOUGHTS! For verily they are the devil’s handiwork. And the devil has opened a book. He calls it VAERS.
3/ Believers must NEVER upon pain of excommunication examine the side effects in this book of mis-dis-information. Only apostles may open the pages of VAERS, and only to remind believers of the hooooly truth that correlation is not just NOT correlation but can never be!
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15 Mar
Fun fact: the @AstraZeneca vaccine has 54,571 adverse events reports in Europe, including at least 198 deaths (63 cardiac).

The @Pfizer mRNA vaccine has 102,100, including at least 957 deaths (276 cardiac).

Similar number of doses given. But it’s the AZN shot that’s in trouble?
I say “similar number” because I cannot find an exact EU-wide figure for either: AZN said today 37 million doses worldwide and 17 million people vaccinated in Europe (some with two doses); @pfizer was at 28 million doses delivered (not given) as of Feb. 17 and has sent more...
I suspect @AstraZeneca is ahead, actually. But even if @pfizer is, it is by a little - far less than the 5x gap in reported cardiac deaths.
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15 Mar
1/ Oh sigh. Here we go.

A) Polyethylene glycol is derived from ethylene glycol, which is why I said “involves” rather than “uses.”

B) I could have written a megathread summarizing the concerns around LNPs, including the fact that their toxicity rises with repeated dosing...
2/ The immune response they have been shown to generate over time, and the fact a Moderna cofounder coauthored a paper saying mRNA/LNPs should first be used as cancer treatments (ie for patients without other good options) before being broadly dosed as prophylactic vaccines...
3/ But all that might have confused you. I figured “involves antifreeze” - not uses, involves - made the point.

Nice to hear from you, though. Shouldn’t you get back to ranting about Tell Your Children now?
Read 4 tweets

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