1. What Was Gerry "The Hurley" Killeen Doing in Tanzania Before Returning To University College Cork In April 2020 ?

Prof Killeen had spent the previous 18 yrs till 2020 working in Tanzania in the Ifakara Health Institute in the area of malaria and mosquitoes 🦟

🐇 🕳 🧵 1/26
2. Upon returning to Ireland in April 2020 the AXA-UCC Chair to fight malaria was created. This was funding for 1 million euro which is headed up by Killeen. AXA is also a partner in the World Economic Forum. Partners of this chair are UCC and Ifakara

3. According to an Irish Times article from 2003 he moved abroad to work on the molecular biology of mosquitoes, where he imbibed the conventional view that new drugs, genetically-modified mosquitoes and vaccines were needed to control malaria.

4. But then he read a book about the eradication of a mosquito species from Brazil. "It completely changed my mind," he said

Whilst in Tanzania he worked at the Ifakara Health Institute and was awarded the Wellcome Trust Intermediate Fellowship (Page 49)

5. In the Wellcome (big pharma) document they talk about “A range of coordinated, evidence-based interventions are needed to break the malaria transmission cycle at a local level. High-quality field-based research by welltrained local scientists is crucial to achieving this…
6. … and novel complementary interventions are needed to eliminate malaria transmission in endemic areas”

I wonder what they mean when they say “novel complementary interventions” (all will be revealed below)
7. Interestingly, the Ifakara Health Institute has received $22m from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Apparently Bill Gates wants to eliminate Malaria and is very happy to throw vast quantities of money to achieve his goal.
8. Other pharma companies that have funded Ifakara are GSK Vaccines Institute for Global Health, Novartis and The Wellcome Trust. Other notable funding partners are CDC, John Hopkins (funded by Rockefeller foundation) and last but not least the WHO

9. Whilst at Ifakara Prof Killeen had been working very closely with Fredros Okumu the Director of Science at Ifakara. They co-authored multiple papers together on Malaria

10. Okumu is a WEF Young Global Leader. He is also a member of the Malaria Strategic Advisory Panel which is run by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

He is totally compromised and in Bill Gates pocket. This is now where it begins to get interesting

11. Ifakara isn’t however the only company who Gates is funding. He also funds a company called Oxitec who are based in the UK. They have been given $7m. This is where it gets particularly 1984 ish. Oxitec specialises in the genetically modified area of mosquitoes.
12. Back in 2010 an article appeared in Science Magazine where researchers were trying to turn mosquitoes into flying vaccinators. Sounds crazy doesn’t it. It failed but that still hasn’t stopped Gates from funding this area. Quite scary stuff.

13. In 2019 a study by Oxitec on DNA spread by genetically modified mosquitoes prompted a huge backlash. Unfortunately I can’t do it justice explaining it in a thread as it would be difficult to do. I know someone who can though

14. Janet Ossebaard is one of the best researchers around (She has also just been deplatformed by Twitter for speaking the truth). She explains it really concisely in this video which I highly recommend you watch.
15. Just go to 7 min 50 secs. This will blow you away. I can’t link to it (not allowed) so please type in the below into Google
16. Back to Okumu. In a TED talk that Okumu did in 2017 he said the “WHO has set a goal of 2030 to eliminate malaria from 35 countries. The African Union has set a goal of 2030 to eliminate Malaria from the continent”

Agenda 2030 in play again
17. The TED talk presenter asked a fascinating question at the very end of his brief, informative talk where he discussed traditional ways of combating malaria using bednets etc. She totally ignored the content of his talk and asked
18. “What do you think of scientists using CRISPR to kill off mosquitoes”

CRISPR is a technology that can be used to edit genes.

Okumu said “We’re talking about a disease that still kills 429,000 people mostly African children...
19. ..there are countries that have reduced 60% reduction in malaria burden, but we still have to do more to get to zero. There is already proof of principle that gene-editing techniques such as CRISPR can be used effectively to transform mosquitoes so that either they do not ..
20. ..transmit malaria, we call this population alteration, or that they no longer exist, population suppression. There is even proof that if you were to release just a small number of genetically modified mosquitoes that you can actually achieve elimination very quickly"
21. Interesting - Gene Editing, Population Alteration, Suppression
& Elimination

Just go to 8 min 30 secs and listen to the last 4 minutes, its a real eye-opener.

What is it with all these gene editing therapies

22. Just to be clear, I’m not saying for one moment that Prof Killeen was studying genetically modified mosquitos. It is interesting however that he did think genetically-modified mosquitoes and vaccines were needed to control malaria many years ago back in 2003.
23. That seems to be one of the routes that scientists have gone down. So what conclusions can we draw. There is no doubt that Gates is trying to fund every side of the Malaria coin. He is also funding 2 institutes for nearly $30 million.
24. I think it's a fair assumption to make that both institutes are beholden to him due to the funding. They could also be sharing info with each other on the topic of malaria and 🦟 . The question is whether it is solely for the good of mankind.
25. From what we have seen so far in many of the Gates involved projects there always seems to be an ulterior motive. Messing with nature can be a very dangerous thing.
26. But what of Prof Killeen ? It looks like he is still continuing his malaria work from UCC whilst still maintaining his links to the Bill Gates funded Ifkara Institute.

Maybe he can try batting away those pesky rogue mossies 🦟 that fly into Ireland with his hurley stick.

• • •

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