Russia pulls the US back to the table over New START and then the UK promises to violate the spirit of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT).

Note, the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty treaty was ripped up by Trump

The US has installed two nuclear strike *capable* launch systems in Romania and Poland. No one disputes the MK 41 Vertical Launching System's nuclear Tomahawk capability. The US promises not to load the missiles but there's no way to verify.….
China needs also to be brought into a new INF treaty as does Israel.

The principles behind the INF treaty are as, if not more, important than New START as there are some in US who believe a limited nuclear strike on Russia is winnable. They are mad and the US needs to say this.
The US appears to be tone deaf to what Russia says. Russia does not traditionally engage in megaphone "diplomacy" as seen in the abysmal new lows in the US. Threats that an attack of some sort is immanent is reckless and unacceptable as are flying bombers near the Russian border.
The Russian position has been made clear if not loud.…

Ukraine take note - dill, this is not a drill.…
This is also as clear as it gets as far as posturing goes but the US will not go to war over Crimea or Donbass, there is no military solution.

The UK is going to face stiff international criticism. The UK ought to face sanctions shouldn't they!

"New UK Defense Strategy A Troubling Step Back on Nuclear Policy"…

'Wars not diminishing': Putin's iconic 2007 Munich speech (FULL VIDEO)

#CND #StopNuclearWeapons #BanNuclearWeapons #NPT #INF #NewSTART

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19 Mar
Russia has NATO in a fluster with its vanishing "Black Hole" submarine off the coast of Israel and Lebanon.
Was it ever there? Where is it now? Has it sunk? 🤷‍♂️…
Reports tie back to @Intel_Sky claim
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19 Mar
The US issues a command to Germany. This is a watershed moment in the history of the US-German relationship.

Blinken-Biden 'Cease and desist just because we say so, do what we say or we will punish you'…
Mafia-esque brinksmanship, economic gun boat and megaphone diplomacy. The US stands on the edge of a
precipice. Germany must obey and suffer or else suffer more.

The US threatens economic war with Germany.

#Germany #US #NordStream2
Will Ukraine or the US deploy the military against the pipeline and risk war if the economic war threats fail?

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22 Feb 20
@HRIMark @BBCMonitoring @Shayan86 1/ Adam Robinson has done a very poor job in the article "Kremlin media amplify #MH17 truthers ahead of Hague trial"…

Following is why Adam Robinson is inaccurate and biased

1. "Kremlin media" does not exist...
@HRIMark @BBCMonitoring @Shayan86 2/ ... and it would be incorrect to say government funding of media in the Russian Federation is in any way less funded by citizens than the BBC. To illustrate the fallacy in a corollary, one wouldn't say that the "Murdoch media" is the voice of Rupert Murdoch would one? Or...
@HRIMark @BBCMonitoring @Shayan86 3/ that the government of the UK or the Russian Federation or Murdoch dictates content. The BBC, for example, reported on witnesses who said they saw and heard fighter jets around the time of the downing of MH17. Do you mean to say the BBC are "truthers", whatever that means?
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25 Jan 19
1/ Higgins is stuck as he is getting fed by Ukrainian intel but he has to create the illusion of deriving/deducing information from open sources. It is what I call a "back filling" information operation. He gets access to so-called taps and telephone network info... #MH17
2/ then there is the scramble to find, or create or have created for him, at least some open source info to backfill the intelligence data-to put some flesh on the bones to create a narrative of dribbled out discovery by what is in reality a pseudo-investigation #MH17
3/ Increasingly, Higgins is drawing on closed sources and is outsourcing bits of pseudo-investigation (especially bits that are possibly illegal) to people who have been accused of fraud such as Mikhail Khodorkovsky's man Sergei Kanev of Khodorkovsky's "Dossier Centre" project
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