I do not want to post this thread. I have struggled with it for 3 days, ever since I received the phone call. Someone extremely high up in"protective services" called me
With a terrifying situation. I was able to confirm it two days later.
I Believe by informing people
I am defending my country. I will do so regardless of the risk. If this was a closed secret, only within our government, I would not publicize it. But there are certain countries that are aware of it and are using it against us. Others have been informed of an "extraordinary
Situation" and are taking steps to protect themselves in different ways, and possibly to benefit themselves as well. Countries are now arming themselves, closing their borders using COVID as an excuse, stockpiling gold and medical equipment.
Locking down their people with truly restrictive new rules. Whatever they feel appropriate to wait out the coming emergency.
The United States has no "Nuclear Response". We have no active deterrent system. And hostile countries are aware of it. We are under attack. Our country is wide open. The military cannot launch independently.
After an "election", the president-elect is given training and briefings on a nuclear response to attack, this includes the nuclear football. On inauguration day the previous president will have their football go inactive at the same time the new president's nuclear football
activates. For the most part the nuclear football, the case that follows the president everywhere, has authentication codes and possible targets, pre-selected and activated by further codes.
He was unable to recite the codes, which makes him also unable to accurately choose a targeted response or launch said response.
Despite numerous attempts and with as much simplification as possible, Bi-den was unable to accurately activate, authenticate, and operate the system. (No one can help him do this.)
On inauguration day president Trump's football went dormant. And was returned to DC.
On inauguration day "president Bi-den's" football also went "inactive" (unsecure). Since then we have not had a nuclear response possible. The United States is wide open to attack. The football does not travel with him anywhere. The best of response would be well over an hour
After any first strike against us.
China, Iran, England, Italy, are all aware of this for sure, other countries have been told of an extraordinary situation they need to prepare for.
Right now China is in South and Central America financing unchecked immigration into our country
Make no mistake this is an attack, add covid to it and it's a biological attack. The Dems who are aware of this are hiding it. And desperately trying to regain nuclear control. We have witnessed this recently with Pelosi trying to take over control of nuclear launch
and regain some type of deterrent.
They were unsuccessful and legally not permitted. The military has custody of the deactivated footballs.
The vice president typically has their own football but it is not activated unless the president is dead or incapacitated completely. Because they are playing these games with an obviously impaired Bi-den, WE HAVE NO NUCLEAR RESPONSE, WE ARE UNDEFENDED.
It is my fervent hope and my desperate prayer in posting this that those few patriotic lawmakers will step forward and call a halt to The unchecked invasion or our Southern border, protect our country, and regain our international deterrence.
More now than ever before I want to be wrong. Bi-den can prove me wrong and put all of this to rest easily by submitting to an extensive cognitive exam. For the safety of the nation he should do so. We need our patriotic and legitimate lawmakers and elected officials
To stand up on these grounds and challenge everything. Hostile countries around the world are moving against us every minute because there is no threat not to.
Please retweet this, spread the word, let your elected officials know. The situation is worse than we thought.Thank you.
And "The Football" is now in the news. What a coincidence? 🤔🤔
Powerful foreign governments they're starting to distance themselves from the United States, which isolates us.

• • •

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21 Apr
They let these "groups" terrorize and burn cities, encourage them to do so while screaming, "defund the police".
This is deliberate.
Raise crime, officers quit, crying goes up more officers quit. This is a way to "defund the police" through attrition. New officers are not being
Hired to replace those who have left. Eventually there won't be any. That's what they want. And they don't care if officers are injured or killed in the process. That just means it will speed up the process and they will get what they want sooner.
Then they will call for federal investigation into the problem. Then they will call for federal oversight, then Federal intervention, then federal police. Their KGB/Gestapo. And that's what they want, national Police Force loyal only to them. 🙏🙏
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20 Apr
Some people are unbelievable 🙄
For whatever reasons people in Maryland and the surrounding areas, are turning horses loose into the wild. They are being hit by cars, found with broken legs, found starved or covered in cuts from running through the woods.
This young lady has started a rescue to take these horses in and rehabilitate them before they suffer these injuries, and to recover the horses already released. If you know any "horse people" who would like to help they could sure use it 🙏🙏🙏 Image
Thank you everyone! 🙏🙏
Please retweet it around. She has actually been rescuing horses for several years but the need has grown huge just in the last year or so. From what she has shared the white horse on her twit Paige has a huge gash still healing on his back in the pic🙏
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16 Apr
The "Bi-den admin" is allowing Chy-na to take over the international drug market. Chy-na
Is flooding the market with fentanyl and taking over the Mexican cartels, using them as a distribution network.
Wide open borders was part of the payment for helping Bi-den steal the e-lection.
Heroin, like cocaine, is derived from a plant. Fentanyl is synthetic and man-made. And in countries without restrictions on precursors it is easily made in the tons.
President Trump put in place severe restrictions on fentanyl and fentanyl analogues, derivatives and different versions of fentanyl. They are set to expire in a few days. Bi-den is not only allowing those restrictions to expire making fentanyl and their analogues more available
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8 Apr
David Chipman, Bi-den pick to head the ATf. No wonder, Chipman believes and has stated:

The Second Amendment should be removed.
All VETERANS are a THREAT and should not be allowed to own firearms.
Christians are a "cult" and should not be allowed to own firearms.
(look at the outrageous claims he made about WACO, missiles, shooting down helicopters,etc)

He participated in the worst of "fast and furious" resulted deaths.

He believes he's "special" and only the ATF should have weapons as they are the only ones "properly trained".
He wants strict prison sentences for ANY firearm violations. Massive taxes and record keeping for firearms/ammo. Registered firearms kept in "secure facility" NOT at home. On and on🙄
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5 Apr
"Vacc card" became "Covid passport". "Covid passport" will become "health passport/health score".
What is your health score? To them it means how well do you obey their legal unconstitutional commands. What can they force on you. What kind of "health issue" do they consider unacceptable?
Patriotism? Conservatism? They are already rooting those out.
Christianity? Already working on that one too. Anything that you believe that they don't like will be "unhealthy" and therefore "illegal". You can do nothing right and they can do nothing wrong. Want to protect yourself? Then you are a violent scumbag.
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3 Apr
The "criteria" to house a Foster Child, is being DRAMATICALLY lowered. No experience, no home check/supervision, no background check. Making room for the new illegals. Do a basic search for "hosting immigrant child from the border". They require I.D. but you can basically
Sign up, pick the age/sex/group of your "sponsored child" and drive off🙏🙏🙏
There are reports of children wondering the streets or gathering in small groups in california, arizona, texas. Turned loose, dumped, once their job of pretending to be a family to get across the border, was done.
Easy prey🙏
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