Sometimes the reason why you think she's cheating is because you're insecure about your life. You're always at home being unproductive, sitting on a sofa & scratching your balls all day long, thinking about her. You have no life, she's your life...
This isn't a diss to the unemployed guys but just because you're unemployed doesn't mean be useless. You can be productive without being employed. Find something productive to spend your energy on other than women. No woman is worth dominating your thoughts...
At a time you should be trying as hard as you can to make something out of your life. But rather you're basing her as the focal point of your life. Don't degrade yourself that low. If she cheating, okay cool. It's her pussy that is getting worked up...
Just involve yourself in something. Increase your own value and you won't give a dime what she's up to in your abscence because your focus is on your purpose.

• • •

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More from @ShadayaKnighT

19 Mar
A man with options is far more attractive than a "loyal" loser.

She wants a man with a lot of options BUT chooses her,

NOT a guy who has no option but to choose her.
What a "loyal" loser calls love, is him settling with his ONLY option.

What an alpha calls love, is him picking the best CHOICE from his options.

In simple terms, she wants to be your best choice not your only choice.
You can do the analysis yourself & you'll see that very few women will have sex with a guy who doesn't have the options to sleep around.

Because the more other attractive women want you.

The more you become her "type" even if you weren't.
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18 Mar
Understanding female nature is knowing her attraction is temporary. Her nature aka hypergamy will always direct her towards better genetic insurance. Meaning don't just be in a relationship with her, be her best option for a relationship...
This is why it's hard to maintain a successful happy long term relationship than just smashing & passing. Inorder to maintain her attraction towards you, you must consistently show why she's better off with you & no other man...
That means you must be fulfilling the 4 Ps


That's what her nature needs!!!
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17 Mar
A man's worth lies in what he IS, not what he HAS.

Take away everything a man has & you'll find out what he is.

In a position of power & wealth every man seems calm.

Bring a storm called poverty & powerlessness & you'll find out how mentally strong he truly is.
A man's character is measured through struggle.

How a man reacts to the flames of suffering defines him.

Does her melt? Or he is forged anew?
People who grow up in suburbs (luxury) think think they're calm because they're civilized.

And think those in the ghettos are agitated because they're savages.

When the only difference between the 2 groups, is the other had it easy & the other hard.
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17 Mar
Any woman who claims she wants a man who don't crave sex is a woman you should run away from. You got to understand that women consider good guys after they reach higher mileage & are tired because the coochie was panelbeated a lot...
A traumatized mind & damaged coochie are for you Mr Goody Goody. Her prime years where given to the bad boys, a cum bucket she was to them, her coochie stained with their semen residue, even Domestos can't bleach those stains. ALL of a sudden you are loved, so much blatant lies
Good guys always finish last & settle for crumbs. A woman who rejected your advances years ago would suddenly see you suitable after she gave her best years to other nikkas & you think she is into you. Wake the fxck up, she's using you...
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17 Mar

In most industries, demand & supply will dictate the value. If the demand is high & the supply is low, the value will increase. Don't fall for the smoke & mirrors. This doesn't apply to picking the right woman to deal with...
Just because a woman is constantly being pursued by multiple men doesn't make her a woman of high value. A majority of the time, it's because she looks good & dudes just want to hit it. There's really no prize in bagging the woman that every other man wants....
Cause guess what? Every other man is still going to want her & if she's type of woman that craves this attention & entertained it, it will cause problems. She'll always know that she has options & won't hesitate to use that to her advantage to manipulate you & the situation...
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16 Mar
A man dating a younger woman is a pedophile - even if she consented he must have manipulated her

A woman dating a younger man is a queen - she still got it (whatever it is)
A man who sleeps with a drunk woman is a rapist.

A woman who sleeps with a drunk man had fun.

Acc to the law, drunk people (women) can't consent. Even if both of you were drunk, you're the rapist.
Even when you look at the terms the media uses to describe rape by a man & by a woman, you'll see the bullshit.


Read 4 tweets

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