This has to be the most racist piece of drivel I have ever seen in my life! Conrad Black is absolutely off his rocker.… via @GoogleNews
Mr. Black failed to know that Indigenous people had International trade since 10th century at least.
This artwork showing Antwerp features our trade goods being used in 1550's Europe. Our hockey stick, snow shoe and baskets seen here.
Mi’kma’ki had shelters, technologies and textiles shared with the the Sami of Denmark. Our shelters were like lavvau of the Sami.
We had International trade agreements with the Vatican Concordat of 1610 that made the Mi’kma’ki the First Roman Catholic Nation in North America. The UN and Varican still has our wampum agreements. Even to this day we are unceded.
The Acadians formed as the first families to seal the deal of nationhood with marriage between Henri Membertou’s kin and Royal lines to hold the laws of both nations. Métis lines were a middle chief systems. Rights of Mi’kmaw and Acadians protected by Treaty of Utrecht.
The deportation of Acadians and Genocides of Indigenous people was an attack on Vatican trade nations that went from Acadia to Standing Rock with Jeffrey Amherst. It was a wide scale violation of International laws.
Queen Elizabeth II issued an apology for the deportation of Acadians thanks to Warren Perrin. The act was illegal. Legal merits here:… and apology was signed by Canada’s Governor General.
Mi’kmaw people like many Indigenous communities had International trade for centuries. We were multicultural people who knew race and nationality are two distinct things. We are interconnected with the world via spice trade and slave trade for centuries before Canada.
In Mi’kma’ki we had no word for black people. We had the term l’nu which means people. Our chiefs based on family and community not race. Our chiefs here.
The illegal deportation of Acadians and the Genocides of Jeffrey Amherst from Acadia to Standing Rock was planned at the first Provincial Grand Lodge in Nova Scotia called King Solomon Lodge 54.…
The graveyards show the family names of the beneficiaries of the deportation who became Canada’s oligarchy. Names seen in the old graves show them. Bell, Harper, Ford, Rogers, Thomson, Galen, Weston, Shaw, Reuters, Black, Saputo, Nicholls etc. Controlled media, government etc.
The wealthy who took Acadia by theft are still looting Canada today. They held power with nepotism, collusion, lack of inheritance tax and tax evasion.…
The Irving’s tax evasion methods are understood but Canada fails to stop it.…
Galen and Thomson alone hold the same wealth as 30% of the Canadian population. This isn’t sustainable.…
The Act of Settlement 1701 was designed to support only the Treaties bound to British Empire. It is censoring 700 years of trade history in Canada to leverage a Protestant spin.…
The spice and slave trade is world history. Indigenous people had Vatican trade agreements connecting us lawfully by trade with Asia, Europe, African and South American Nations. Act of Settlement 1701 hides all this history.
Mr. Black is a racist bigot who’s work is nothing but white propaganda.…
Our Canadian laws still enables racism by policy. Read the motto of Canada. Sir John A Macdonald was an Orange Mason. They violated Treaty of Utrecht making Canada. We are still bound to British Empire and Protestant policies that discriminate by design.
We need a democratic government that represents all of us. We need #SocialJustice and #HumanRights rights for all not some. #ratifyUNDRIP #stopracism and give us #taxjustice and #TaxTheRich
We have been on the land at least 14,000 years which is three times older than the pyramids. Our villages have survived ice age.…
Indigenous people didn’t build the slave trade or stock markets that depended on long term slavery and exploitation to make money. Our elders Standing Bear and Sitting Bull warned of these evil things.
We didn’t scalp people for bounty like Edward Cornwallis’s proclamation instructed and we didn’t release small pox as bio weapons like Jeffrey Amherst did.…
Indigenous people didn’t create status cards or blood quantum laws and we did not traffic children using welfare, jails or schools to physically remove people from one nationhood to make them wards of another fiscal entity like Canada did.
Indigenous people didn’t create the laws so weak that it is unlikely to ever see a rapist prosecuted. Canada made this system.
I am Acadian of the Treaty of Utrecht and my people were slaves to the Robin’s Jersey Fishing company up to the age of my parents. KKK and Orange Order kept us illiterate that we could not share the history with Canadians. View 52 minutes into this film.…
There is no country called Canada. That is factual information.…
Canada is a corporate creature of British Empire but First Nations are still Nations and we need to put system on a solid legal foundation to rebuild a good way for all. #InThisTogether Honouring Treaty is Honouring Law. Canada needs to end Colonialism.…

• • •

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21 Mar
I want Canada to step up and stop Ndrangheta in Canada too. They’ve been here for years. I would assume it is common knowledge by now. Anyone who reads a paper knows it. @JustinTrudeau @cafreeland @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris @INTERPOL_HQ @FBI @OCCRP @UNODC @anticorruption @UNDPGAIN
The RCMP is joining police around the world to build a “global early warning system” to prevent the Calabrian Mafia from exploiting the COVID-19 economic collapse to further infiltrate national economic infrastructures.…
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Good podcast regarding abuse of power within Buddhism and faith communities. Abuses happened in BC. @lisapodcasts @ohreallytruly
Shambhala world headquarters in Halifax, N.S. The foundational area of the Colonialism of Canada.
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21 Mar
Shambhala world headquarters in Halifax, N.S. The foundational area of the Colonialism of Canada.
The plans of Colonialism took place at this lodge: King Solomon Lodge 54. The deportation of Acadians, the acts of Jeffrey Amherst and Edward Cornwallis were all planned here. Did they have a roll with religious establishments too?…
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21 Mar
@ConradMBlack you have a lot to learn about factual Canadian history sir.
How does it feel being among the “old stock” so called “Canadian” families who profited from this act of Treason to build this so called “nation”. Did you honestly think we would forget who and what we are?!
Were the Treaty of Utrecht, Edicts of Queen Anne and orders and Treaties of King George not up to your liking so much so you would completely ignore what they actually mean?!
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Boris Birshtein's solicitor is Gavin Tighe, a lawyer who had represented Doug Ford and former Toronto mayor, Rob Ford. The Doug Ford government made him chair of the province’s Public Accountants Council.…
Canadian businessman and world-renowned investor Boris Birshtein invested in Gemgow, however this article did not disclose Birshtein’s total investments in the company.…
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@drvandanashiva @MaudeBarlow CPPIB manages Canada pension plan. View my video here. The institutional holders of the companies they invest in are always the same firms. Microsoft, Guif Bankers etc.
There is nothing diverse about how they invested. Mark Machin of CPPIB was literally the next door neighbours with David Thomson who is one of Canada’s richest men who never paid inheritance tax.…
Canada’s oligarchy is making billions during COVID 19.…
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